3 Ways Box Manufacturers Create Exceptional Automotive Parts Packaging

How come the automotive parts industry sustains an annual growth rate of 3.8%? Packaging is an integral part of shipping auto parts for final use. Box manufacturers understand the nuances of creating crafty boxes like no other!

Automotive manufacturing and assembling require parts that are often shipped from long distances. These parts need professional box making to reach these assembling plants in pristine and original form.

Since there are hundreds of parts that go into making automobiles ranging from engines and the innards of a vehicle to the interiors and decorative items to the spoilers, grilles, and other parts that decorate the outside of the vehicle. The best packaging solutions for auto parts packaging are those that maximize the use of packaging space so that all the parts can easily be packed and stacked, at the same time reduce packaging waste. This creates a need for lighter-weight packaging that is easier and cheaper to ship.

Managing packaging with expert opinions

Why does this matter in the auto parts industry? The truth is that creating packaging is no mean feat. It has a lot to do with combining numerous factors to form suitable boxes for every type of auto part.

If you manufacture automotive parts, you need to find the best packaging solutions to ensure product integrity, make sure that it is corrosion-free and returnable or reusable, and saving on packaging costs among others. Doing it by yourself isn’t possible nor financially viable because of the risk of errors.

Box makers create good packaging that will suffice with various effective elements including:

  • The ability of the boxes to maintain the desired temperatures so the parts aren’t distorted during transit.
  • Absolutely no comprise on the quality of box building and design so they withstand temperature changes, vibrations, loading & unloading stresses, and reach the end-users safely.
  • Boxes that comply with industry standards and innovations.
  • Allow the auto parts brand to fulfill stated objectives using the boxes to their specifications.

Auto parts packaging is a complex mix of customers’ demand and product dimensions coupled with the brand’s own goals. Customizing the boxes to match every stated purpose becomes easier and attainable by employing expert box makers to the task.

How can they build the best auto parts boxes?

There are several ways box designers and builders work to provide the ultimate packaging solution that complies with every auto part type. Read on and find out interesting aspects to such box-making.

Manage the box weight

Shipping is costly and requires the perfect weight of the auto parts boxes to maintain healthy bottom lines. Box makers use recyclable box materials such as corrugated stock to build the boxes.

The best part about this stock is that it is modifiable into creative shapes that hold the parts safely. Certain auto parts come in exceptional shapes and therefore, need suitable packaging. Corrugated material is attainable in 3 grades. Each one varies on the wall thicknesses to keep even the most fragile part damage-free. There are 3 factors that box manufacturers work on:

  1. Box design

As stated earlier, auto parts come in varied forms and thus require innovative box construction to store and ship them effectively.

If your goods are particularly heavy, box makers consider stronger board grades that can hold 10kg+ like double or tri-wall corrugated. They even provide examples of how the right packaging design can benefit you.

  1. Additional internal packaging

Certain auto parts come in components that form together to give apt usage. Custom trays made with different materials are the right choice for these. Box designers work with your brand image to choose the best designs and form for these internal packaging.

These additional inserts fix the components in place and allow the customers to use them as intended, avoiding possible confusion.

Box manufacturers

  1. Sealing and locks

Shipping to faraway destinations is challenging. The boxes must be strong yet chick to secure future orders.

Box makers suggest creative locks and seal mechanisms that are convenient to open and close multiple times and at the same time provide superior coverage and protection to the parts.

Gel with branding elements

This is not the time to package auto parts in bland brown shipping boxes. Box stylists use offbeat box printing to surprise customers and align the overall box appeal with the brand identity.

The brand logo and name are placed at prominent spots on the boxes so customers see them first. Box designers also understand that the first contact matters the most and so, work within the stated guidelines to give a premium box appeal that effectively fosters brand recognition amongst the noise.

Some of the attributes valued by customers include:

  • Vibrant and suitable color combos.
  • Branding elements are presented through captivating graphics.
  • User manual printed on top of the boxes is easier to read and apprehend.
  • Reduce use of non-compliant box features. The boxes have limited space and hence, box designers use them only for required purposes.

Enhance scope for better customer loyalty

The automotive parts industry consists of enthusiastic sellers who want to impress customers better than others. With so much rivalry, only outstanding packaging can leave an indelible mark. Automotive makers value good unboxing experiences that they would want to repeat.

Box makers ensure to craft boxes in ways that customers would remember them for a long time. The boxes are shaped creatively and adorned with enhanced printing features. These elevate the brand identity and make reading and box opening extremely convenient. Once, the end-users get the boxes, they would be glued to repeat orders with the brand; box makers aim to make boxes compatible with this goal.

Using box manufacturers for gaining more control over the auto part packaging is now realizable and affordable. Brands have the freedom to see their ideas come alive with an expert touch!


Now is the time to book orders with us to help you out on attaining the best possible auto parts packaging deal that is quirky and unique.

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