How to Find the Right Eyeglass Frames for Your Face Shape

Like your clothing and footwear, eyeglass frames also convey your style. They can help you get a soft or dynamic personality or even accentuate certain facial features. The structures that work best for you largely depend on the form of your face. General guidelines are essential, but you can break the rules and get creative with your frame selection.

Round Faces

Generally, round faces look best with thinner frames than their foreheads and cheekbones. Wider rims can also add balance to your face shape. Avoid rimless and small structures, making your face look even rounder. Square-shaped faces are wider at the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline and have angular features. Complement these angles with frames that have curved lines. Avoid extremely narrow or overly wide angular frames, which may overwhelm your features. Taking your face shape into account will help you find eyeglass frames Harrisburg PA, that work for you sooner.

Square Faces

Like Goldilocks, you want your frames to be too large and too small. If your glasses are too large, they can overwhelm your face shape and look cartoonish. Likewise, if your frames are too small, they might look outdated and draw attention to the top of your nose. Square face shapes have angular features, including wide cheekbones, foreheads, and jawlines. Complement your angular lines with rounded frames, which will soften and contrast your face shape for a balanced appearance. Keep in mind that most faces don’t fit into a single one of the eight face shapes described above. That’s why you’ll want to consider both your face shape and your skin tone and undertone as you explore your options. Having a few frames in your arsenal will allow you to switch things up when the mood strikes.

Oblong Faces

Whether you want to give off a no-nonsense business vibe or flirt with your fun side, the right glasses can help. But it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when deciding on frames, especially with many options. The best way to find the right eyeglass frames is to determine your face shape. However, it’s important to remember that many faces don’t fit into one specific category but are a hybrid of two or more types.

Heart-Shaped Faces

Those with heart-shaped faces possess the most unique and versatile face shape. Heart-shaped faces include a wider forehead with prominent cheekbones and a chiseled jawline that tapers into a v-shaped chin. For those with this distinctive shape, you’ll find the best frames to flatter your features will be ones that have a mix of both curves and angles. Play up the flattering symmetry of your heart-shaped face with a pair of classic wayfarer frames. The rounded, even proportions of these frames help soften your face’s angular features and accentuate the height of your eyes to draw attention to your most appealing features. Alternatively, try a more minimal look with a pair of semi-rimless frames that offer an all-new take on this retro style.

Triangle Faces

Whether you’re shopping for your first pair of glasses or want to add to your collection, understanding the role that your face shape plays is critical. With this info in mind, you can begin exploring frames that complement your unique features and create balance and symmetry. If your face is longer than wide, opt for a curved structure that narrows the forehead and softens angular lines. Narrower frames also help elongate oblong faces. For triangular faces, choose a frame that emphasizes the top half or one with decorative temples to shorten your face and add width.

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