Types of Flooring Tiles in West Palm Beach

Bathrooms and kitchens were previously the most typical places in the US to find tile flooring. However, in contrast to mosaic or marble flooring, which was historically popular in homes. It is now widespread and completely fashionable for newly constructed houses to employ tiles as the most frequent flooring type. As a result, if you’re repairing your home’s flooring or creating a new one. You’ll need to know which type of tile to use and how much it’ll cost. Keep reading as we go over the different Flooring Tiles in West Palm Beach and their size based on sub-varieties, brands, and other criteria.


There are many types of Flooring Tiles in West Palm Beach


First and foremost, let us discuss the three most common varieties of Flooring Tiles in West Palm Beach These are the following:


  • ceramic Tiles
  • Granite Tiles 
  • Porcelain Tiles

Let’s take a closer look at each of these flooring options and go over the benefits of each.




When it comes to Flooring Tiles in West Palm Beach, ceramic tiles are the most popular choice. Natural clay is mixed with water to make a red paste, which is then molded into shape to make these tiles. The tile is then fired at high temperatures in a kiln. Once the tile has hardened, a thin layer, similar to a glaze, is applied to add various designs, patterns, and colors. The varnish repels water and adds a layer of scratch resistance. However, both glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles are available, with unglazed ceramic tiles being ideal for outdoor settings.


Porcelain Tiles


Porcelain tiles are created from clay and heated at higher temperatures than ceramic tiles, but combining different components results in a white, non-porous tile after being fired. As a result, the resulting tile is less susceptible to water absorption, more scratch-resistant, and more durable than ceramic tiles.


Granite Tiles


Granite is a natural stone cut to a specific thickness and adheres to specific standards to create granite tiles. These are the most durable and water-resistant of the three types, but they’re also the most difficult to form because they’re made by cutting tiles from natural rock surfaces.


Floor Tile Size


 Choosing the right tile size for your home can help to make it more perfect. What do you think if a room is small, but the tile size is excessively large, or the other way around? Does it appear to highly unbalanced?


Choose the appropriate tile size based on the various areas. The actual size of the backdrop tile is usually divided into two types: square and rectangular tiles.


Living Room Floor Tiles


The living room is a huge area in any home. Many homeowners are also interested in the living room because it is a virtual place for every home. The choice of tiles for the living room, on the other hand, should be based on several variables. Living room Flooring Tiles in West Palm Beach.

If the floor is 15m2, square tiles in the sizes of 30x30cm – 300x300mm, 40x40cm – 400x400mm, and diagonal tiles should be used.


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