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.For better or worse, the majority of people who are looking for a host for their websites put price among their top priorities. Because of this we even took that into account when looking for a location for our blog.  Similarly It is safe to argue that few other web hosting companies could ever expect to compete with iPage web hosting review on price. However, This firm not only provides inexpensive hosting, but it also has some incredible tools, including a website builder, that have all been designed to make it simple for you to develop and launch your website.

An Exceptional Web Host

When it comes to iPage hosting review, there is one thing you must never do: allow the low entry-level price of $1.99 a month to trick you. For that, you receive a tonne of features from this fantastic web host, the most of which are created with the idea that it should be simple for everyone, even beginners, to set up and launch their websites in a matter of minutes.

One of the various tools developed to accomplish this goal is the website builder, which we have already stated. The same services are available from other web hosting firms, it is true. However, according to what Network Bees has learned, iPage stands apart for the following reasons:

Free Domain

First of all, iPage web hosting review gives a free domain with every hosting plan, despite already being among the most affordable web hosting providers in the world. Although there are other web hosting providers who offer free domains, one would not anticipate this for one of the most affordable web hosting packages available. For instance, HostGator, whose monthly hosting costs are very affordable, charges $12.95 for a domain.

Create a website with drag and drop

Another feature that sets iPage web hosting review apart from its competitors is the drag and drop website builder it offers. This feature makes it simple for anyone, even beginners, to set up their websites in a matter of minutes.

You will know what we’re talking about if you’ve ever owned a website at com or Joomla.com. Setting up your website or blog may be completed in a matter of minutes with the correct tools. You just need to fill out the options, and you’re good to go.

Marketing Tools

Along with its ground-breaking website builder, iPage hosting review is distinguish among web hosting companies by the fact that it bundles a number of crucial marketing tools with each of its plans. This can be helpful, especially for newcomers who may not have a good understanding of what it takes for their websites to prosper in the competitive online market. The marketing add-ons make iPage, and unusually so, a one-stop shop for individuals who want to host and market their websites simultaneously. The following are included with each hosting package

  • $100 off of Google Adwords
  • Bing credit of $100
  • Site Analytics Suite
  • Free listing on YP.com


When you sign up for hosting with iPage web hosting review, one of the least expensive web hosts, you don’t have to worry about choosing a product that suits you. In actuality, the business provides many more features than most of its more expensive rivals. So what services does iPage provide

  • Hosting VPS
  • Hosting Dedicated
  • Hosting for WordPress
  • Websites
  • Marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • Email
  • Services for Professionals


The list of features that come with each iPage web  hosting review package surprised Network Bees, we have to admit. It is noteworthy that iPage includes the following as part of the bundle, given the low starting cost;

  • Never-ending Disk Space
  • Flexibility in Bandwidth
  • Numerous Domains
  • countless MySQL databases
  • Website Builder on Weebly (6 pages)
  • Site builder for mobile devices
  • WordPress installation in one click
  • email addresses that you can customise using your domain name
  • forwarding emails
  • Autoresponders

Free Mobile Optimized Templates

We’ve already talked about iPage web hosting review fantastic website builder. In terms of Search Engine Optimization, the business is also one of the few web hosting service providers that is focused on assisting its clients.This is made evident by the fact that everybody who signs up for any hosting plan from iPage receives free mobile-optimized layouts.Now, mobile-friendly websites are rewarded with greater ranks on search engines like Google.

It is obvious how crucial it is to start off strong in this area given that the bulk of searches are now conducted globally using mobile devices.With themes that have been created expressly with search engine optimization in mind, you can be sure that iPage is giving you a leg up.

As if its incredibly low hosting pricing and website builder weren’t already sufficient, iPage additionally provides extras on all of its hosting platforms worth over $500. These consist of;

  • Free security tools from SiteLock
  • 1GB Cloud storage that is only free
  • WordPress construction tools that are free

These tools are designed to help you get started with Search Engine Optimization, just like everything else that iPage has to offer. If you’re a rookie, it might not be immediately obvious to you what you’re going to do with the free credits. You will quickly realise, though, that they are a good technique to make your website immediately visible to a larger audience.


Perhaps the most crucial factor to consider when selecting a location for your website is customer assistance. The majority of grievances people lodge against their hosts typically centre on this problem. Finding a hosting business with a support service staffed by individuals who are both ready and competent to assist you should anything ever go wrong with your website is crucial.One of the areas where iPage web hosting review shines is in this. Given the variety of options the organisation provides for resolving your problems, this is hardly surprising.

You can use the numerous step-by-step instructions on iPage in addition to its online support centre and ticketing system to get back on your feet. Each hosting package also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, as well as live chat and phone assistance every single day.

WordPress Hosting

You can’t go wrong with iPage web hosting  if, like us, you can’t get enough of WordPress. Some of the least expensive WordPress hosting is available from the provider, starting at $3.75 per month.However This hosting bundle includes unlimited storage and scalable bandwidth, as well as a free domain and free search engine marketing credits. In addition to everything else, the WP Essential Plan, which costs $6.95 per month, offers WordPress expert support, increased security, and lightning-fast performance. Accordingly iPage hosting is highly suggested by Network Bees to its readers based on the aforementioned investigation. Do not be deceived by the extremely low pricing; this business is among the best in the industry for providing web hosting services. If you choose to host your website with iPage, you can use the banner below to take advantage of a number of fantastic discounts;

A full-service domain and web hosting provider, iPage targets smaller companies looking to enter the e-commerce market. Top online companies like Bluehost, HostGator, and Constant Contact are all controlled by the conglomerate Endurance International Group, which also controls this company.Users of iPage have access to unlimited disc space, a free domain name, and an unlimited number of email accounts, in addition to a host of other tools that make building a website quick and simple. There are several pre-made website templates and themes from which to pick. You have the option of using their mobile-friendly website builder.

Green Web Hosting

The utilization of green energy is something that iPage web hosting review firmly supports. The business purchases enough Renewable. Energy Certificates (RECs) to balance out all the energy used by servers, offices, and data centres. Unexpectedly, the purchase is sufficient to reduce usage by 200%. Consequently there is plenty of extra wind energy after all needs have been met.Businesses that choose to host their websites with iPage but also the satisfaction of knowing they are helping the environment

·        It would take more than 244 acres of new trees to cover the energy that is offset.

·        Over a two-year period, wind energy is recycl back into the electricity grid in excess of three million kWh.


Any business that uses iPage to host a website is eligible to display a Green Badge on their website. Visitors only need to click the emblem to see that you are reducing your carbon emissions, which is a selling factor.

iPage Website Builder

The main objective of iPage hosting review is to offer you. The web hosting you require to launch your website on the internet. However, you can quickly create a website and with the iPage Website Builder if you don’t already have one.

The free version of the iPage Website Builder is includ again when you than purchase an iPage web hosting plan. You can create up to six website pages using this edition. You can gain more features by upgrading to the Professional or Business versions. Features consist of:

  • a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor
  • The best themes to get you start
  • Modular architecture for simplicity of use
  • assistance with HD video (Premium)
  • Version management (Premium)
  • Analytics (Premium)
  • E-commerce capabilities (Premium)
  • complete checkout procedures (Premium)
  • assistance with promo codes (Premium).




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