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Do you want to apply for a permanent residence visa in Canada?

Look no further! In this article, we will take you through the entire process of applying to the Canada permanent Canada pr residence visa. Eligibility, requirements, and the advantages of having a permanent residence visa in Canada.

From picturesque landscapes, a top-notch education system, and world-class healthcare to amazing investment and business opportunities, Canada – the second-largest country in the world provides an excellent lifestyle for its citizens. No wonder that, over the years, expats around the globe are jumping at the opportunity to apply for the Canada Permanent Resident Visa.

About the Canada Permanent Resident Visa

The Canada permanent resident visa allows individuals to reside in Canada permanently. Similar to the green card that is operational in the United States, this immigration Canada visa provides permanent residency in Canada. As soon as your application is approved, you are given a permanent residence card, permitting you to relocate to any province of your choice in Canada. On acquiring the status of a permanent visa holder in Canada, you have the right to reside, study, live and work in the North-American country.

Upon approval from the immigration services, you can choose to stay in Canada for an indefinite amount of time. Please note that an individual staying in Canada as a student or a foreign worker is not considered a permanent resident of the country.

Advantages of the Canada Permanent Resident Visa

Canadian permanent residents enjoy the following rights and freedoms

Reside and work in Canada

One of the friendliest and safest countries in the world, Canada offers its permanent residents an exceptional quality of life. As a permanent residence card holder, you can freely move across provinces in the country. Once you become a permanent resident in Canada, you also have a plethora of investment and work opportunities in front of you to pick and choose from.

Inclusion of family members

By acquiring a permanent residence visa in the country, your family members also have the ability to reap all the benefits just like a Canadian citizen. Moreover, the Canadian permanent residence program allows you to sponsor residents to reside, study and work in the country. Do keep in mind that you need to be a minimum of 18 years old.

How much do education, health care, and other public services cost in Canada?

Several decades ago, Canadians created a social system to provide universal access to health, education, and other public services. The sales and income taxes that Canadians pay are reinvested by government in hospitals, schools, roads, and other services.

Are there many jobs available in Canada?

Generally speaking, Canada’s unemployment rate is relatively low and compares favourably with other industrialized countries. Due to the aging population, many companies see immigration as a solution for meeting their labour needs.

Many employers in industries such as health care, video game development, construction and manufacturing are looking for workers.

Education and healthcare infrastructure

If you are given permanent resident status in Canada, your children will be eligible to access free education in the country until class 12 (16-17 years old). Consisting of primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of education, the education system in Canada is considered to be in line with global standards. In addition to this, permanent residents in the country charged less when it comes to university fees.

On top of that, permanent resident card holders are also provided with access to free medical care. And prescribed drugs. Public health care coverage is also given to permanent residents.

Visa renewal

The Canada permanent residence card is valid for a period of five years. On the basis of good past history and experience, the Canada permanent resident visa will be renewed by an immigration services officer. Please note that there are no restrictions as to the number of visa renewals an individual can have.

Canadian citizenship

A person is eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship by living in Canada for three years out of the last five years after obtaining permanent resident status. The applicant also need to pass a citizenship test and prove his/her language proficiency. For more details on citizenship and immigration to Canada, you can visit the Canada immigration official website.

Business opportunity

If you are a permanent resident in Canada, you have permission to start a business as a single proprietor, partner, or corporation. For initiating a business, you are not required to be a Canadian citizen.

Business Travel Requirements for a United Kingdom Visa for Canadian Citizens: No Visa Required

Training Qualification Absent or excluded from Application (Degree, Endorsement, Recognition)
Each candidate who is guaranteeing unfamiliar training, for example, a degree, recognition or declaration got from outside Canada should apply for Instruction Qualification Evaluation (ECA) from one of the IRCC approved ECA associations. This process can some of the time be troublesome and frequently extensive. Once acquired, candidates can either make their Express Entry Profile or update their current profile.

genuine ECA report

Anyway the genuine ECA report itself is certainly not a compulsory record that is expected to be transferred with the application. All things considered, candidates are expected to provide the data expressed on their ECA report including the ECA report/testament number. What certain individuals don’t understand is that it is a compulsory prerequisite to transfer a filtered picture of their certificate, recognition or declaration. Assuming that the application is submitted with the degree, confirmation or authentication this will bring about the cancelation of their PR application. Likewise, assuming the candidate is in control of their records they ought to likewise incorporate them.

Precedent-based regulation

Legal Announcement of Custom-based regulation Association and proof of Precedent-based regulation relationship
One more typical justification for the crossing out of some Express Entry applications is that the candidate doesn’t provide a marked IMM5409 Legal Statement of Customary regulation Association or they do exclude proof that they have lived with their custom-based regulation accomplice for time of one year or more. Inability to incorporate these archives will bring about the wiping out of your application.

Candidates should finish the structure and sign the structure alongside their precedent-based regulation accomplice in the presence of a legal counselor, legal official public or magistrate of promises.

As well as transferring the legal announcement, candidate should likewise incorporate proof of their precedent-based regulation relationship. Kindly see underneath for certain instances of which archives should be incorporated.

Consented to rent arrangement showing the two accomplices remembered for the rent.
Joint service bills dated a while back from the time you present your application. The record ought to contain both accomplice names and address.

Joint ledger proclamations dated quite a while back from the time you present your application. The archive ought to contain both accomplice names and address.

Separate bills for every candidate dated a while back from the time you present your application. The two bills ought to have the accomplice’s name and similar location for every one of them.

The letter of business necessities for Express Entry are quite certain. It is critical that a candidate gets a proper letter of work to keep away from an application being rejected on the grounds that the official doesn’t completely accept that the candidate had the expected business experience for their movement program.

Could I at any point hold PR of two nations?

Indeed, you could apply for permanent home of more than one country simultaneously. It is like applying for visas to go to more than one country. Nonetheless, after you are conceded permanent home by a country, you might be dependent upon actual home necessities of that country.

While presenting a letter of work for a PR application through Express Entry, it is basic all letters incorporate the accompanying data:

Candidate name

Candidate occupation/work title
Candidate’s Term of work
Complete week by week hours the candidate worked
The compensation [any design is satisfactory for hourly/month to month/yearly/rewards/commission] and (if material) extra advantages

At least 5-8 of the primary work obligations the candidate acted in this job

No visa is expected for this objective for a stay of as long as a half year. If it’s not too much trouble, remember that while a visa isn’t needed, you should:

Hold an identification legitimate no less than a half year on entry with one clear visa page

Hold proof of ahead/bring trips back
Hold all reports expected for the following objective
Hold proof of adequate assets comparative with your expected length of stay.
Affirm with their carrier that boarding will be allowed without a visa as these circumstances are likely to change.

Could I at any point remain anyplace in Canada with PR?

Might I at any point live some place other than the “city of perfect place” on my Affirmation of Permanent Home? Indeed, you can. As a permanent occupant, you reserve the option to live, work or concentrate anyplace in Canada

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