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Electric Unicycles 2022 (Self-balancing & Fun)

How can I ensure I pick a great electric unicycle

Here’s the deal

It is important to choose a trusted and established brand in the EUC market. You will also need a relatively new model as technology continues to improve.
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We looked at some amazing options that offer power, speed, and great range. 

Guide to Choosing a Quality Electric Bicycle

Batteries and Power

This is where you can start to see the differences in unicycles. Most unicycles can be powered by a lithium-ion battery with a power range of 400 W to 800 Watts. A 1200 W version will be available for larger cycles.

The top speed for the racers is 1500 W.


You might want to do casual runs in your driveway or roll up and down the streets of your neighborhood. A unicycle with a more relaxed ride and low-key design will be more appealing.

To beat traffic and commute to work, you will need to keep up with others.


This affects the comfort and ride of your bike, as well as how it feels, especially if you live in a big city.

Nearly all unicycles come with some kind of handle, whether retractable or not.


This is the most obvious indicator of investment than price. The price of an electric unicycle is not affordable, some going for over two grand.

Higher-end models come with more bells and whistles. However, if you aren’t sure about your commitment for the long-term, a lower-priced model may be a better choice.


There are unicycles for everyone, no matter your level of experience. It is important to consider your overall needs.

You won’t need the same strength and flexibility to move around your driveway, or on nearby sidewalks, as you would commuting through a dense urban jungle.


The range is the distance you can go on one charge with your unicycle.

The majority of entry-level units will go up to 15 miles. However, the vast majority can travel 20+ miles with a single charge. You can ride the 1200 W for up to 40 miles without any additional charges.

How much you can squeeze out of your ride depends on the terrain, load, and style.


The size of most tires is between 14-18 inches. This directly relates to the power of your unicycle. Larger wheels will be found on more powerful and expensive models.

The smaller wheels will not be able to handle uneven terrain as well as the bigger, stronger ones. Performance can also suffer if you ride at or close to the unicycle’s weight.


You have many options for tech, but sometimes they can distract from the experience.

Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, and headlights for night riding give riders a variety of options.

All electric unicycles come with an app that allows you to monitor your riding habits and performs a variety of cool tricks.

Best Electric Unicycles 2022

Inmotion V8 

The V8’s performance has been increased to handle many different terrains. The V8 is perfect for city riding, and it also maintains its smoothness even when you roll over a bump in the pavement or along the sidewalk.

The comfortable ride is enhanced by the air-filled tire and the ergonomic pedals that allow you to concentrate on the fun of the ride.

The bright front headlight allows you to ride at night, and the programmable LEDs complement any style.

Its small size makes it a great city-dweller. It is a great companion for city buses and trains, and it has a handy handle that can be carried around when not in use.

Safety-wise, the V8 comes with an anti-spin switch to stop the drive from spinning. It can also carry up to 249 lbs., which means it isn’t a pushover when it comes to stability.

Swagtron SwagRoller


The Swagtron SwagRoller, a fun little ride that features clean lines and lots of extras, is the best single-wheel personal transport.

It’s not a traditional unicycle, but it has two 14-inch tires. This only enhances the taste and gives the design a more futuristic, beefier look. Although the SwagRoller’s best feature is its built-in Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, and Bluetooth headphones, it doesn’t sacrifice performance.

With a 450 W battery, you can travel 12.4 miles on one charge while weighing in at 264 lbs. The double-wheel design provides more stability than other electric unicycles.

You can also dial up many features. It allows you to adjust speed, lean, and track your travel data. You can also set limits on how fast the app will go. Parents who worry a lot will find this a comforting feature.

You can adjust the LEDs to suit your riding style and mood.

SwagRoller also has UL2272 certification and features a motor lock function as well as a retractable handle.

Inmotion Mohawk V3

Mohawk V3’s smallish engine is overcome by its great design and quick charging.

The V3 is a bit bigger than the other models in the segment. It has a protective shell to keep the elements away and is suitable for long-term use. We are afraid that the 14-inch tire will limit our range, as comfort may be a problem.

The V3 is app-enabled but the LED touchscreen display makes it less important. The machine is already sturdy thanks to additional features such as the Bluetooth speakers or headlight.

This bike is a good choice for novices and first-timers due to its size and small motor. Pros who don’t need their bike to do any heavy lifting will appreciate the quick turnaround.

King Song Artwheel Electric Unicycle

King Song offers several e-bikes, with the Artwheel being the most popular. This ride is appealing to all riders thanks to its mix of form and function.

45 lbs is the Artwheel’s weight. This ride feels a lot stronger than other options on this list, thanks to its weight.

Large pedals keep you stable and the ride is very comfortable. The ankle pads add a nice touch.

Safety is the main focus of the Art wheel, even with all the extras such as Bluetooth speakers and front and back lights. The alarm system alerts you when you are approaching top speed but you will not reach it until you have logged 100 miles.

King Song 16S EUC

The KingSong 16S is a step up from Artwheel and packs more punch than your standard 16-inch single wheel.

This is where the magic happens: a noticeable increase in power without sacrificing comfort or stability on the ride.

It is suitable for moderate inclines and can be used as a city commuter. It is 38 lbs. and can be difficult to carry, but the handle helps reduce that.

The 16S is versatile and would be at home on many terrains.

The technical aspects of the 16S mobile app are complex. You can adjust the speed and ride parameters, as well as monitor alarms. There are many customizable settings.

Solowheel Glide 3

The Solowheel Glide 3 is more than just a good-looking vehicle. We mean great.

This electric unicycle is compact and sleek with a gorgeous exterior casing. The highlight is the LED display, which can be programmed in many ways via the app.

What beauty is there if it doesn’t have power? The Glide 3 is also great.

The 800 W motor powers one of the lighter 16-inch wheelers on the market. The oval-shaped, high pedals aid in steering and comfort.

The rider can see the battery meter clearly to get a clear reading of the power level. Although it might not seem like a significant feature, it is an important one that should be included on every ride.

The Glide 3 App is as elegant and simple as the cruiser, for all your settings.

FAQ on Electric Unicycles

Are they really safe?

Nearly all unicycles include an alarm system or warning system in case speeds increase or the wheel spins too fast.

Safety riding is up to you, the rider.

An electric unicycle is a dangerous instrument by its very nature. You will likely fall at first, which could lead to injury. However, that’s part of the learning process

Safe riding is possible once you have passed the learning stage. You must be attentive and mindful of all your surroundings. Unsafe riding or taking unnecessary risks can lead to disaster.

Is this a viable mode of transportation?


Because of its compact size, the unicycle is ideal for urban commutes that involve walking on sidewalks, buses, sidewalks, subways, and sidewalks.

These unicycles are great for students who have to commute to class. Most unicycles can be folded under or between your legs when inside.

What is the cost of these products?

There is a wide range of models, but the most expensive can be quite costly. Your entry-level ride starts at $300 to $500 on average. You can spend well above $1,000 from there.

What is the average life expectancy of these products?

You want a EUC that lasts so make sure to buy a high-quality unit.

It also depends on how well you ride it. It will last much longer if you keep it on good roads and don’t use too much power.

Last Words on the Best Electric Unicycle

We kept the mix varied and eclectic so that you can focus on what is most interesting and exciting to you.

It may appear easy at first to choose the right one for you.

We mentioned it earlier, but there is a lot more crossover between cycles. You’ll want to make sure you do your research.

You can make a list and then go to your local dealer to get a few samples.

Take note of any repeated complaints or problems in reviews. Is it a user error? Or are there design or manufacturing issues?

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