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How Much Does It Cost to Hire PrestaShop Developers in India?

Cost of Hire PrestaShop Developers in India

PrestaShop is a sought-after eCommerce development platform used to create various B2B and B2C eCommerce websites. PrestaShop is a promising option if you want to create a top-notch eCommerce website with customized features. Moreover, if you hire PrestaShop developers in India, you can develop the right eCommerce website at the lowest cost possible. If you are wondering how it costs to hire a PrestaShop developer in India, this blog post is for you. You can find the answer to this question here with the factors affecting the cost. 

Types of PrestaShop developers 

If you want to hire the right developer, you must first understand your requirements. A website is made up of two facets – one is user-facing, and the other works behind the scenes. The user-facing side is known as the front-end, and the backend is one that’s hidden from the users. Therefore, you can mainly find two types of PrestaShop developers, i.e., front-end and back-end developers. 

Theme and plugin development, design to PrestaShop conversion, and customization are the main business of concern for front-end developers. On the other hand, a back-end PrestaShop developer is one who takes care of the server configurations, database, and other similar tasks. There is also a full-stack PrestaShop developer who takes care of both these sides. 

Cost to hire PrestaShop developers in India 

Hiring developers for your PrestaShop development project is a crucial step, and you need to find it in the right location to hire the right developers. The cost of hiring usually depends on multiple factors like the project requirements, complexity, location, and more. Typically the hiring cost falls in the range of $25 to $250. 

However, you can save a lot by hiring the developers from India as they are much cheaper than the developers in the USA or European countries. Indeed, you can save up to 70% on your PrestaShop development costs if you hire PrestaShop developers from India. So, if you want to find the developers for developing your PrestaShop website, you can rely on the developers in India. 

With so many service providers out there, it is easy to find a reliable PrestaShop development company; you can easily find a suitable company to hire PrestaShop developers of your choice. The cost of hiring the developers depends on the abovementioned factors, but it can be reduced significantly when you hire PrestaShop developers from India. 

Top 5 PrestaShop Development Companies

The eCommerce industry has undergone a remarkable transformation. Various eCommerce platforms are there in the market, and Prestashop is one of them. It offers a plethora of advantages such as easy installation, customization, user-friendly, and the creation of feature-rich eCommerce websites. 

To use Prestashop benefits for your project, you need an experienced Prestashop development company that can utilize it for your project requirements. Among various Prestashop development services available, finding the reliable one is a time-consuming task. Therefore, we have listed the top 5 Prestashop development companies to make your work easier.

  • CSSChopper

CSSChopper is an acclaimed Prestashop development service provider. Since its inception in 2009, they have offered top-notch and out-of-the-box PrestaShop eCommerce solutions. Their developers have excellent industry knowledge and expertise to develop modern and user-friendly eCommerce websites. Their services comprise B2B eCommerce websites, B2C eCommerce websites, and headless eCommerce websites.

They serve various businesses from startups, SMEs, to huge brands. The list of their clients includes Necco, Stoli, HP, Motorola, Coca-Cola, D-Link, Duracell, to name a few. CSSChopper’s developers keep up with the latest eCommerce trends and build SEO-friendly, scalable, secure eCommerce websites using Prestashop. They have expertise in creating competitive websites. 

  • Sparx IT Solutions

Established in 2007, Sparx IT Solutions is a renowned PrestaShop development company. It is ISO 9001:2008 certified and has expertise in developing interactive, appealing, and user-friendly eCommerce websites. They are proud to be a trustable PrestaShop development company. Their wide range of services consists of migration and upgrades, API integrations, multi-vendor marketplaces, B2C eCommerce platforms, CMS integrations, and multi-vendor websites. Some of their top clients are Motorola, Coca-Cola, Huawei, HP, Intel, D-Link, and Vedanta.

Their client values their sincere, high-quality business practices and their commitment to completing projects on time and within budget. They understand the client’s objectives and business goals before setting down a development strategy that utilizes the latest trends and resources to assist them in meeting their needs. 

  • Emizentech

Emizentech is an excellent IT organization specializing in offering top-of-the-line eCommerce solutions to numerous industry verticals. At Emizentech, they provide the most scalable, efficient, and cost-effective eCommerce business sites and apps that drive massive traffic, conversions, and sales to your digital business and amplify overall business growth.

They have a technically amazing and highly experienced team of eCommerce developers who can provide ingenious and visually stunning website and application solutions.

  • Webdesk Solution

Webdesk Solution is a creative digital agency with expertise in custom web design & development, mobile app development, eCommerce, and API Integration. Their fundamental competency comprises assessing the client’s requirements and designing customer-oriented digital commerce solutions. They are certified partners of the most relied-on digital commerce platforms, including Shopify, Shift4Shop, Volusion, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, etc. 

They are thrilled to be among the few organizations providing website design across all major industry platforms. It enables them to offer their clients additional options, allowing them to provide their clients with the most suitable choice for their unique requisites. 

  • Prometteur Solutions

Prometteur Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has a team of IT experts who come with the assurance of providing technology-empowered business solutions. They offer world-class software and web development services that emphasize playing a corroborative role in your business and its overall growth.

Their highly-skilled team and global delivery power allow the accessibility and scale to align their client’s technology solutions with their business requirements. 

Wrapping up!

PrestaShop is one of the preferred choices for creating feature-rich eCommerce websites as a top-notch eCommerce development platform. However, if you want to build a perfect website with less burden on your budget, you can rely on PrestaShop developers from India. It is a prudent choice as you can hire affordable developers from there conveniently. Moreover, you must be careful when hiring the developers and check their feasibility to find the best talent. You can hire the best developers if you check every aspect carefully and hire those who meet your needs and budget goals.  

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