Best Fall Winter Jewelry Trends of 2021

Winter Jewelry Trends 2021 is a must to complete any look because it gives that extra special touch. According to it-girls and essential brands, jewelry from the 80s and 90s is back. In addition, designers introduced various types of jewelry, and as seen in the catwalks of 2021, they can be worn on all kinds of occasions and outfits—you only need to find the perfect one for your look.

They showed us it’s all in detail. The ornaments are more vibrant and colored, with geometric shapes and more bright. So it’s time to get all new jewelry or renew the ones you have, creating a new look.

Here are our Guidelines to Wearing the Best Jewelry in Fall/Winter.

Punk is Back! Ear Cuffs

They emerged in the 70s and made a comeback in the 90s, and now they’re back during 2021. Ear cuffs models were reinvented and are now a huge trend. They can be worn even if you don’t have pierced ears. Any woman can wear this type of jewelry, and it helps to create various kinds of looks, from rock to a very romantic look.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are classic. They are a trend that can transition from a day at work to a fancy dinner in the evening and a night out. In addition, instead of wearing only classical hoops, it’s possible to find different models with charms, pendants, and textures.


Chokers are going to remain this year. Since 2019, they have made a comeback and have become a huge trend. This jewelry gives something extra to any look. You can find romantic, boho, or rock chokers and pair them to various occasions and looks. Another good tip is to mix and match various styles of them, creating a new style.


Pearls are a classic piece of winter Jewelry trends 2021 that can be worn in all kinds of events. Everybody knows pearls have always been fashionable. However, if you want to get away from the conventional way of wearing pearls, choose earrings and necklaces of different sizes. It creates a modern look.


This jewelry is a must in any woman’s closet. Furthermore, when you wear a pendant or any other jewelry, it makes a huge difference. This year, designers showed in the catwalk huge and small pendants, with amulets and various forms. This pendant can be layered with more, or, if you want to focus only on one, stick to a medium or big pendant.

Single Earrings

This trend came back during the fall-winter runway of 2018. This jewelry has the ability to change any look, making it more interesting. The designers decided to show over-scaled earrings with geometric shapes, tassels, gems, and more. Another good option is to match a big earring with smaller earrings or ear cuffs in the opposite ear.

Body Chain

In fact, body chains also came back to the runway this year. They are easy to wear and can complete any look. If you want to wear a body chain and like the classic look, try to match up a gold body chain with a little black dress or any monochromatic look. On the other hand, if you want to take risks, you can match colored and patterned vestments. This accessory gives a special touch to any outfit.

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