Best Affordable Carpets You Should Consider For Buying

Best Affordable Carpets

Are you thinking of changing the carpets in your house? It is a nice way of improving the overall look of your house. If you are looking forward to buying new carpets, it is important to understand all the options that are available to manufacturers. This will help you find a carpet at a price that suits your budget and one that can also be used for a longer period than any other cheap option. Before making any purchase decision related to carpeting, it is important to consider the following aspects:

  • If you have pets or kids, then you should go for Stainmaster or SmartStrand carpeting.
  • When it comes to area rugs, Orientals and Persians fit most budgets.
  • For wall-to-wall carpets, plush style is most economical.

If you are looking for the best affordable rugs/carpets for your home. Then you must check out online stores offering discount area rugs and cheap oriental carpets.

Types Of Carpets

Here is a list of different types of carpets that fit in various budgets:

1. Wall to wall carpet 

if you love to spend time with family and friends and entertain them often at your place, then this type of carpeting will be the best option for your home. However, it also needs regular cleaning as it tends to attract dust particles more easily than any other type of flooring option available. It is available at varied prices depending on the quality and pattern that may vary from $1 to $20 per square yard.

2. Shag Carpets 

it is one of the most popular choices for home because it can be used in both formal and informal settings equally well. Whether you are having a dinner party or a children’s birthday party. This type of carpet will always look good on your floor. You can find colorful 2 in 1 shag style carpets online from leading brands at affordable prices.

3. Area Rugs 

if space is an issue and you have small rooms, then 3 by 5 size rugs are ideal for smaller spaces as they require less room compared to any other rug sizes available. However, these area rugs also come with affordable price tags that range from $20 to $70 depending on the quality.

4. Orientals and Persians

Not all rugs are available at affordable prices. If you are looking for a Persian rug at a budgeted price, then it should be purchased second-hand or antique. They also come with high shipping costs. However, there is a wide range of oriental rugs that can be purchased online from leading brands offering inexpensive oriental carpets for sale.

5. Oriental Carpets

These types of carpets are considered mid-range and are ideal for any room in your house including the living room, dining hall, etc. Some brands even offer 9 by 12 size area rugs on sale online which have contemporary designs along with traditional motifs. Compared to 3×5 rugs that need regular vacuuming. This type of carpet is more durable and can be vacuumed regularly to keep the carpet clean.

6. Persian Oversized Rugs 

if you are thinking of redoing your living space or den, then buying an oversized Persian rug is a nice idea. It does not matter whether you have a small or large room. These rugs will always look good on any flooring option available in your house. You can get inexpensive oriental carpets for sale online but it may cost a few hundred dollars as compared to other types of carpets that appear costly at first glance.

7. Shag Carpets

Among all other types of affordable area rugs, Berber shag carpets are available in a wide range of colors, designs, and patterns. They also come with pile heights ranging from 1inch to 3 inches which can be easily maintained by using any vacuum cleaner that does not cause any damage to the carpet.

8. Berber Carpeting 

if you want something durable but low maintenance then buy a Berber rug as it does not require regular vacuuming and is very easy to clean. All you need is just a broom or a high-power hose machine to keep your area rugs looking like new for many years. However, if your home has pets then it is better to opt for Stainmaster or SmartStrand carpets and avoid oriental rug cleaning for a longer period than required.


It is always good to buy an oriental carpet from a reputed brand as they offer a wide range of choices in various colors, designs, and styles with a warranty. You should also check the reputation of retailers offering cheap prices for Oriental carpets before buying any product.

Always remember that even if you are trying to find inexpensive area rugs.  Avoid sacrificing quality as it will result in a low price or no warranty on the carpeting. Focusing on interior carpet ratings can help you in making wise decisions. While purchasing inexpensive outdoor area rugs from leading brands online at discounted rates during festive seasons.

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