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About CPVC 

About CPVC 


Chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride is a thermoplastic pipe and fitting material made with CPVC that meets the necessities. CPVC applications are for consumable water conveyance, destructive liquid dealing with industry, and fire concealment systems. Explore the cpvc pipes fittings

CPVC Products CPVC piping frameworks are: 


  • Harmless to the ecosystem 
  • Offer long support life 
  • Simple to introduce and deal with 
  • Erosion safe 
  • Savvy 
  • Generally acknowledged by codes 

Pipe for plumbing frameworks produces by expulsion in sizes ¼” through 2″ copper tube size (CTS) measurements. The CTS plumbing items are made of copper tube outside breadth measurements. And have a SDR 11 divider thickness. The strain appraisals. 

Utilizations and Applications 


CPVC pipes which are reasonable for hot and cold water dispersion have a 400 psi pressure rating at room temperature, and a 100 psi pressure rating at 82.222°C.

CPVC materials are impervious to numerous regular family synthetic compounds. 

Since pipe materials don’t uphold ignition. They can’t consume without an outer fuel source. This feature makes pipe an alluring choice to steel and copper pipe for fire sprinkler applications. Pipe fire sprinkler channeling frameworks are supported for light peril applications and for use in single and multifamily abodes. 

Code Status 


CPVC pipes for consumable hot and cold water dissemination systems perceive in all model pipes codes. Additionally, pipe plumbing pipe is ok for establishment consequently air plenums. In any case, the establishment should endorse by the nearby locale. Despite the fact that pipe view as a flammable material. It won’t consume without a huge outside fire source. When the fire source is eliminated CPVC won’t support burning. Testing demonstrates that water filled pipes in measurements 3″ or less will pass the 25/50 fire smoke created prerequisites for non-metallic material consequently air plenums. 



Numerous CPVC pipes manufacturers create piping and fittings. And are accessible in Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 measurements. Just as piping which is appropriate for consumable hot and cold water circulation. The piping depends on copper tube sizes. And IPS pipe, with SDR 11 divider thicknesses. 



CPVC pipe should mark at not more than 5 feet spans as follows: 


  • The producer’s name or brand name 
  • The norm to which it adjusts 
  • Line size 
  • Tension rating 
  • SDR number or Schedule number 
  • In the event that the pipe is for consumable water, a lab seal or imprint validating appropriateness for consumable water 

Do’s and Don’ts For Installing CPVC


  • Accomplishes For All Construction 
  • Peruse the producer’s establishment directions. 
  • Ensure all string sealants, gasket ointments, and fire stop materials are viable with CPVC. 
  • Keep line and fittings in unique bundling until required. 
  • Use instruments explicitly intended for use with plastic pipes and fittings. 
  • Cut the line to the closest square. Incline the line closes with a chamfering apparatus. 
  • Utilize the appropriate dissolvable concrete and adhere to application guidelines. Pivot the line basically ¼ transform while lining the line into the fitting attachment. Try not to puddle concrete in fittings and pipes. 
  • Follow the concrete producer’s prescribed fix times before pressure testing. Permit CPVC pipes slight development to allow warm extension.

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