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Ecommerce guide to Amazon Advertising: types of ads on Amazon

This article will provide insight into Amazon Advertising and the types of Amazon ads.

This article aims to assist sellers in promoting their products and stores so that they can increase their ecommerce sales and brand awareness.

Amazon Advertising model

Amazon Advertising has become more important. According to Amazon, 76% of Amazon shoppers use the search bar for finding an item. Because Search advertising allows brands to stand out among the rest.

Amazon’s advertising business continues to grow at an impressive pace as it diversifies its product offerings.

Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform), allows sellers to programmatically purchase display and video ads at large scales and target audiences on and Fire TV Sticks.

What is Amazon Advertising?

Amazon Advertising, formerly AMS or Amazon Marketing Services, is a service that functions in a similar manner to Google’s pay-per-click ads. Sellers are only paid when people click on the ads, regardless of whether or not the item is sold.

Amazon Advertising vs. eBay Promoted Listings

Amazon’s PPC model differs from other marketplaces. Promoted Listings on eBay support the cost-per sale funding model. If items are sold via Promoted Listings actions, sellers will be charged fees.

The eBay fee is calculated by multiplying seller-specified bid percentage (between 1% and 100%), by the final sale price for the campaign.

If you sell a product with a price of 100 EUR via a Promoted listing and you bid 5%, you will pay 5 EUR. The more likely an eBay listing will appear in buyer searches results, the higher the bid percentage.

Types of ads on Amazon

Amazon sellers have many options when it comes to ad placements and formats.

Amazon Sponsored Product and Amazon Headline Search are just a few examples of sponsored products. Below are some useful facts, definitions and recommendations for the various ad types.

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Amazon Sponsored Products Ads are standard product listings that appear in search results and on product detail pages.

These are pay-per-click, targeted display ads that target specific products. The link takes you to the product details page.

You can choose between manual or automatic keyword targeting when you advertise in Sponsored Products.

Manual targeting allows you to bid on three types of keywords: phrase, broad, and exact. Automated targeting uses an algorithm to find the most relevant keywords for product ads.

A reporting tool allows you to measure the effectiveness of your sponsored product ads. It displays clicks, spend and advertising cost of sale (ACoS).

Amazon Sponsored Brand Campaigns

Amazon Sponsored Campaigns (Headline search Ads) allow you to promote keyword-targeted ads for multiple products, above, below, or alongside search results.

These campaigns are based on an auction-based, pay-per-click pricing model.

The shopper can be directed to your Amazon Store or to your custom product page.

Your ads can feature up to three different products. You can customize and test your ads’ headline, image, and landing page.

A reporting feature allows you to monitor the performance of your advertisements. It displays clicks, spend, and sales.

You can also see your keywords’ win rate and estimated ACoS (advertising cost of sales).

To increase clicks and sales, it is recommended that you feature three of the top performing products in your Sponsored Brands Campaign.

Amazon Product Display Ads

Amazon Product Display Ads can be paid-per-click advertisements that are designed to cross-sell and upsell your customers.

This inventory is not available to only those who sell on the platform, but all advertisers can access it. This category is broken down by Amazon into custom, video and display.

Display ads can be found on product detail pages and customer review pages.

They also appear at the top of the offer listing pages and below search results.

Display ads can be placed on emails to abandon cart, follow-up and recommendations.

You can use a reporting tool to measure your performance.

It displays clicks, sales, spend, sales and advertising cost of sales (ACoS), detail pages viewed, and average cost-per-click.

Amazon Video Ads

Amazon Video Ads are available on, IMDb, Amazon devices such as Fire TV, and other properties. You don’t need to sell products in order to buy Amazon video ads.

Amazon Stores & Amazon Native Ads

Amazon Store. allow users to promote their brand or product on a multi-page Amazon Store. It is easy to create an Amazon Store.

Amazon URLs are free for brands. You can also view traffic analytics. Your brand can display its products and portfolio.

Amazon Native Ads are available for your brand’s website. These ads include search ads, recommendation ads, and custom ads.

Choosing ad types is part of Amazon Advertising strategy

The Amazon Advertising strategy includes the selection of ad types. In order to be successful in the marketplace, sellers must have a plan that is data-driven and conscious in keeping with current ecommerce trends.

Amazon Advertising should be strategic and flexible. It should bring sellers the highest ROI.

Sellers must be flexible in order to adapt to the rapidly changing advertising environment on Amazon.

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