Law Firm Marketing Strategies that Grow Legal Business

Whether you work for a small law firm or work as a freelancer, you’ve probably wondered what law firm marketing strategies are best to get your business up. At the same time, innovation in the legal sector is indeed limited. 

A Center for Enterprise Research study describes this sector as a sector of stability, not change – this is not necessary when creating a marketing plan.

Strategy, time, and timing are the highest points of law firm marketing strategies. Everything else is just hills. While companies with a legal department do most of their work internally, 

  • Law Firm Marketing Strategies And Legal Services:

A Deloitte investigation shows that 52% of internal departments are considering hiring legal services from non-traditional law firms. This provides an opportunity for small and medium businesses looking to attract more customers.

To stand out from the competition, we must analyze and know how to take advantage of the law firm’s marketing strategies to grow the law firm. In this article, we will discuss three legal marketing strategies to grow your business. 


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1. Law Firm Marketing Strategy for Lawyers – Specification

As a small or medium business, you’ve probably noticed that there are hundreds of law firms that offer the same services as you and that are already successfully promoting their business over the Internet. 

To compete with them directly is to engage in a long and painful battle. For this reason, the first law firm marketing strategy we propose is to specialize in a niche, that is, to focus on a specific type of service or customer.

Hence, it is about using niche marketing to demonstrate to your potential clients that your company is an expert in the services it offers and that they will be in good hands by hiring it. For example, the American law firm Kronenberger Rosenfeld specializes in Internet, technology, and multimedia law and is one of the country’s leading firms in this area.

  • Benefits of Niche Marketing for Lawyers

Differentiation: Targeting a specific niche will give you the added value that sets you apart from law firms offering all types of services.

Faith and Trust: The more specific your niche is, the easier it will be for you to establish yourself as an authority, and people will perceive you as an expert in the legal field in which you specialize.

Possibility of setting higher prices. According to Philip Kotler, considered the father of modern marketing, people are willing to pay more for a specialist who meets their needs.

Better Search Engine Visibility: If you specialize in any niche, you can optimize your site’s SEO in a much more efficient way using more specific and less competitive keywords. This will make it easier to get information on search engines. For example, the Internet law firm Kronenberger Rosenfeld cleverly included its primary keyword “Internet Law” in its website URL www. is a factor that Google takes into account when placing a website on search engine result pages.

Confirmation: According to Stephen M. Gursten, a niche partner at Michigan Auto Law, other attorneys are more likely to refer cases to you and increase the chances of the media hiring you. Offer information about your area of ​​expertise or ask you to speak at seminars.

Lower Costs: According to a publication by the American Bar Association (ABA), niche marketing allows you to focus your resources, time, and money on a specific group or industry, cheaper than mass marketing. This is a great advantage for small firms or freelance lawyers who cannot afford to invest millions in advertising.


2. Law Firm Marketing Strategy – Make Google Ad Words Your Ally

 Did you know that 92% of all searches in the world are done on Google?

The importance and ubiquity of the search engine are no longer in doubt and its evolution with the advent of the Google AdWords platform. Google’s pay-per-click provides us so that we can create ads on its result pages and other sites. It has clearly shown the benefits for these companies who want to attract attention and increase sales by spending less and earning more.

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “if you’re not on the first page of Google, you don’t exist.” Unfortunately, this is reality – academic research shows that 91% of users do not go beyond the first page of results, and more than 50% do not even click.


3. Law Firm Marketing Strategy – Take Care of Your Site’s SEO & Create Valuable Content.

While investing in Google AdWords and optimizing campaigns can make you one of the top three Google results, it may not always be possible to achieve this for all keywords relevant to your business, and the same is true for organic search positioning – you won’t be able to rank well in organic results for all the keywords you need.

While it is true that changes made by Google in recent years have impacted the performance of regular results. According to research by renowned SEO platform Moz, CTR for regular search engines fell 25% on desktop and 55% on mobile. Users still click on this type of results, so the more you land on Google search results – regular or paid – the better.

  • Basic Tips:

Here are some basic tips and ideas to help you figure out how to successfully implement a content and SEO law firm marketing strategy for lawyers. However, for the best results, it is recommended that you hire a professional SEO expert.

Create a blog on your website and post educational and informational content about the legal sector that other sites and organizations want to share. 

Creating high-quality content that adds value to justice-related issues can help you build trust in your website and improve its Google rankings. 


If your posts are of educational or informational value, they are more likely to be used or link to sites or organizations of this type and are published. You will receive high-quality inbound links that Google will consider when positioning. Your site is on search pages. 

For example, the New York-based law firm The Dearie maintains a blog on its website that provides helpful and practical advice on situations within its area of ​​expertise – accidents.

Use relevant keywords that have high search volume and low competition: when choosing the keywords, you will use them on your website and/or blog, in addition to making sure they describe your business and your services. You have to consider the number of users who use them frequently.

Hope this article on Ezineposting is helpful to understand the effective law firm marketing strategies to grow legal business! 


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