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How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Yacht Travel?

Yacht travel is a glamorous experience that few other things can match. After a year of being indoors, the endless possibilities for exploration in the most luxurious settings, with the wind blowing through your hair, is even more appealing. A private yacht charter could be the ideal escape from the chaos of the pandemic as we come out of its grips. One of the most frequently asked questions by novice charterers is “How much does it cost to charter a yacht?”

If you’re the first person contemplating a luxurious holiday on a Luxury Yacht with a private owner Welcome! Being aware that novices may have a lot of questions and concerns, the Northrop & Johnson charter brokers. They have put together this guide to help get a better understanding of the process of chartering a yacht. We invite you to read our guide to chartering that covers the most essential information that you must be aware of when the process of chartering or leasing a boat in preparation for a meeting with your broker. If you have already planned an ultimate luxury getaway you’re thinking about,  call our charter team today for Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey, to arrange the yacht you’ve always wanted.

We at Elite Traveler are here to answer this question as well as many others. For Yacht Rental Turkey
we have compiled the most important costs for anyone who is thinking about a yacht charter.

What is the yacht charter price?

There are two main types of yacht charters: the all-inclusive and the more common “plus expenses” charters. An all-inclusive yacht charter costs almost everything, including crew, fuel, and water sports equipment. However, this can vary from charter company to charter company. Some all-inclusive charters will not include dockage and mooring fees. This can quickly add up, but we’ll get to that later.

A ‘plus expenses’ charter, also known as ‘separated costs’, is where a base price for the ship and crew is charged. All other expenses are paid through an APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance). Before a voyage guests complete a preference form with their preferences. This allows the chef and the service team to stockpile the guests’ favorite items. This is a common practice on superyacht charters, as it allows for a more personalized experience.

Is the cost of chartering a yacht affected by its size?

Price will be affected by the reputation of the crew, age and design of the yacht. However, the biggest factor that will affect cost is the yacht’s size. The larger the yacht, you will pay more.

Burgess, the leading yacht brokerage, offers a week-long charter in the Caribbean aboard the 163.3 ft Home for $245,000. The price for Laurentia at 180.5 feet starts at $450,000. The yachts can accommodate 12 guests and were constructed by Heesen, a leading Dutch shipyard. However, the prices are over $200,000 different. You can expect a higher average price per head for larger ships.

Novice charterers may be surprised to find that a bigger yacht does not automatically mean a greater guest capacity. International Maritime Organization safety regulations limit superyachts to 12 guests.

Is the yacht type a factor in the price?

Yes, but not to the same extent as its size. There is something for everyone in yachting: Classic yachts, built between 1920 and 1970, allow you to feel the old-school glamour of an era gone by. Sportfishing yachts offer a longer range and are agile enough to take you to the best diving and fishing spots.

While sailing yachts are popular among boating enthusiasts, motor yachts are the most sought-after charter yachts. These yachts are what you think of when you think about a superyacht. They also (size dependent) tend to be the most costly type of yacht to charter. These motor yachts are designed to withstand extreme conditions. If you plan a superyacht charter to Antarctica for luxury, then it will likely be on an Explorer Yacht.

The popularity of explorer yachts has risen over the past decade among adventurous travelers seeking opulent adventure on seven seas. The world’s fastest explorer yacht, 311.68 feet Bold, is available for a week at a cost of $964,300. It is also one of the most expensive yachts in the world to charter. This is comparable to what you’ll pay to charter the creme de la creme superyachts like the O’Pari. The O’Pari 312 ft charter comes with custom artwork and a DJ booth starting at $1.1 million.

Chartering in certain months is more expensive than other months?

Your charter price will be affected by the time of year. There are two main seasons in yachting – summer and winter. Chartering during peak periods will increase the charter price. Summer season runs from May through October with peak rates in July, August and August. The winter season is from November through April. Peak rates are during the Christmas holidays and well into the New Year. The cost of a charter is also determined by its location. For example, Caribbean charters tend to be more expensive from December through March while Mediterranean charters tend to be the most expensive during the summer months.

How about unexpected expenses, gratuities and costs that are not expected?

Even a Mediterranean jellyfish cannot sting an inexperienced first-timer like end-of-trip costs. Your APA must be paid before you can set sail, as mentioned above. The ship will keep a detailed list and ask you to pay the remainder of the charter amount. It works both ways, so any unused APA will be refunded. Crew gratuities are not included on all-inclusive or ‘plus expense’ yacht charters. The going rate for a charter is approximately 15 to 20% if you are satisfied with the service.

Docking fees are a fee you pay to park your yacht in a marina overnight. They may or not be included in the charter price, depending on the agreement. These fees can vary depending on where you are, what time of the year it is and how big your yacht is. High season is when you will pay the most docking fees in the Mediterranean. The highest premiums are paid by Capri and St Tropez.


Perhaps you’re looking for an unforgettable family trip to the Caribbean. Maybe you’re thinking of the possibility of an island-hopping vacation. Whatever the reason for your vacation you’re planning, you’ll need an environment that is safe and secure to spend time with your family and acquaintances. A superyacht charter is doing things the way you want with your own schedule, custom schedule and your favorite activities with absolute luxurious. When you charter a superyacht, you can expect an unrivaled quality of service and luxury in the most ideal location.


There are two major seasons for yachting: winter and summer. The summer season is from May to October with the peak summer time (and high rates) during the months of July and August. The winter season is from November through April the peak season occurring mainly during the Christmas season and through the New Year.


The most well-known yachting destinations differ according to season. In the summer months of the northern hemisphere the most popular location will be the Mediterranean. Places like The French Riviera, Balearic Islands, Corsica and Sardinia, Greek Isles and Croatia are the most popular. In winter, The Bahamas and Caribbean are among the top places to charter yachts.


If you’re seeking to unwind and relax and unwind, a boat equipped with a spa. As well as an on-board masseuse can be a great choice. Families who charter often requires a boat with lots of activities including water toys, games on board and a separate movie room. The charter broker will aid you in finding a boat that offers all the amenities that are essential to you.


The size of yachts ranges between 80 feet and 300 feet, and even larger. Charter yachts can accommodate up to 12 guests .


You should think about the type of vessel that will best match the dimensions. The character of your charter group. Modern motor yachts are perfect for a family-friendly charter, while a sailing vessel is the best choice for avid sailors. Explore our selection of boats to gain an understanding of the best vessel for your needs. If you’d prefer talking to an agent for charters to have informal discussions about the most suitable yachts for your charter.


Most charters run between seven and fourteen days. Rates are set per week. In the peak months of between July and August as well as New Year’s Eve and Christmas New Year, rates are generally higher. The majority of yachts also have low season rates at times that are not peak times throughout the year. Prices vary from one yacht to the next and are based on a range of variables, including the size, year of construction, and the amenities. Other costs include fuel, food dockage, fuel, and so on.

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