Every individual is different from the other and has some unique personality. Just like hairstyles and clothing choices, you can even make the perfect modern engagement ring choice relating to your personal traits and preference. Katienicholl

Here I’m rolling down a few types of engagement rings, find out which of these wedding ring styles may be the right for you or for your partner.


Truly magnificent and an enduring thing, a solitaire unique engagement ring is just the right thing for folks who favor unfussy elegance.

All the esteemed entity mainly prefers a solitaire. It is considered a highly reputable choice, its classy style and graceful appearance make it valued.

Most of individuals prefer a solitaire because it has no side diamonds or complex metalwork to seize and obstacle on clothing. They are familiar with what is significant to them and are not worried with complicated embellishment.


For all those entities who desire an extra fee of sparkle and shine, a classic engagement ring is just the right thing for them. Whether you talk about a French position diamond band or a ‘V’ band come apart stem, these styles are always everlasting and yet idiosyncratic.

We suggest you these styles or sort of engagement ring if you’re would be partner like toting up their own character eccentricity to an otherwise straightforward look.


A halo engagement ring environs its core diamond with all the more brilliant glitter and shine. This sort of engagement ring is just the right thing for those who admire the traditional and classic styles.

The halos imitate the high spirits of the 1920s Art Deco era. The dazzling design allows the middle diamond to become visible superior than it in reality is. It is just the thing for all those individuals who want to create an actual statement with their wedding ring.

Three-stone engagement rings

It is said or assumed that the three-stone engagement rings are inclined to be a symbol of the past, present and upcoming times of a relationship. Because of this reason, this is perfect for all those entities that believe in spirituals or are highly romantic.

If you are confused about different designs and styles and could not make one single choice, then this is just the

right choice as you can consider three different types of shapes and designs in this sort of ring.

An Ass-Cher cut diamond can be decked out with two other baguette diamonds, for instance – one round

diamond can be edged by two different pear shapes. ENGAGEMENT RING ACCORDING TO YOUR PERSONALITY

Each and every design or combination has its own only one of its kind beauty and uniqueness.

These are some different kinds of engagement ring which

you can pick up depending upon your own and your partner’s personality.

An engagement is one of the most memorable days in everyone’s life, make it more remarkable by picking up

the unique engagement ring that suits your personality better.

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