Top 10 Most Impressive Art Installations

Art has been around since mankind existed and up to now, it progressed from mere drawings at caves to modern street art. One of the most in trend art themes today is art installations.

It consists of 2D and 3D masterpieces that are composed of the most common materials. Witty Rogue Names

It found its way into the public streets and locations where people can take a look and wonder at its design. These arts can be a form of visual, sound, interactive, or the likes.

Artists have been exhibiting them publicly to show their messages and artistic skills. Here are some of the most impressive art installations that will wow you

1- Surreal scenes of Mark Jenkins

Surreal scenes of Mark Jenkins
If you have come across these structures you will be either shocked or gives the creeps. His installation composes of faceless human structures that are incorporated in random spots.

One is a lady with her face covered with long hair and is inside a half garbage can. Another is a man standing in front of a wall with his whole head cemented in it. Creepy eh?

2- Luminaire de Cagna

Luminaire de Cagna

It truly gained the attention of the crowd as they gaze upon the carefully designed lights.

3- Giant Clothespin

Giant Clothespin

4- Sculptures Submerged in the coast of Cancun

Sculptures Submerged in the coast of Cancun
Jason deCaires Taylor found a way to help the environment through his sculptures. He made them in a special kind of cement that will naturally attract or build the growth of corals.

His sculpture depicts the serene and common scene of man in everyday life. Together with the natural light underwater and its ambiance, his masterpieces are worth the visit.

5- The Great Swallow of Verdonck

The Great Swallow of Verdonck
Benjamin Veronica created a giant nest in Rotterdam Tower in Belgium which gained the attention of the public.

It is literally a giant nest for like a very huge bird on the side of the tower. After creating it he stayed there for a while and enjoyed the view from his heightened location.

6- Vestige

The camouflaged art of Rob Mulholland depicts the unity between the environment and humans.

He made the acrylic glass in the form of humans and placed them in a forest where they reflected the trees and capture their natural beauty.

7- Light Painting of Alakbourov

Light Painting of Alakbourov
His masterpieces are now sensational in the internet community as it awes the audience with his brilliant art.

He used common things or translucent ones to make a shadow effect on a clean wall. It is a very clever idea which gained him fans all around the world.

8- Big Rig Jig

Big Rig Jig
Big is an understatement. Creator, Larry Harvey,

made an impression when he exhibited his art in public as he combined industrial theme into our organic world.

9- Outdoor Light Art by Luzinterruptus

Outdoor Light Art by Luzinterruptus
When you see them in random places in an ordinary day you wouldn’t appreciate it as much as

it is in night. The anonymous group, Luzinterruptus, brilliantly makes use of common materials and enlightens them to show a beautiful aura in random places at dark.

Like a particular set of bottles with light splashing outside of a water post and tiny grass-like sticks popping through the ground is one of the group’s clever ideas.

10- Telephone Booth

Telephone Booth
Banksy, not only known as a prominent graffiti artist made an installation art by having a telephone booth lying in a corner in London and struck it with an ax.

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