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Amazon Seller FAQs: Answers to All Your Top-of-Mind Questions

Are you interested in becoming an Amazon seller? Congratulations, and welcome to the bright new world. Although becoming an Amazon seller is easy, it can be difficult to master the intricacies of the platform. You will need to learn new procedures and jargon.

Although it may seem daunting to become an Amazon seller, the potential return is well worth the effort. It is normal for responses to your queries to prompt additional inquiries. We have therefore reported the answers to the most popular Amazon seller FAQs below.

If you are new to the platform, it is a good idea to read through these questions from beginning to end. There may be some amazing opportunities, and also some dark obstacles. Do not wait for them to come after you; instead, invest a quick 5-minute amount of your time to get out of the way.

1. Is selling on Amazon worth it?

Right? We don’t fault you. This is the most important factor if you are considering starting a business on Amazon. Don’t be afraid to sell on Amazon. It’s not a scam business model or seasonal trend. This is a legitimate, worthwhile way to get into the ecommerce market.

Amazon has a lot of work ahead of it, just like any other platform. When you launch an ecommerce website or store online, you are responsible for generating traffic, building trust, and creating an audience. Amazon has done all the work. You just need to compete with other products.

It is worthwhile to sell on Amazon. Amazon Prime members have access to over 300 million dynamic customers, and 150 million Amazon Prime members. A further 89% of online shoppers say they are likely to buy from Amazon.

2. How much does it cost to sell on Amazon?

Talk about numbers. Amazon has flexible options that can help you sell on any budget or plan. These are the prices you need to know.

You can choose between an Individual and Professional selling plan when you apply for an Amazon seller account. This allows you to choose between a monthly or per-deal payment.

Individuals: $0.99 per item sold (plus additional selling fees). If you are just considering taking the plunge, this is the best option. This will give you the chance to decide what to sell and how to sell it before you make larger investments. While this plan will reduce your profits on a large scale, it is more affordable if you only sell fewer than 40 units per month.

Professional: $39.99 per month (plus additional selling fees). The Professional plan includes advertising, priority placement of item pages, advanced selling tools, and admission to restricted categories. It’s the best option if you sell more than 40 units per month.

Once you have chosen your selling plan, now is the time to look at your fulfillment options. Either you can package and ship your product all by yourself (Fulfillment By Merchant or FBM), OR you can use Fulfillment through Amazon (FBA).

  • Fulfillment By Merchant: You can package, label, ship and manage returns as well as customer service. FBM is a great option if you can find the right price for all of these things. However, it does require a lot of work and can also be expensive. You’ll have full control over fulfillment and be able to design unique packaging.
  • Fulfillment from Amazon: FBA provides game-changing services but you must pay for them. There are no flat fees. You will be charged for per-unit fulfillment costs, volume-based storage fees and returns processing fees .

3. Which are the top products you can sell on Amazon?

We’re now getting to the fun stuff. Every Amazon seller is searching for the best selling products  on amazon. We (or anyone else on the internet) would know the best products to sell on Amazon and we’d rather start selling them ourselves than sharing the information with the rest of the world.

We do however have some tips that will help you to find the right product to sell on Amazon.

  • Search for Demand using Keyword Research: If people want it, it’s probably not a bad product. Use Amazon’s Keyword Planner or Google Keyword Planner to find keyword volume.
  • Don’t Buy Anything Amazon Sells: Leave it alone if Amazon sells a product. It is impossible to price ecommerce monoliths at a lower price, so you should look for niche products.
  • Be attentive to customer reviews: Amazon’s best-selling products always have lots of positive reviews. There are two essential elements to Amazon reviews: feedback and volume. The best-selling products have thousands of reviews and almost always score above a 4-star average.
  • Compare One-Time Purchases and Recurring Purchases. Take into account whether you are satisfying repeat buyers or if your one-off purchases are being repaid. It is difficult to establish a loyal customer base from customers who only shop once.

4. How do I win the Amazon Buy Box?

Amazon’s Buy Box, also known as the featured deal, is the most sought-after spot for Amazon sellers. The customer can automatically attribute the purchase to the seller by clicking the “Add To Cart” button. 

Amazon uses performance-based criteria to determine who is placed on which listings. Your Buy Box eligibility will be affected by factors such as price, location, condition and Order Defect Rate (ODR), speed, delivery time, seller status, and seller status. There is no way to get the featured deal. You will have to meet customer expectations and price your products competitively.

5. What’s the A-to-Z Guarantee program?

Amazon offers an A-to-Z Guarantee program to make sure customers receive the products they ordered. Amazon will assist customers if they do not receive the item they ordered or the product they received is not what they expected.

Customers are encouraged to resolve their problems directly with Amazon. Amazon A-to-Z claims can be filed if the customer is unable or unwilling to communicate with you. Amazon will be contacted directly to resolve the claim. Amazon might ask you to send a replacement product or reimburse the order. This is at your own expense.

You want your customers to never file an A-toZ claim. To keep your customers away from Amazon, create transparent product listings, guarantee on-time delivery, provide top-notch customer support, and offer excellent customer service to disgruntled customers.

6. What is Seller Fulfilled Prime?

Amazon FBA allows you to sell your products under the prime label. Amazon Prime is a great way to offer 2-day shipping and standard shipping. But not all businesses want to use FBA to market their products.

Amazon launched Seller Fulfilled Prime in order to allow DIY sellers to earn the Prime badge for their product listings. To earn the Prime badge, you will need to meet performance requirements for Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Seller Fulfilled Prime is worth considering if you are able to guarantee 2-day shipping and comply with all Prime customer service requirements.

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