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Greekgodx weight loss before and after

Dimitri Antonatos, a British gamer, Youtuber, and Twitch star who goes by Greekgodx, reported losing 70 pounds and it shocked everyone. It was a proud moment for him when his weight dropped from 369.4 pounds to 299,2 pounds.

It was supposedly Greekgodx’s stream name that was a joke for morbidly obese Twitch streamers such as him on Twitter, which was greekgodx weight loss.  There is no evidence he took diet pills. mizkit Twitch. if you are into twitch, is also worth checking out. In the streaming world, he once boasted about his size and fat. 

He sees no problems with his condition because he was once bloated and fat. Several posts on Reddit discussed the changes he made to his body, mental health, muscle energy, and the strides he has made.

We are going to explain everything in this healthyell article. Keep on reading to find out. 

Greekgodx Weight Loss journey. 

On Twitch in 2018, Greekgodx announced he would lose some weight in the next year to his subscribers. He started streaming his workouts on Twitch, including the amazing treadmill-running Livestream fail.

Dimitrios’s dedication, control, and dedication led to a substantial reduction in body fat. Twitch streamer Michael Arrington shared an image of himself on Twitter last spring after shedding 300 pounds after a year of hard work. His bodyweight started at 369.4 pounds, and by 28 April 2019, it had dropped to 299.2 pounds.

The Greekgodx Weight Loss Secrets: What Are They?

At one point, the British streamer weighed almost 400 pounds, but now he appears to have lost half that weight.

It seemed Greekgodx had taken the keto diet route, where he cut carbs from his diet and did a lot of treadmill runs, powerwalks, and other physical activities his body was not accustomed to. 

Clearly, you can see the results, but it should be noted that the keto diet is not for everyone, and the severe reduction in carbs may cause people to gain weight instead of losing it. Therefore, consult your doctor before starting the diet.

Did Greekgodx follow a strict Keto diet perhaps there were some large portions?

Greekgodx began replacing carbs with fat in his diet to reduce carbohydrate intake. Consequently, this will result in the body functioning at its highest level of metabolic efficiency, making fat the body’s largest source of calories. You can lose weight with this diet since your body produces energy by burning fats. 

Thus, instead of using sugar derived from carbohydrates like legumes, rice, grains, etc. to fuel up the body, the liver produces ketone bodies. The diet he follows contains mostly meat (chicken, pork, fish, beef) and vegetables, especially cabbages, broccoli, and cauliflowers, to replace rice or carbs.
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Greekgodx’ weight loss has served as the inspiration for our weight loss tips and suggestions here. You may not lose weight in the same way that he did. This is why you need to speak with your own healthcare professional before getting started.

Additionally, a ketogenic diet may not be appropriate for everyone, especially those with serious medical conditions. For you to succeed in losing weight, you must be dedicated, disciplined, persistent, and hard-working. 

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