How to keep the office clean?

Office cleaning or keeping the workspace clean and tidy is not only necessary for hygiene but also to offer a good image and feel good during the working day. At SCS Group Cleaning Solution, we offer you our cleaning services for companies in Darwin, which include offices, warehouses, and commercial premises.

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Tips for workers

Desktop in order

To speed up the cleaning process, we recommend the use of filing cabinets to classify documents. As well as other desk accessories, such as pen cups or trays for office supplies. In this way, we will keep only the essentials on our desk, having the essentials at hand and the rest of the materials organized and in order.

 No leftover food

Avoid eating at your desk. Sometimes it is difficult to comply, but it is the key to keeping the office clean. Normally, all offices have a rest area to eat or have lunch. If we avoid eating at the desk, we will also avoid crumbs, remains or food stains that not only give a bad image but can dirty other documents or the computer.

Trash bin close up

Surely it has happened to you, you have made a mistake writing and you need a new sheet of paper, but since you do not have a wastebasket at hand, you keep it on your desk, and inadvertently; you end up having a pile of papers that the only thing that does is take up space. This problem is avoided by having a trash can near the desktop.

 Clean blackboards

Many offices have whiteboards that serve as support in meetings. Cleaning this type of blackboard is a very quick and simple task that we rarely do out of laziness. With a suitable eraser for whiteboards, we can easily clean them and have them ready for the next person to use.

Make the employee aware


The first step in getting our workers to keep the office clean and tidy is through awareness. Putting at your disposal the materials so that you can carry out the cleaning easily, such as wastebaskets near the desk or accessories to store and classify documents. Also, talk to them about keeping their desks tidy and eating areas clean. Teamwork is the best option for optimal cleaning.

Hire an office cleaning company

It is important that the office worker keep his desk under control, however, it will be necessary to carry out a weekly deep cleaning of other areas such as the bathrooms, the kitchen or the floors. For this, we can resort to a professional cleaning service.

We advise to choose an experienced cleaning company to ensure that the tasks are carried out efficiently. At SCS Group Integrated Services we carry out office cleaning in Darwin, if you are looking to save time and have your office or company always clean and perfect, we can help you.

 What you need to know about hiring a cleaning company


Soil treatment

The floors inevitably get dirty due to the daily traffic we carry out. That is why it is necessary to perform a neighborhood and scrub regularly. In addition, depending on the type of floor, it will need to be vacuumed or, if it is carpet, washed. At SCS Group Integrated Services, we work on many floors. We also polish marble, wood, ceramic floors, etc. Your floor will shine like the first day.

Crystal cleaning

Many offices have large windows or glass facades. Especially in times of rain and wind, the windows get dirty easily. At SCS Group Integrated Services, we take care that your windows are always shiny, whether they are windows, light points, interior or exterior windows, or metal shutters.

Complete office cleaning in bathrooms

As with the floor, the bathroom is another area that requires deep cleaning to be in perfect condition. Disinfecting the toilets with specific products and cleaning the tiles is an essential task to have a clean bathroom.

 Dining room cleaning

Earlier we mentioned that it is not advisable to eat at the desk, it is better to do it in a suitable area such as a dining room or kitchen. These types of rooms are prone to being filled with crumbs, which is why we must emphasize the sweeping of these floors. Also cleaning the appliances and countertops in the room.

Cleaning of electronic devices

It is increasingly common to find electronic devices such as computers in offices. These electronic devices require special care and must be cleaned in a specific way. At SCS Group Integrated Services, we have specialists accustomed to cleaning this type of device, we clean with specific products to avoid any damage.

Office cleaning frequency

Answering this question is complicated since it will depend on the type of office in question, its dimensions, the activities carried out, and the number of workers, among other factors. There are tasks that require more frequency, such as emptying rubbish bins, sweeping the floor, disinfecting and cleaning toilets, or cleaning dust. While others will need less regularity, such as polishing the floor or cleaning electronic devices.


At SCS Group Integrated Services, we adapt to what you need, both in terms of schedule and specific needs. We can carry out our work at the hours that are most convenient for you, since we have enough staff to fulfill any commitment, including night hours or on holidays.

In addition to the regular cleaning service that you contract with us, we will adapt to what you need, so you can occasionally order another series of more specialized jobs from us, such as cleaning windows (especially in areas of difficult access such as facades), polishing of floors, maintenance tasks of the facilities, etc. Our experience and resources allow us to offer you exactly what you need.

office cleaning for companies in Darwin

Are you looking for an office cleaning service in Darwin? At SCS Group Cleaning Solution, we can give you a free quote based on the services you need. Contact us or visit our website to know more about our company and the services that we offer. 


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