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Does Tp Link WiFi repeater absolutely raise the WiFi network?

WiFi network absolutely does a good job in most parts of your home but your laptop or phone drops the network connection in one area but tplinkrepeater will make your network more noticeable and reliable even in a small area. It is the cheapest and the quickest fix of the connection and also inexpensive that will improve the speed of an outdated router or cover the dead spots in your home. If you are also facing a lot of problems with your router or if your router is a few years old then you’ll be better off replacing your network with a Tp link WiFi repeater.

Tp link WiFi repeater is a cheap way to add more reliable and wide coverage at your home. It also improves the reliability at the cost of a drop in speed, but it is a quick fix for dropped WiFi connection in a small part of your home.

Feature of Tp link WiFi repeater network

Tp-link maintains internet access wherever you go. It is made to deliver a safe network environment to enhance security, DDoS attack prevention, parental control and comprehensive reporting. The repeater provides up to 5 GHz to 2.4 GHz of high-speed connection for video streaming and some major features are as follows:-

Easy installation & Quick use:

The repeater works with any standard wireless router and easy to configure the Tp-link wifi connection. You can also take it to an ideal place if you don’t want to configure it. The intelligent signal light can help to find the different locations.

Bring dead zone back to life:

The device also ensures to reduce the signal interference to make it more reliable and more WiFi coverage throughout your home or office.

Easily accessible with the app:

The Tp link tether app provides a simple way to access and manage your repeater with your smart devices.

Adjust the WiFi coverage:

The repeater’s WiFi coverage depends upon how large you want your WiFi area to be. It can be adjusted according to your demand or need.

Provides Backup and restore settings:

The settings are stored as the configuration in the repeater. Moreover if necessary you can erase the current settings and reset the repeater to the default factory settings.

Quick setup:

It is easy to set up by plugging the repeater into an electrical outlet and then waiting until the power LED changes to solid on or you can also connect through a web browser and for that you have to launch a web browser a visit in the address field and login as an admin and select the router of 2.4 GHz and then save the wireless settings.


Q1: What if I forgot my login password?

Firstly reset the repeater, and use default admin as both username and password to join.

Q2: How to reset the repeater to its default settings?

On the repeater and then use a pin to press the RESET button until all the LEDs turn on and then release the button.

Q3: What can I do if I cannot access the web setting page?

First of all, make sure that your computer is connect to the repeater. If it is connect then make sure your computer is configure as it obtains the IP address automatically. Otherwise use the IP address or tp link eap225 setup to access the repeater and the last option is to reset the extender.

Q4: What can I do if I forgot my wireless password?

If the password has been altered then please connect your repeater using an Ethernet cable and follow these steps:
Visit, and then login with the username and password you get for the repeater.
Go Settings > Wireless > Wireless settings or reset your wireless password.

Q5: What should I do if I enable wireless access control, access control list?or wireless MAC filters on my repeater and how should I configure it?

When your device is connected to the repeater via a router, then make sure that your MAC address is the device shown on the router and can be translated to another MAC address. If your router’s MAC 31 filter, wireless access control is enabled, the devices connected to the extender cannot get an IP address from the extender and cannot access the Internet. Please follow these steps that are given below:

  1. Firstly open the web address then log into your router and impair the wireless access control and MAC system.
  2. Then, Power on your extender, and run the Quick Setup to configure your repeater.
  3. Connect all of your devices to the extended network, and make sure the router’s Link LED remains lit.
  4. Add all the online devices to your router so MAC can easily be addressed to your router’s MAC filter table.
  5. Enable the router’s MAC filter, wireless access control, or ACL. Now, you have successfully configured your extender.

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