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Color Trends for Custom Homes in Dallas | 2021 Guide

When building or renovating a home, most homeowners don’t pay much attention to the color. Here we’re talking about the colors of the walls of the interior, as well as the exterior of a custom home.

Colour or a mixture of different colors, including patterns and textures can change the total outlook and mood of your space. Moreover, specific colors are a reflection of one’s own personality.

Thus, we have listed for you the top color trends of 2021 you must consider before you go out to find custom home builders in Dallas.

Bright yellow

You’re probably thinking the color yellow is never going to match any of your furniture or anything else of your space. However, what most people don’t know is that a cheerful and vibrant yellow can help change the overall mood of any setting. 

Although this color might be too bold and loud for most homeowners, there are several ways to mute down this color. For instance, you can opt for painting one of your walls with vibrant yellow. Consider keeping other walls light grey or even white. This mix and match contrast will breathe a new life into your home

Therefore, there are several ways one could play with this joyful color, and complement it with different rugs, cushions, and other decorations.

Moreover, what you might not know about this color is that it helps make any space look bigger. Yellow is your go-to color if you’re searching for paints for your little one’s room as it will make it look bigger and brighter. 

Dull grey

As mentioned earlier, grey is a great color that helps complement other colors. Moreover, this dull color is great as it is. If you want to add a more calm and quiet appeal to your custom home in Dallas, then you should definitely consider adding grey to your color scheme!

Although this color might seem as it offers nothing special, you’d be surprised by the amount of depth and coolness it carries. Moreover, if your custom home features dark, wooden flooring, as well as dark-colored furniture and cabinets, then you should definitely add this color into your color palette without further ado! 

Grey blends seamlessly with other patterns and textures you have in your space, such as patterned and textured rugs and cushions. It will help give a more contemporary and classy feel to your home decor. We’d not suggest mixing or matching grey with anything else. Monochromes can do wonders to any space!


Why not try something new this year? This warm color helps give any space a modern aesthetic appeal. The warm, earthy hue of this color is both casual and refined. It’s everything a new space might need as it’s rustic, warm, and has a lot of history behind it.

With this color, we recommend you add less bold and more mute furniture to your space. For instance, white and off-white cabinets to make the walls do the talking. Moreover, adding green indoor plants would really set the mood for the place!

Also, if we talk about psychology, recent studies have shown that shades of oranges help radiate warmth and happiness.

If you love the warmth and want to keep your space bright and cozy, Terracotta can be your safest bid.

Muted Pastels

Muted pastels took this year by storm. Because pastel colors are comparatively less saturated, they give a very cool, light, and soft effect. Moreover, they’re ideal for adding a feeling of earthiness and sophistication to any space. Thus, these colors can make any space in a home look gorgeous and expensive.

Think of dusky pink and soft turquoise. These two gorgeous muted pastel colors will give a calming effect to any area, especially when matched with soft and less bold furniture to help amplify it. For instance, go for pastel cushions, throws, blankets, and other elements that can help give the room a look that is fresh and serene.

Did you know that some psychological studies have suggested that pastel colors are a strongly positive color group? They can help evoke feelings of growth, childhood, happiness, calmness, playfulness, femininity, laughter, and games. Hence, you can never go wrong with muted pastel colors, and should not be underestimated.


There is a range of neutral colors you can choose from, such as shades of off-white, white, cream, gray, beige, black, and so on. These simplistic colors can provide the perfect base for any space in your custom home, be it your master bedroom or the living room. Moreover, you can even choose a number of neutral colors and use them for an area in order to create a more laid-back and liveable color scheme in your custom home.


We know what you’re thinking, coloring your custom home’s walls black would be a bad idea. However, although the color black can give a rather gloomy and claustrophobic feel to a space, adding this color to a wall can really help open up a space, and also make it feel larger and airier.

Moreover, there are countless ways you could style an area with the color black. For instance, adding colorful furniture or rugs, adding a lot of indoor plants, or adding gold or silver statement items. The options are limitless!

Aegean Teal

This shade of teal is one of the most famous colors of the year. This calming shade of blue-green help provides a sense of stability and balance, as well as tranquility which is needed to help combat the chaos of the past year.

Thinking about how to decorate your space by using Aegean Teal? Well, the options are countless. However, we recommend adding white or cream colors to help give the space a more contemporary feel as teal and white are a serene pairing that just can never go wrong. You can also opt for painting the trims white, or even paint both the same color to give it a more seamless feel- the choice is yours!

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