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Compressed air systems division tips for safe savings

Are you aware of 40% of the energy cost and detected by . the production of compressed air on the entire production plant?
Perhaps not everyone is aware that the most important . factor in the cost of including air, . including maintenance and investment costs, refers to energy consumption.
During the entire life of a compressor, the energy . that is use costs several times the price of the initial buy of the machinery.
This explains why it is important to take action to change and improve . the energy value of a compressed air distribution system as it allows . you to save and protect the environment around us.
The goal of this article has also been unveil: discover the . 10 tips for energy improvement regarding the compressed air system.

Rule number 1: always turn off the compressed air system

To minimize energy consumption, it is necessary and recommended to set . the machines in such a way that they turn off automatically when they are not in use.
Pay attention to the management of shifts and before going home . and on weekends turn off the compressed air system.
This little trick can reduce your bill by an average of 20%!

Rule number 2: pay attention and repair leaks

Starting to check the more mature pipes of 5 years and those of larger dimensions,. you can realize that 80% of the air is not audible to a human ear and thus to find these leaks . it is necessary to rely on a support: audit.
This support is useful for finding and locating vanishing points.


Rule number 3: prevent losses

It is know that the compressed air that is filter and dried is able to keep . the pipes free of condensate and dust, which is beneficial for . the prevention of new leak points within the system.

Rule number 4: minimize pressure

It is important to be able to work while maintaining the pressure that is require. by production and not to go beyond it, remember that every 0.7 bar . that you reduce from the line pressure is able to lower energy consumption by 1%.


Rule number 5: keep condensate climbers checked

To be able to keep the condensate climbers controlled it is necessary to use.  timed drains with no loss, in this way it is possible to always keep closed . when not necessary, thus avoiding a waste of compressed air.

Rule number 6: review and keep the piping structure controlled

As in any project or plant it is necessary to keep the situation under control and . what time there was the possibility of improving and reviewing . the plant to proceed with the work.
Increasing the size of the pipes, using better material can significantly . reduce the pressure drop by up to 50%.
Reducing the distance that the air must necessarily travel can also be such a . modification about be able to reduce the pressure drop by up to 20/40%!

Rule number 7: replace filters systematically

Just as replacing the compressor oil at periodic intervals ensures optimal performance, . regular filter replacement also guarantees higher air quality and decreases pressure drops.


Rule number 8: do proper and periodic maintenance

A periodic and correct maintenance of the compressed air system helps to reduce . energy costs and the possibility of a sudden failure . which generally lead to loss of production and downtime.

Rule number 9: avoid inappropriate use of compressed air systems

Inappropriate uses are include in all those operations that can be carry. out more efficiently and effectively by different means of compressed air.

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