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Essential Clauses of Sales Deed You Need to Know

Before settling on a property purchasing decision, it is necessary to equip your handbag with all the essential documents. You probably have come across a sales deed, a valuable legal piece of paper you must possess while purchasing a house. Without having this document, you are not allowed legally to proceed with the registration and mutation of the property. Home buyers often neglect the documentation and end up being in a tough situation. This post will reveal the essential clauses of a sales deed that you need to know before proceeding with your apartment purchasing process. Keep walking with us to learn more!

Essential clauses of a sales deed:

A sales deed or a purchase deed is often drawn on a non-judicial stamp paper following the value described by the stamp duty. The draftsman will include all the essential clauses of the deed, and the involved parties should understand them for better and fair execution. The transaction would not be legally valid if it is carried out without a sales deed. The following portion will reveal the necessary clauses that make the deed legally strong. Let us roll through the list to understand things better.

1. Parties of the deed:

A sales deed always begins by mentioning the involved parties. Needless to say, a deed would be incomplete without outlining the parties. The deed should bear the parties’ name, age, and location for a clear interpretation. Ignoring these factors will fade the paper’s validity away, and you might not find it functional in further proceedings.

Both the parties should sign the deed with a bonafide intention to make it work out at different spots.

2. Property Description:

The sales deed should properly describe the property you want to buy. It should reflect the total plot area, construction details, location, and identification number. Having these details on paper will make things easier, allowing you to stay on the safer side while executing the bahçeşehir escort transaction.

Moreover, if you want your deed to reflect the accurate location of the property, it should incorporate the property schedule. Do you want to purchase an apartment at a prime location with all the legal frameworks in place? Consider exploring apartments for sale in Jumeirah village circle for a better choice!

3. Sales agreement:

A sales agreement is a document drawn when you pay the booking amount for your new apartment/property. The agreement states that both the seller and the purchaser should agree to the underlined terms and conditions of the transaction. This mutual settlement is necessary to ensure the transaction does not affect the rights of either party.

Generally, the sales agreement is drawn up before the sale deed and is signed by the involved parties. Anything out of the charts must be addressed immediately to bring transparency to the transaction.

4. Clause of sale consideration:

The sale consideration clause should include the amount agreed between the buyer and the seller. The deed would be invalid without mentioning the amount the buyer has agreed to pay the seller for the underlined property/house. The sale deed execution must have this amount for a fair display on various fronts.

The amount should be stated as it was agreed upon, and a slight change should be addressed immediately. Both the parties should mutually agree to the amount stated on the paper.

5. Payment mode and advance payment:

Have you paid any advance amount to the seller for booking the property or apartment? If yes, it should be mentioned in the sales deed. The remaining amount that is yet to be paid by the buyer must also be mentioned in the deed to clarify the future.

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Moreover, the mode by which the buyer will pay the remaining amount to the seller must also be mentioned. It should be mentioned on the deed, whether cheque, cash or a demand draft. Do you want to purchase an apartment with all the legalities taken care of? Consider exploring apartments for sale in Jumeirah village circle to make a wise choice!

6. Default Clause:

Another essential provision of the sale document that safeguards the parties’ interests and wards off malicious intent. The default clause outlines harsh punishments for actions that violate the conditions outlined in the Sale deed. The clause demands the defaulting party to pay the penalty to another party that is determined to be in accordance with the deed’s requirements.

Once the sale deed has been created, it requires the approval of two witnesses from each side. The witnesses must provide their full names, signatures, and addresses in such a case. It goes without saying that the buyer’s and seller’s signatures should appear on every page of the sale deed.

7. Passing of title:

Passing of title, as the name suggests, refers to a legal provision that transfers ownership of the property to the buyer. The last thing you want to see on the deed is when the title should be passed from seller to buyer. The deed should mention the time and date of this title transfer, and the buyer should wait for it. Once the title has been transferred, all the rights shall pass on to the purchaser.

The deed will help the parties realize the time and duration of this transfer. Since it is a legal paper, no one can challenge the verdict.


A sale deed is essential for the legally transfer of ownership of the property to another party. It embraces transparency while also defending the interests of all parties concerned. One can avoid legal disputes while transferring ownership of the property or purchasing it if a sale deed is in existence. Before accepting the terms and conditions outlined in a sale deed, one must carefully read every section of the document. This will keep ambiguity out of the picture and provide a smooth legal transaction about the property.

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