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Could You Be On The Verge Of A Spiritual Awakening?

Could You Be On The Verge Of A Spiritual Awakening?

In The Celestine Prophecy, the spiritual awakening that the characters went through was triggered by seeing coincidences as occurrences. Pool Team Name

While seeing the universe as a whole,

interconnected medium in which everything that you do and everyone that you meet is there for a reason got me to thinking about the different ways that a spiritual awakening can be triggered.

1. The Epiphany
This can come from any coincidence leading you to think more deeply about your life and the events transpiring through your life.

Like in The Celestine Prophecy, sometimes a spiritual awakening come through an “ah-ha!” moment when everything just seems to make more sense.

This can come from any coincidence leading you to think more deeply

about your life and the events transpiring through your life.

Epiphanies leading to spiritual awakenings are moments of revelation,

when we perceive reality at a heightened intensity. The world around us comes to life,

and is filled with an atmosphere of harmony and meaning.

A spirit-force seems to pervade all things, and the spaces between them,

bringing everything into oneness.

2. Feeling One With the World
This is a more personal moment when we come

to see the world and everything in it as a single whole

and experience ourselves as part of this oneness too.

This leading us to feel ecstatic or serene.

At the highest intensity of awakening,

we might feel that we’ve become one with the universe,

and attain a state of complete fullness and perfection.

The whole material world may dissolve away,

into an ocean of spiritual radiance

. These experiences are sometimes associated with meditation or nature.

3. Surviving Through Pain
Pain can also be used as a way of inducing awakening experiences.

We can see this in the long tradition of asceticism,

for instance, which runs through all of the world’s religions and spiritual traditions.

An ascetic is someone who deliberately denies h

is body’s needs, and inflicts pain and discomfort on himself, either through fasting, abstaining from sensual pleasures and comforts, or by physically injury.

However, all sadist thoughts aside, sometime

s the pain is not intentional and it just comes

ith the downs in life. Going through a difficult

time such as this can lead us to re

-evaluate our lives and what we seek from them. In this way, a spiritual awakening path can also be travelled through.

What is Energy Healing?

There are many aspects to us human

beings – our physical body, our emotions, our thoughts, and our soul. I believe that we have to work with

all of the aspects of ourselves in order to create wellness, and energy is one of these aspects which is so often neglected.

It’s difficult to describe what Ene

rgy Healing feels like at the best of time

es, you really do need to experience it for yourself]

. It’s different for everyone, and depending on how you are feeling, it’s different

each time you experience it. You cannot predict the results of an Energy Heali

ng session, you cannot really “d

irect” the energy to heal specific things, it goes to where it is most needed, so a large amount of trust is required. It’s a spiritual healing where you don’t need to believe in anything, all you need to do is truly want to feel better.

I teach people how to heal themselves in m’

y new book “Energy Healing Basics” , public

shed by Hay House. I offer many exercise

s which people completely new to the work

can try straight away with remarkable results. These exercises are powerful for experienced healers too. So

metimes it’s good to revisit the basics, it s

trengthens our ability to be responsible fo

r our own emotions and feel empowered.

There are two parts to Energy Healing –

working with our natural biofield (the biolog

ical electrical energy that surrounds our ph

ysical bodies), and working with Universal Life Force Energy (the ene

rgy that surrounds all living things – know

n as Chi, Prana, Reiki, etc). In my b

ook I talk about both of these types of energies and how to work with them.

How can you tell if you need Energy Healing?
Here are some scenarios where

Energy Healing can really help. A

I’ve said above, the results are n

ot predictable and each sess

ion is different, however I do find that people

get exactly what they need from an Energy Healing session, even if

it isn’t exactly what they want.

If you have done work on your thought process

if you understand completely the logic be

hind an issue or an incident, but you still cannot accept it.
If you are unbalanced in your mood

s, prone to anxiety or panic att

If you have physical damage

to your body such as a broke



en limb, or a

n illness, Energy Healing can speed up the healing process
If you are under

stress, healing can release the physical symptoms of it and help you feel calmer
If you feel disc

et or depress


or disconnected

d from your heart
If you suffer from

grief healing can

help you feel li

idering recei

ving a Healing, you need to go to someone who is credible. There are so many people offering Energy Healing after a weekend workshop, and they are really not able to look after clients the same way as a seasoned practitioner is.

Do look up the practitioners credentials, phone them up and ask them how long they have been practicing, if they are insured and who they learned from. If you feel they are cagey about any of their answers, or unwilling to talk about themselves, they are not for you. Listen to your intuition and choose someone who you feel you can trust.

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