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What is Personal Care?

In different contexts, the word “personal care services” can indicate a different meaning. When addressing senior care, personal care services refer to care given to seniors who require assistance with their physical movements and bodies. Personal care is used to differentiate itself from other types of senior care services, such as homemaker services, which are designed to assist seniors in taking care of their homes, companion care, which is focused on the emotional and mental well-being of seniors, and medical care, which deals directly with medical procedures and medicines.

Personal care is provided for any everyday activities of a personal nature that you may want help with, such as bathing, showering, applying creams and lotions, dressing, and toileting – extending to continence management and basic laundry. All in the comfort of your own home.

A fully trained private caregiver or support worker follows your normal routines and ensures that help is tailored to your individual needs. They provide private and professional personal care in the manner that is most comfortable for your requirements.

Personal care services

Personal care services design to help seniors and other persons who require assistance with everyday activities. These are everyday tasks that we, as fully able-bodied people, take for granted. These are personal activities. Examples of daily activities include bathing, dressing, moving around, using the bathroom, eating, and walking.

Personal care services account for a significant portion of the activities carried out in nursing homes and eldercare facilities. Individuals who require services may not necessarily need to relocate to a nursing home to receive them. At Executive Care, we try to give all of the care and services that one would expect to get in the most prominent nursing facilities, but we do so in the comfort of your own home.

Personal care is generally extremely delicate and confidential, and it is provided in the comfort of the client’s own home.

Executive Personal Care Services

We make certain that all of our caregivers receive comprehensive training to guarantee that these services are given with empathy, compassion, and understanding. In addition, we have a customized care plan in place. To ensure that these services are delivered in a respectful, efficient, and cost-effective manner to our customers.

Our Personal care services include:

  • Serving as a caregiver for activities such as eating, taking a bath, utilizing bath equipment, dental/denture care, grooming, and hair care.
  • Assistance with bowel regularity, self-administration of medicines, basic skin care and nail maintenance, and other tasks as assigned
  • Changing or emptying external urine collection devices, such as catheter bags, is a common task.
  • Assisting with colostomy care and emptying the ostomy bag
  • Providing care for those who have bowel and bladder incontinence
  • Encouragement to engage in regular bodily movements and to adhere to recommended exercise regimens
  • Assistance in getting into and out of a bed, wheelchair, and other chairs

Additionally, we may provide companion care and housekeeping services through our personal care services.

Personal Care Services Toronto

At personal care services Toronto, we aim to meet as many non-medical requirements as possible for as long as possible. Many senior citizens, disabled, sick, and injured individuals just require assistance with some of their daily routine activities, which may be provided by others. Seniors’ ability to perform various routine tasks might deteriorate as they get older and lose their mobility. An extra set of hands might mean the difference between being able to stay at home and needs. To seek additional accommodations for individuals who have impairments, illnesses, or injuries. As a result, we are pleased to provide our clients.

The providing of personal care services helps adults who are experiencing physical or mental problems with everyday activities that they were previously able to perform for themselves, such as showering, getting ready for bed, and brushing their teeth. These in-home services may customize to meet your specific requirements. The overall objective is to keep customers clean, comfortable, and looking their best.

Personal Home Care believes that our clients must always be certain that they will receive assistance when they require it. Whether it’s for a few hours in the morning or at night, or for several hours at a time throughout the day. We will delight to schedule our services at times and frequencies that will meet your requirements. We provide people with the assistance they require to continue living in their preferred location.

Personal care services 

Personal care services is a pioneer in the non-medical home care business, and it has been setting the bar from the beginning of the industry. For over forty years, we have assisted over 100,000 families, and we look forward to assisting your family as well.

Personal Home Care can be quite beneficial in reaching the best potential level of quality of life. Safety, security, and increased independence can achieve through home-based care. It can simplify the management of an ongoing medical condition.

It can aid in the recovery process following an illness and hospital stay. All through care provided in the comfort and familiarity of one’s own home.

Personal care services toronto

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