How to Sell My Car in Brisbane That Is Not in Roadworthy Condition

When the damaged car is not in roadworthy condition, finding a buyer can be a bit of a challenge. But, there is a way to get your written-off car with engine or body damage sold and sold quickly. Let car removals Brisbane tell you how to get your car sold for cash and within a day!

Selling My Car That Is No Longer Fit For Road

If the scrap car is no longer fit for the road and funds are limited, finding a buyer could be a hassle if you try to sell my car brisbane or truck the traditional way. You could advertise the car for spare parts, but the ads alone may be more than you’d like to pay to get the vehicle sold. The new trend to deal cars with damage is to sell them to car removal companies in Brisbane like Qld Car Removal. We are a buyer that buys any make and condition of car or truck. With us, you have a car sale that you can rely on and one that will pay a reasonable price for the vehicle. We have written-off car buyers in Brisbane that pay cash for damaged cars and trucks.

What About Dealers Selling A Used Car?

In the case of buying a used car from a dealer, in 99 out of 100 points, cars sold by a dealer will include a valid roadworthy certificate. This is a no-brainer, as it firstly maintains the dealer’s good trading name. Secondly, it speeds up the registration method into the new owner’s name once the deal has been arranged.

What will happen is that when a dealer buys a car or trades one in, the dealership will conduct its check on the vehicle, rectifying any problems and ensuring the vehicle is ready for a successful roadworthy inspection. Usually, dealers will only take cars to the nearest roadworthy station once a successful offer has on the vehicle. This ensures that the roadworthy certificate, valid for 30 days after the test, is still current when the car registration with the traffic authorities, under the new owner’s name, takes place.

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Restoration Project Without A Roadworthy

In rare cases, when a very collectible car is offered for sale but still requires replacing, a dealer will sell such a car without a roadworthy. The same applies to vehicles sold as scrap, destined to be broken up for spare parts.

It is important to note that, in the event of any sale, there is a Consumer Protection Act (CPA) requiring that the seller “stand good” for the vehicle’s longevity for six months following the sale. This is subject to several conditions.  Any car defect should be noted, documented, noted in the sales contract signed by both buyer & seller.

Written-Off Car or Truck to Qld Car Removal Brisbane

We love to be the leading car removal company that provides damaged car owners with an excellent source to sell damaged cars and trucks. We make quick cash offers for cars and trucks over the phone and online. 

If you like the cash offer we produce, you need to schedule a free car removal appointment. We are the car removal company that allows you to fit us into your day, preferably of having to reschedule your day to meet with us to buy & remove your car or truck. So, let us know a convenient time to arrive to purchase & remove your vehicle, and we will be at your location in Brisbane. 

When we buy your car, you get the best offer and our courtesy services. We provide quotes over the phone and online, so give us a call at the number below. For an online quote, Call us on 07 3082 6496.

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