How Solar Street Lightings Are Redefining the Future of the Lighting Sector?

Street Lighting has witnessed a long evolution in the past many years. In the current scenario, the demand for renewable energy is at its peak. Cities and municipalities worldwide are shifting from non-renewable technologies like incandescent, mercury, and fluorescent street lights technologies to modern LED solar street lights. There are many factors pushing the solar street lighting industry forward. The first and foremost one is the rising demand for eco-friendly solutions. In addition, the significant benefits of solar street lighting will fuel the demand for the technology in the future. Above all, the contribution of governments and manufacturers is expected to change the outlook of the entire street lighting industry.

Cebu invested nearly P10M for the installation of solar street lights. The streetlights were earlier installed in Barangay Marikaban in Santa Fe town, Barangay Talangnan in Madridejos, and Barangay Sulangan in Bantayan. Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia also launched the primary three solar-powered streetlights on the island of Bantayan on March 4, 2022.

Street Lightings to Go Green

In today’s world, people rely more on green technology due to pollution concerns. Solar lighting can even work during complete blackouts. In addition, eco-friendly street lights can help avoid environmental disruption caused due to cables and external power sources. Thus, this factor allows solar street lights to be installed in remote and environmentally sensitive areas like National Parks. Due to such factors, companies are also contributing to this sustainable era. For instance, Bridgelux started offering its F90 Series LED products for commercial lighting.

Contribution of Manufacturers

The street lighting sector is witnessing various positive changes all due to the growing number of innovative strategies. For instance, SOL TECH, one of the leading custom software and IT staffing firms, recently received the certification to UL 8801 for photovoltaic luminaires. This commercial solar lighting manufacturer became the first company to receive certification to UL 8801 for its SUNLIKE products. Moreover, Signify, a Dutch multinational lighting corporation, acquired all stakes in the lighting division of Eaton Corporation, in 2020. With this acquisition, the brand aims at bringing together the assets of two businesses in order to drive sustainable growth in North America. This deal is considered to be the largest deal by the company till now and it will boost Signify’s position in the global professional lighting market.

Initiatives by Governments

Governments all across the globe are focusing on bringing significant change. The demand for eco-friendly solutions is surging abruptly, and so are the projects by governments. For instance, Philips signed two significant LED solar street lighting contracts with UPNEDA (Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency) and MANIREDA (Manipur Renewable Energy Development Agency) in the past. The two projects will boost the company’s position in the market. Moreover, the company will install 76,000 solar LED street lights in more than 800 villages in Uttar Pradesh and the small towns and villages of Manipur, India, according to these contracts.

Growing Deployment of Street Lightings all across the World

Solar street lighting technology is gaining substantial traction all across the world. The manufacturers are also innovating solutions to outperform in the industry. Apart from that, a growing number of projects aiming at the installation of solar street lighting will outline the scope of new solar-powered infrastructure. For instance, Fonroche Éclairage, a subsidiary of the Fonroche group, receive a project worth US $24.2 million. According to this project, the brand will supply and install solar street lamps in several locations in Benin. Signify, also announced its new project in 2019. Under this project, the company has to install solar panel-powered street lights in Infanta Elena Park in Seville, Spain, in 2019. The aim of the project is to strengthen the safety of visitors and improve energy efficiency.

Benefits of Solar Lights are Driving this New Trend

Solar Street Lightings are forecast to be a new trend in the coming years. Recognizing the growing contribution of governments, the global solar street lighting industry will witness substantial growth. According to a study by Astute Analytica, the global solar street lighting market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.12% during the forecast period from 2022 to 2030. Moreover, the growth of this sector will be majorly due to the growing awareness about the benefits of the products. For instance, solar street lightings are cost-effective and maintenance-free. They are also rechargeable in nature.

Here is the list of all benefits offered by solar street lighting:

Cost-effective and Maintenance-Free Solution

Solar Street Lights cost much lesser than conventional lights. The key difference is the costs of the meters. In solar street lights, meters are not installed, which reduces the expenses. The upfront cost may be more expensive than the conventional technology. However, once the installation is done, it will cost far less. Solar street lights are also maintenance-free because it uses photocells that reduce the need for maintenance. Moreover, no external electricity is required for solar street lighting. Thus, users do not need to worry about expensive monthly energy bills and maintenance costs. Philips Lighting, one of the prominent leaders in the lighting industry, unveiled its new generation of cost-efficient solar-powered systems in 2018.


Solar street lights are powered by photovoltaic (PV) panels mounted on the lighting structure. These panels are embedded with a rechargeable battery, which provides power to the fluorescent or LED lamp. Most advanced solar panel technology automatically senses outdoor light through a light source. Thus, such factors are driving the interest of users toward solar street lighting.

Safe Installations

The users may face various problems related to underground utilities and the root system in the installation of a grid system. However, this is not the case with solar street lighting. Users will not experience such problems while using solar street lights because most modern solar street lights are embedded with solar panels, batteries, motion sensors, and control modules. These features enable users to have simple and faster deployment and installation over traditional street lights. Recognizing the potential scope of solar energy, Solektra International also inked a pact with Sunna Design. The aim of this partnership is to unveil the first solar street lamp assembly line in Bamako, Mali, Africa. Moreover, this assembly line was forecast to develop nearly 30,000 solar street lamps per year.

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