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Desert Safari in Dubai With Your Friends

Desert Safari Dubai, an unforgettable 6 hours journey in the dazzling desert of Dubai which is deeply dipped into the sweet savor of adventure and thrill. The journey includes the typical activities such as Belly Dancing. Dune Bashing, Sand boarding, Tanura Dance, Camel Riding and horse riding. Not only that, your palate is so much taken care off, delicious BBQ Food with a non-veg and Meat optional Dishes are also served throughout your tour. Besides desert safari there are several other tours that you can select from and each one is a little different from the other one. So, what are you waiting for?

If you want to break away from the routine, all-day tours to desert safari Dubai is what you are looking for. These tours provide you with the exotic experience of seeing and feeling the sand dunes while exploring the surroundings in a tranquil and comfortable environment. You can opt for day or night tours depending upon your choice. Each one starts with the guide’s introduction, which usually includes brief explanations on the purpose of the tour and tips about things to do and see while on the tour. Once you are done with the introductory section of the tour, your adventure begins with driving up to the sand dunes and then take a ride through the open desert towards the starlight sand.

A very popular desert safari Dubai activity is a Great Bike Ride. The experience is simply magical, as you will be riding alongside animals on this amazing trail. The ride is a great way to relax on a hot, sunny day. On your way you will pass the many oases as well as different wildlife species, which include the majestic Leopard, Wild Dog, Hawk, Cat, Coyote, Wolf, Monkey and Wild Boar. Once you reach the end of the trail, you will have a great chance of spotting the endangered Manatee.

Another of the several adventure activities in desert safari Dubai tours is to participate in a Jeep Safari. Jeep tours are available for shorter journeys or long journeys. This is a great way to experience the desert safari Dubai in a comfortable way. All you need to bring with you is the desire, enthusiasm and adventure to explore the wonders of the desert safari in style. You will drive an open top Jeep around the different landscapes which include sand dunes, terrains, villages, campsites and wildlife reserves.

If you are planning an overnight safari, there are several options to choose from. You can either stay at a hotel or go for a caravan camping which is better as it provides the complete adventure and comfort during the entire day. Camping in a desert is a very popular thing to do during the desert safari Dubai. The hotels provide luxurious surroundings and comfortable camping beds and the food served in Dubai restaurants are excellent. If you want to experience the adventure, you can either opt for driving on your own or hire a Jeep or ATV for the overnight journey.

There are several activities that you can perform on your desert safari in Dubai. One of these activities is camel riding. Camel riding takes place all over the desert at different places. The best time to go for camel trekking in the desert is during spring. As the heat of the day is much cooler compared to summer. However, you must be well equipped for the trip as there are many risks involved such as hot sun burns. Dehydration, rocks and sharp blades of grass.

Another exciting activity to do on a desert safari in Dubai is trekking. The trekking season in Dubai starts from March. And ends at October so book your tickets well in advance to avoid any difficulties on your trip. You can either join an organized trekking tour or just get out there on your own. A camel trekking tour is a good option as you will be accompanied by the camels. And the landscape will be beautifully sighted by a well trained guide who will lead you through the beautiful dessert. The prices for this trekking tour are different depending on the number of passengers and the distance.

Another popular desert safari in Dubai is the evening desert safari. Many hotels offer morning sessions of sandboarding. You will be able to ride on the smooth sands in an open trailer. This is a great activity to do with your family. It is fun to watch the kids and their reactions to the new situation. You can also go for the hot air balloon ride on the desert. And enjoy the serene atmosphere. You can book a balloon trip for both afternoon and morning sessions. So that you can enjoy a variety of activities during your desert safari in Dubai.

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