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Air compressor pressure for angle grinders

Brad nails. When building and repairing a house, this tool is used to push deep-seated nails into wall and door linings, as well as other parts of the house or building where common nails are considered detrimental to the eyes. The nails in this instrument are thin, headless nails that are less conspicuous to the naked eye than ordinary flat nails. As a relatively light pneumatic tool, the nailer usually requires only 0.3 cfm at 90 psi. air compressor

Here are some of the applications and their corresponding cfm levels:

Treatment angles. When maintaining or repairing cars or metal production, the angle grinder is used for cutting, grinding and polishing. You can even use an angle grinder to grind the surfaces and edges of certain materials to give the tool the right wheel. Corner grinders can also be operated with one or two hands – most models have a side handle that allows for two-handed use.


As a tool sometimes used to cut metal, the air chisel is one of the heavier pneumatic hand tools. With its flat, narrow blade, the air chisel can also be used on stone or wood, making it a useful tool for building and repairing houses and buildings. Chisels are especially useful for cutting dovetail joints and grooves for creating connecting walls and plank panels. In general use, an air chisel requires 3 to 11 cfm at 90 psi.


For durable materials, air compressors are especially useful in drilling, which is widely considered a daunting task under shaking hands. Thanks to the power and speed of pneumatic drills, the drills slide in and out very quickly with little time for clumsy arm and hand movements that can control objects diagonally instead of directly. While traditional electric drills can only penetrate wood, pneumatic drills have the power to drill metal and stone. Whether it’s a straight line or vice versa, an air-powered drill requires 3 to 6 cfm at 90 psi.

Dual grinding

Prior to the invention of the power tool, several palm, wrist, and elbow operations were as tedious as scrubbing. While most heavy lifting and pressing is concentrated in the cutting, slicing and nailing phases, a more up-to-hand hand movement is required to smooth each rough cutting surface into a beautiful smooth surface. Fortunately, the intensive grinding work is already done by air-powered double grinders, which level and sand the sand in a matter of ümraniye escort seconds. All this can be easily achieved by holding the tool over the surface. Ideal for metal and wood, dual grinders require 11 to 13 cfm at 90 psi.

Nailed to the frame

If you are framing the interior of the house, you can go through several nails in a few minutes. With a framing nailer, you don’t have to put nails in your hand, because the nails load the tool like machine gun bullets. The air-powered framing nail allows you to hang a dozen boards in a fraction of the time a hammer takes, even when working on wall frames or trusses. Most surprising of all, the framing nailer requires only 2.2 cfm at 90 psi.

Air pressure for nail gun tool


The moving parts of the machines rely on lubrication, which alone protects the friction metal surfaces from wear by friction and thus heat. In cars, for example, grease guns are used to lubricate door trucks and engine parts. Manual lubrication of the lubricant can be a cumbersome operation, but an air-powered lubrication gun makes the whole job smooth and smooth. The grease gun is also a simple and relatively low pressure pneumatic tool for operation as it requires only 4 cfm at 90 psi.

Metal trimming

People are constantly looking for furniture, equipment and works of art composed of carved and unique carved sheet metal. If you have metal hanging on the wall in the shape of a silhouette of the sun, moon, flower or animal, it is probably manual work with an aerated metal punch. Just as X-Acto knives and ion cutters cut shapes from paper and cardboard, metal punches make cutting metal as easy as cutting paper.

In addition, punches are great for cutting inches from metal surfaces and contouring corners on sharp metal edges. When properly supplemented with sheet metal with minimum arm pressure, the air punch requires 4 cfm at 90 psi.

Mini grinding. Even the smallest metal and wooden objects sometimes need maintenance. If you want to grind and smooth the edges of some trays or polish and sort the surface with old coins, the mini grinder is the ideal pneumatic tool. The mini grinder can also be used for simple wood stenciling and other craft work. From grinding tips to bumper wheels, the tool is light, no matter what is added. The mini-press grinder requires 4 to 6 cfm at 90 psi.

Needle stepping.

Metals are the strongest type of material

Although metals are the strongest type of material, they are still easily subject to corrosion. Flakes and other debris from exposure. Air needle removers consist of several steel needle scalers. And have the ability to remove bumps after welds, rust, paint. And various signs of wear from hard surfaces. If you find welds in the metal holder. They can all remove by slowly moving the air needle back and forth over the surface several times.

Imagine sufficiently

It is difficult to imagine sufficiently smooth wooden surfaces without the invention of an orbital air gap. The orbital sander. Designed to make the often tedious sanding as easy as rubbing your hands against the surface. removes the burden from wood panels before they sold as shelves, tables, and cabinets.

Ideal for craftsmen and industrial woodworkers, the round disc head moves in ellipses on any surface and ensures smoothness by not running twice in the same areas. At moderate manual pressure, a pneumatic orbital grinder requires 6 to 9 cfm at 90 psi. Painting.

pneumatic tools

Perhaps the largest of all pneumatic tools is the air brush. Which removes smudges, stains and irregularities that are often difficult to prevent when painting by hand. As one of the most dangerous steps in the final stages of finishing a car. Building and furniture, the paint stream should be free of dirt and moisture. These requirements make possible by a pneumatic airbrush.

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