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Bedroom Furniture Essentials

Bedroom Furniture

What does it take nowadays to furnish and redecorate a bedroom? In order for it to be optimized for style, function, and personal comfort? With the way our bedrooms are designed and furnished today, many things have been given a new meaning. A bedroom is no longer simply a place to sleep. Bedroom furniture nowadays includes all the items needed in the bedroom like the bed, the nightstand, the dresser, the mirror, etc. That’s why it is important for your bedroom to be well designed and well placed. To help you eliminate the guesswork, we have compiled the top five essentials each bedroom requires.

Must have Bedroom Furniture items

1. The first bedroom furniture essentials you need to place in your bedroom is the bed. The bed is not just a good furnishing but also serves as the main attraction. Decorating a bedroom should not be confined to paint and wallpaper alone; it should also excellently complement your bed, which is the largest piece of furniture in the room. To ensure a sense of order and cleanliness, put some stylish luggage racks on both sides of your bed to store your clothes neatly.

2. Nightstands and dressers are next on the list of bedroom furniture essentials. A nightstand is not just a table with a cabinet where you can store your books; instead, it serves as the focal point in your room. Nightstands and dressers can be used as workstations by putting your laptop on the nightstand and reading before you go to a designer wooden bed. Similarly, you can place your work items on the dressers.

3. The mattress. When choosing a mattress always opt for a high-quality mattress. It is recommended that you choose a thick mattress with at least four inches of thickness. Your choice of mattress will greatly affect your sleep since you get enough rest while sleeping on a mattress that is too thin or too thick. You can go for a king-size mattress or a twin size mattress depending on how much space you can spare in your bedroom.

4. Another piece of essential every bedroom needs is the chest of drawers. If you want to place some decorative pieces like vases or pictures, chests of drawers will help you find them easily. You can find different kinds of chests including those with storage space, those without storage space and those with both.

5. The last furniture piece in your list of bedroom furniture essentials is your luggage rack. Luggage racks are useful as storage spaces especially when you don’t have enough closet space. In addition, they give you additional space for storing other personal belongings. You can choose from the basic styles of luggage racks like those that have one large door or those with many small doors. You can also purchase a luggage rack with built-in pillow protectors to keep your pillow covers safe.


Bedroom furniture also includes your bedside table and footboard. These pieces of furniture are important not only for your comfort but also for providing a welcoming feel to your bedroom. When choosing the designs of your bedroom’s bedside table and footboard, make sure that you will be able to complement the design of your room. A bedroom with modern bedroom furniture will surely look nice without any additional pieces except for your bedside table and footboard.

When it comes to buying bedroom furniture, always make sure that you shop around first. You can browse through different stores or websites online to decide which items you need to buy. Make sure that you don’t compromise quality. It is best to go for furniture pieces that can last for several years even with regular usage. You can choose from different types of wood, metal and glass among others. However, if you want a particular design or style then it is best that you visit a local furniture store so you can take home the pieces you want for your own bedroom.

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