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Best Unwanted Hair Removal Clinic in Jaipur for Laser Treatment

In modern times, science and cosmetology are growing tremendously. One of its successful innovations, laser treatment is life-saving for a lot of women troubled with unwanted hair growth. Furthermore, this unwanted hair does not match the beauty standards of modern society and is also unhygienic. Laser Hair Removal Treatment is the latest technique that provides flawless and glowing skin. Jaipur Skin City is the best Hair and Skin Clinic has a clientele of more than 1 Lakh Patients.

Be it in whichever country or place you are, everyone desires good glowing and clear skin. Hair removal not only takes away unwanted hair but at the same time can remove tan and provide a clear tone.

In Laser Treatment, the light is pulsated on the hair follicles which works as energy. The light disables the power of the follicles to produce more hair leading to nice clear skin. The laser treatment does not affect the skin at all and neither is painful while damaging the hair follicles.

Factors to Keep in Mind for Ideal Clinic for Laser Hair Removal Treatment

As easy as the process sound, anything can go wrong. Hence, it is important to choose the right clinic for Laser Hair Removal. The hair removal treatment can differ depending upon the machine used. Although you should make a decision depending upon the purpose and expectation regarding the surgery.

An ideal clinic for laser hair removal or reduction must fulfill the following criteria:

Location of the Skin Care Hospital

Location is a very important factor, as we choose to take any service. One always looks for the closest physician or closest salon. The reason behind this is that it is comfortable and one does not have to do any unnecessary traveling. The second reason is trust. Usually, we find the salon near us trustable because of locality recommendations, and most of the time we end up knowing them personally as well.

The location must be within your city only as one has to have at least two or three sittings to get the full treatment. In case any side effects appear, it is better to have the doctor in the same city and close by. The location of the clinic should be easily accessible.

Track Record of the dermatologist

In the modern age of smartphones, we do not step into a restaurant before checking their rating. And now if we are undergoing treatment it is very important to know the doctor and clinic’s track record. One can check the ratings and reviews of the clinic online and can also get in touch with previous clients to know their whole experience. Recommendations and reviews will give you a real picture.

Experienced Staff of The Hair Removal Clinic

Experience staff only should do surgery or under the guidance of an experienced dermatologist. They should also have a permit or international/ national license. The Patient should be comfortable with the doctor and consequently trust him to in his knowledge. Dr. Sachin Sharda is a dermatologist having experience of 14+ years.

Type of Laser

Always do research on your front to know about different lasers. And which one will suit your skin tone right. The laser plays a very important role and must be of the best quality. A good doctor with bad machinery can cause damage. Also, choose only that clinic whose laser is medically approved. The clinic must have its own machine and should be in a sound position.

Cost of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

As not many are able to do laser treatment, clinics can charge high fees. Usually, the charges are around 30,000 INR and should not be beyond that. One should also see if their medical insurance covers the expense of laser treatment or not.

Jaipur Skin City- Best Hair Removal Treatment Center

Jaipur Skin City is the best Hair Removal Treatment Center. It fulfills all the factors we listed above. Dr. Sachin Sharda, Founder of Jaipur Skin City has been treating patients for the last 14 years. The patients from other cities and outskirts of Rajasthan come to Jaipur Skin City to get treated by Dr. Sharda.

Reviews and recommendations are the best way to know the past patient’s experience and also analyze the staff behavior. Lybrate, google, and practo are the trustable and leading platforms in Medical Sector. Below are the ratings are given by these institutions to Jaipur Skin City.

Ratings of best skin doctor in jaipur sachin sharda

Features of Laser treatment at Jaipur Skin City

– World’s Best Hair Removal Laser– “LightSheer Duet™ (Diode Laser)”
– First and only machine in the entire Rajasthan
– Vacuum technology to give completely painless and safe treatment
– High speed probe, full body hair removal in just 45 minutes
– Permanent Reduction of Body Hair
– Laser done directly under supervision of expert dermatologists
– No Side Effects


We need the unwanted hair removal treatment for a hygienic lifestyle and clear skin. Laser treatment is the most feasible and permanent solution. Furthermore, it does not involve any pain. There are some factors that should be looked into before deciding on an ideal clinic for laser hair removal treatment. Some of these factors are location, experience, expense, reviews, etc. Jaipur Skin City is the best Hair Removal Treatment Center. It fulfills all the factors we listed above.

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