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Hot Tub Covers

Hot Tub Covers

Not all hot tub covers are created equal. What makes the best hot tub cover? Having the hot tub itself properly insulated is important but the nature of heat is to rise. Most hot tub covers are considered an afterthought to the hot tub; understandably, more money will be spent on the hot tub rather than what goes on top of it. Finding the right hot tub cover that fits your household and environment is important. There are a couple of options when choosing your hot tub cover: soft or hard. Below are some great deals on hot tub covers and hot tub cover lifts. If you dont see what you are looking for, please use the search bar.

Most popular type of cover in the industry

Using a hard hot tub cover is the most popular type of cover in the industry, and is used to provide more insulation for your hot tub. They are used to protect the tub from heat loss and keep debris and other foreign matter from clogging your hot tub. They are made of quality foam, the denser and thicker the foam used the better durability you are going to get.

Soft hot tub covers are the most economical covers around. They are constructed of soft foldable material. They do not use any foam or Styrofoam in its body, and are easy to store. The price of a soft hot tub cover is less then the price of a hard foam hot tub cover starting around a hundred dollars.

There is a special cover built for every hot tub. Hot tub covers not only protect the hot tub against elements, but also provide a protection around small children. Hot tub covers can range from ££ to £££, the price varies upon the type of cover.

Hot Tub Supplies

Keeping the chemistry in your hot tub correct is important and hot tub supplies or hot tub chemicals are needed to keep the water consistent. You should also drain your water every 3 to 4 months, depending on usage. While drained, make sure you clean the walls of the tub with bleach and water to kill any bacteria that may grow. Clean your filter every month and more frequently with more frequent usage. There are many online stores that sale discount hot tub supplies and offer free shipping. Cheap is always better in my opinion.

In the initial treatment of fresh water, let the water reach 80 degrees Fahrenheit before you start adding any hot tub supplies and chemicals. The warm water will help the granular chemicals dissolve. First test the pH level of the water with a testing strip. Adjust the pH by using pH up or pH down, and wait 30 minutes before retesting the pH. Then use a protective product to help keep the water clear and protect the metal parts within the unit. Using an enzyme product will also help keep the water clear and reduces scum-lines and odors cause by the natural oil in the skin.

To sanitize the spa water, you will need to choose one of the three hot tub supplies: 2-part bromine system, a bromine tablet, or a granular chlorine system. Test your spa water weekly to make sure you have a proper sanitizer level; if you are using an ozonator you can keep the bromine or chlorine level low. With an ozonator you spa will use less of the sanitizer because the ozone is killing most of the bacteria. Because you are using less hot tub supplies with an ozonator, balancing becomes easier and takes less time.

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