Firing Your SEO Company

Are you stuck in a bad SEO campaign that just doesn’t get any results? Here are some signs that it is time to fire your SEO company:

Your site hasn’t moved up for any keywords in the past 3 months

You haven’t received your weekly or monthly reports

Your SEO contact won’t respond to any of your questions

You have been slipping back in the rankings with no explanation as to why

Your rankings have improved dramatically but you haven’t gotten a single new lead

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Most of those are obvious, but the last one is an interesting case. In the first 4 scenarios, your SEO company just hasn’t done its job. However, in the final SEO situation, your company has technically done what it promised. You wanted the rankings, the exposure to more searchers. Your company delivered. So why should you fire them here? After all, if you are getting the searches but no leads, then the problem is probably on your end.

Well, there are a few other possibilities here as well.

First of all, this might mean that your SEO company has ranked you for search terms that either don’t bring much traffic or really aren’t relevant to your product. Your company should know which search terms will actually bring meaningful customers to your site. Of course, they also probably know which search terms will be really easy to rank for. When they get you those rankings, they have proven they have done the job well, and it’s tough to argue against them.

Second, your SEO company might not be helping you in all the ways they can. A good SEO company will tell you ways to improve your site for your customers, not just for your search rankings. Also, it’s possible that there just isn’t much of a market for your product. An SEO company should be willing to be honest and tell you that they don’t believe that your product will do well even if it gets ranked high. Not every product is something that can be sold through internet rankings. Some companies are better off marketing their services or products in a different way.

Another possibility, and this is one that only a really dirty SEO company would use, is that those search results aren’t really indicative of the truth. Perhaps the SEO company is skewing the results by visiting your site a lot, and you don’t notice because you also visit your site a lot. When you visit a site a lot, it generally shows up a little higher in the search engines. This is just one of many sneaky tricks an SEO company can use. They could also be reporting that you are on page one in the search engines when you are actually on page one for an obscure search engine that generates very little traffic.

If any of these things are true, then you need to contact your SEO company and tell them that it is time to part ways. This can be a tricky thing to do, but it’s much better to be upfront and tell them then to just stop sending the payment.

Luckily, some SEO companies are very understanding and very honest. For example, has been known to tell clients that they don’t believe they can help them achieve their goals. This honesty goes a long way in the industry, and it makes sense for the SEO company as well. Is the $500 per month really worth the hassle of an unsatisfied customer? It’s always best to have a good client relationship, so a company that is willing to take this risk is just greedy.

Don’t fret too much about firing your SEO company. They have a lot of clients and will be able to make up the lost revenue pretty quickly. After all, thousands of people are searching for new SEO companies every day.

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