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Five Important Features to Consider When Developing a Taxi Booking App

Taxi-hailing and ridesharing apps are becoming popular due to the ease of use and ease it gives users to travel. Nobody wants to wait for a taxi or wait for a taxi. We all enjoy the taxis that come to our location to pick us up and return us to our preferred spot. This has led to the development of mobile apps gaining momentum as well. A taxi booking app such as Uber is drawing interest from investors as well.

To stand out from the crowd, you need to provide exceptional taxi booking app development services to clients and make it easier for them to book an easy taxi ride.

As a taxi or cab booking app development company, if you’re considering what must be done in order to set your mobile application distinct from the rest, then it’s pretty simple. You must focus on the essential and advanced features you want to include within the taxi app that allows bookings on mobile.

Before you can get the information regarding the features you must have to add to the app for tax booking it is important to learn more about the taxi booking app development company.

What Is Taxi Booking App Development All About?

It’s the process of creating your taxi booking app or cab application completely from scratch. In the beginning, you should be aware of the features and components to be integrated into the app prior to constructing an initial prototype of the app.

It is a complete process creating an app for carpooling or taxi booking app  is a pleasant experience. It is essential to develop two applications that help users make reservations for rides using their smartphones. Two apps are

1. Passenger App

The passenger or user app allows users to book their taxi or ride. Users sign up to the app and can book taxis on the internet. The app has a variety of elements like driver details and geolocation information, as well as live-time status of booking taxis Ride-sharing button and online payment options etc.

2. Driver App

The driver app permits drivers to take or decline rides. Some of the most essential features in the driver app include updating the profile of the driver as well as driver ratings, ride earnings history, and more.

However there’s even an administrator panel that many taxi booking apps development companies have designed to allow owners to track the efficiency of the company. The app aids the owner to keep track of the number of rides that are canceled, ongoing drivers’ earnings, overall revenues, etc.

Five Vital Features Of Taxi Booking App

Let’s review some of the essential features you need to incorporate in your booking app for taxis. application

1. Choose The Vehicle You Need

If you want your app to be successful , it must concentrate on the user experience. Also, you must choose the right vehicles to incorporate to provide ride services. With many rides available, the riders can pick out the ones that suit their preference.

2. Live GPS Tracking Details

One of the crucial and essential features that you should include in the car reservation app. This feature can help the customer and driver to the destination they desire. Drivers can use this feature to follow their passengers on their way to choose the best location for them. You can use GPS in your application via third party GPS.

3. Confirm or Cancel Ride

It’s among the most essential features you should include in your application. Users can decide whether or not to take the ride. If a rider wants to cancel their ride, they can make use of this feature. In the same way, it permits motorists to either cancel the ride or cancel rides.

4. Pick up & Drop Location

It is an essential element that should be integrated into the application to book cabs. It allows users and drivers to make reservations for cabs. Users can input the pickup location and drop off. This helps drivers get to the destination indicated in the app by customers who have booked the transportation.

5. Payment Options

 One of the key features is that it helps the passengers pay for their rides. Yes numerous payment options such as Amazon transactions, PayPal, etc. make it simple for users to pay on the internet.

Some Advanced Features That You Should Incorporate In The Taxi Booking App

  • Driver/User Authorization
  • Driver Queue Algorithm
  • Auto Dispatch Software
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Live Tracking POP Mode
  • Zone Pricing
  • Surge pricing
  • Smartwatch Access
  • Phone Number Masking
  • Heat Map View
  • Book Cab For A Friend
  • Emergency Contact
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Multiple Bookings
  • Fare Calculation
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Push Notifications
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Social Login/Sign-Up
  • Bill Splitting


If you’re considering creating a taxi booking application development by incorporating the above five must-have features can make it easier to build a strong application. You can also add advanced features to ensure that your app is successful. It is certain that these basic and advanced features allow your app to be scalable. Employ taxi-booking mobile application development services to help you integrate vital and sophisticated features in your application.

These features will let you keep ahead of the pack and provide a flawless ride to your customers. Don’t miss out on these features that will ensure that your taxi app is easy to use and

expandable. Each of these features is essential to the development that your application will enjoy. Combining these features will allow you to retain your position in the market for time.

Are you currently searching for a taxi booking app development firm? Contact the Apps on Demand to create your mobile app for booking taxis that includes all the essential and modern features. We also can help you create your own white-label taxi booking application to enable you to provide safe and comfortable riding services.

Soft Suave Technologies have experience in creating apps that can be downloaded on demand with the appropriate features integrations. To learn more about the taxi booking application cost of a development, request an estimate from us.

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