How to keep a stowabike clean

How to keep a stowabike clean

How to keep your stowabike clean? Well, it’s pretty simple – you just have to follow these tips. Stowabikes (stable cycle) are cool because they can go anywhere you want, but how do you keep them clean? That’s an easy one! If you want to know more then read some Stowabike 20 city bike review.


Harsh detergents or chemicals

First of all, don’t use harsh detergents or chemicals to clean your stowabikes. These substances will damage your equipment, possibly scratch the surface, and even start a fire if you accidentally leave it on, in the sun for too long, etc. Cleaning them with anything other than the manufacturer’s cleaner should be fine.


Rinse off your towels

Make sure to rinse off your towels or whatever else you used to wipe down your stowabikes before you put it away. Also, if you’ve got hard plastics stowabikes (like steel or aluminium), be sure to apply a non-skid coating to prevent slippage, especially if you have skids on your trailer. I recommend the manufacturers recommend the non-skid ones, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Use these two tips, and then use a vacuum to suck up any extra dirt or dried mud that was left behind when you took it out.


Damage your stowabikes

I also learned the hard way that dry ice can damage your stowabikes. When iwas going to sell my last one but decided to take a little time to learn how to keep a stowabike clean before I threw it away. I put the engine over the weekend and let it sit for a week. The next day, all of the paint was chipped off and it looked like nothing ever took place, even though I was sitting on it for several hours.


Took it to the dealership

I took it back to the dealership and they cleaned it. My next car didn’t require much attention, because it sits in my garage. But my last one had taken quite a bit of abuse over the years, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t hurt it while trying to learn how to keep it clean. I went ahead and bought some mild detergent and scrubbed it down with some steel wool. I also rubbed down the seat with some elbow grease so that it would be easier for me to remove the oil.


The cleaner

When the cleaner came, I took it out right away. I applied about a quarter-cup of the cleaner and then let it sit on the seat for five minutes. Then I took it off, rinsed it off, and put the cap back on. Within a couple minutes, I felt a sense of peace.


Helpful resources available

If you have questions about how to take care of your stowabikes, there are plenty of helpful resources available. I’ve mentioned a few here, including the obvious step of putting the oil back in the tank and making sure the seats stay clean. I did have one concern, though. I read that the seats should never be ridden on rough or sandy surfaces, which I believe is a matter of personal opinion. My only advice is to test them out in a protected area first.


Relatively easy

After learning how to keep a stowabike clean, I hope that those who have no experience with them feel more confident. I learned how to do this and it was relatively easy. The best part is that it only took me a few minutes and the process was much easier than I thought. This experience has made me a believer of the saying “do what you love”. Now, when I’m out riding my stowabikes, I always make sure that they’re as clean and smooth as possible.


Take it apart

Some people may feel that the best way to learn how to keep a stowabike clean is to take it apart and look at it from the inside. That is a good idea, but I think that looking at the outside of the vehicle can be just as enlightening. What do you see? Sand, mud, oil, road salt, water, bugs, pollen, tree sap, and more all collecting in your stowabikes compartments.

Observe more

By observing the things that you find in your stowabikes, you can begin to learn how to keep a stowabike clean. Maybe you notice that the chains are covered in bird droppings or mud. Perhaps you see that the tires are cracked and bent. These things are items that you will soon want to get rid of. Soon, they will cause you more problems than they are worth.


Observe everything around

When learning how to keep a stowabike clean, observe everything around you. See what comes into contact with your stowabike. Are there chemicals that may have been sprayed on the ground to help you get through the woods? What about road salt or road paint that has gotten stuck to the handlebars of your bike? This is all part of the sport, so don’t be afraid to look around and try to figure out what is going on with your stowabike.


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