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Top 2 Classic Refrigerators | Haier Refrigerator review | Glastender

There are plenty of refrigerator brands that have been a part of our market and lives. But, there are few refrigerators that have been offering performance-oriented machines for obvious reasons. Most people prefer using machines from the best refrigerator brands in the market because it helps them to use them for a long span of time without compromising on performance. Check out the Haier refrigerator review below to have more information about models in the market.

Glastender Refrigerators

Glastender, Inc. was first formed in 1969 by Jon D. Hall, Senior. The founder decided to create the company after inventing the very first rotary glasswasher. Throughout the 1970s, popularity grew as more glass washers were used in cocktail stations.

A decade after Glastender was established, Jay H. Kegerreis joined as Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.  He had the business experience and knowledge to help expand the company’s profitability. Sadly, Kegerreis passed away in January of 1998 and Hall took complete ownership again. A perfect set of kitchen appliances such as vessels and knives play a vital role for elegance. 

After 1985, Glastender took up the foam in place technology used by the previously failed Cooler Corporation of America. Using this design, Glastender was able to create a new, original single-door keg cooler.

Technology adoption

The company also helped increase its refrigerator appliance offerings by including two, three, and four-door back bar, rear feed, and pass-through coolers. This implementation of foam-in-place technology encouraged Glastender refrigerators to thrive. By 1990, the plant was expanded to cover 40,000 square feet. Another expansion occurred in 1995.

By April of 2005, growth had been steady for Glastender and the company was releasing new lines of underbar products. These included slanted liquor displays, add-on cabinet bases, counter blender stations, mobile ice baths, back bar displays, and drainboard half cabinets.

Among Glastender refrigerator units is the slide top cooler. This unit comes equipped with an automatic defrost timer and a one-piece top. The cabinet itself is constructed to be sturdy and durable while offering businesses a long life span. Side top cooler sizes range from 24 inches to 26 inches in length.

Haier Refrigerators

The unique Haier building can be found located on Broadway in New York City. Although the structure alone may stand out to the casual passerby, the company itself has been doing the same for over a decade.

The Haier Refrigerator review helps you understand the product inside out. Haier America produces numerous household appliances that are intended to make life at home easier for the consumer. Innovation means a lot at Haier, and each new design is created to bring something new to the table.

Haier has earned itself many well-known awards, including Energy Star qualification for some of its popular appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers, air conditioning units, and refrigerators.


These products are intended to help conserve energy by consuming less without sacrificing functionality. Haier has also earned UL certification as well as AHAM certification for its dehumidifiers and air conditioners.

2008 was an important year for Haier. During this twelve-month period, the company was recognized as the 13th most reputable company in the world. It was also given the Reputation Institute’s Golden Hammer Award for major appliances. In the same year, Haier was named Walmart’s Vendor of the Year as well as a Woman’s Day KB Award for its Aqua Fontana water dispensers.

Haier refrigerators come in many sizes and styles. The company offers full-sized units as well as mid-sized and compact refrigerators. Consumers can select from the standard white models to modern chrome and attractive black. Each size presents a wide range of style and feature options.

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