How To Create Perfect Curls In Your Hair For The Party

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Hair curls are used to create many different hairstyles. There are many types of hair curl, including corkscrews, ringlets, and waves. Hair curl is often confused with kinks or coils because all three can be used interchangeably to describe tightly-twisted hair. You should always use heatless hair curler set to avoid damage to your hair. 

  • A corkscrew hair curl is characterized by a spiral coil that curls in the same direction. This type of curl is also referred to as a “helical” curl because it can look like a spring or screw.
  • A ringlet is defined by its tight, circular shape. The smallest section of hair formed into a ringlet typically ranges from 0.5 to 1 inch in diameter. A true ringlet curl can only be achieved on hair that has a low amount of wave or no wave.
  • A loose, open wave is characterized by its winding pattern and long wavy form. This type of curl does not have anyone’s direction it curls toward like corkscrews or ringlets. Loose waves are the least tightly formed of all three types of curl. They tend to fall out during the day unless held in place with the product.

Want to create the right curls? Read the tips below and implement them to look perfect during the party:

Choose The Right Method

There are different ways and different curling tools available in the market. Some of the tools are described below.

  • Use rods to form curls. The rods can be made from metal, Noriko rags, or strips cut from a silk scarf.
  • Rollers provide another way into forming tight curl patterns but they are larger and bulkier than the other sets mentioned which result in a larger, less natural curl pattern.
  • Bantu knots: the hair is divided into sections and tied in knots close to the scalp.
  • Finger curls: The hair can be wrapped loosely around your finger and secured using a bobby pin or clip. This method gives slightly looser waves than rods, but you can sleep with your hair in this style.
  • It is also possible to do a combination of methods, such as starting with small rods and then rolling the free-hanging ends under your fingers for a tighter curl at the end.
  • For tight ringlets, it is best to roll up wet hair on perm rods or sponge rollers and let them dry that way. If you like ringlets and want them to last all day, do not sleep on your curls.

No matter, what kind of curling method you choose, always prefer a heatless hair curling set.

Dry Hair Before Removing Roller

If hair is wet, it will lose its tight pattern as it dries because the curl pattern itself may loosen from the drying process. A diffuser can be used to dry the hair faster, but it is not recommended for all curl types because of its wide cone shape. It will give looser waves a less curled look. For curls to stay in place, it is best to wait until your hair is completely dry before removing your set of rods or pins. If you try to take out your rods too soon, the hair will lose its tight curl pattern because it was not given enough time to set fully.

Apply Holding Products

Although hairspray does provide some hold, it is not as effective as gel or mousse. To apply moulding paste to the hair without removing the set, use a toothbrush to paint the product directly onto your wet hair.

Finish By Pinning

You should finish it by adding some pins into sections, before making final adjustments to achieve desired curl pattern. Hair can be formed into curls, waves, or ringlets as desired. For a tighter curl, twist your hair further as you wrap it around your rod. For tighter ringlets, roll up wet hair on perm rods or sponge rollers and let them dry that way before lightening the ringlets with your fingers. If you sleep on your curls, they will likely be completely lost by the morning. 

Tip: For curls to stay in place overnight, it is best to replace your bobby pins with silk or satin scarf strips or ribbon hair curlers. The scarves do not pull at the hair, so your hair will stay in place.

Do Not Disturb Curl Pattern

If you have a combination of different curl patterns on your hair, it is best to work from the back towards the front when taking your rods or pins out. By doing this, you will not disturb the curl pattern already formed at the front of the head and undo hard work done to achieve your desired hairstyle. With the help of the new heatless hair curler set, you can easily create beautiful curls without any problem. 

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