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How to Start Travel Blog in 2021 Without Traveling

Start Travel Blog in 2021

travel blog is not easy


What started as a creative source for me has become a full time job in this field and a freelance way of life travel writing blogs. Every day I get to do things I really enjoy doing… and live through it!


I know it sounds like a dream (and it certainly is), but if you’re thinking of becoming a travel blogger again, I have a few words of warning. Finding an audience, earning money through a travel blog is not easy. I think it’s important to say this beforehand.


It seems that some bloggers include tourism blogging as an easy solution to all lifestyle problems. “Just supply your boring lifestyle, start a travel blog, and follow your dreams! Soon you’ll be riding a buffalo!”


Well, I think it’s better to have a realistic experience.


Because of the way search engines and social media work, the fact remains that you can’t capture an audience quickly. It requires hard work and dedication. The rewards can be great, though don’t expect to become a world famous blogger in just a few months!


That’s why I always say that you should start a blog because, above all, it has a fun component. If you keep doing this for the same amount of time (say, at least a year), you can see how long it can take you. Some people continue blogging for fun, others make it a source of income, or use it for content creation or marketing work.


In this manual, I’ll share what I’ve learned over the past 7 years about starting a tourism blog and making goals – whether you want to do it for fun, like living a hobby, hobby A travel blogging websites.




Why start a travel blog ?

Why would you want to start a basic tourism blog? Here are some of the most common causes, perhaps in order of difficulty:


1. just to laugh

Maybe you just want to blog about your travels for friends and family. Cool beans! If this is the case with you, you probably want to learn about how to set up a blog. If you follow my step-by-step guide, it will only take about 10 minutes.


2. Learn New Skills

Blogging can teach you about writing, social media management, photography, marketing, entrepreneurship and a billion other things. I learned a lot from dreaming about Indie Traveler and my previous blog (which was about video games). I quickly acquired new abilities, made new friends and allies, and even came to my door with amazing jobs over the years.


3. Unlimited Travel blog

The myths are real: You can usually stay in hotels, take non-stop trips, or run for an entire trip. United States, in exchange for beneficial information. This means you have to work on it and provide the sponsors with the exposure they expect. But if you have your own brand and the ability to brand on social media, you can find a lot of travel information.


4. Build a Portfolio

A blog can also be a perfect place to submit freelance work or consultancy. What better way to get gigs in travel writing, social media management, or WordPress consulting than to put together an amazing display of your work? Evidence is light, as they say. And the travel blog is a delicious and delicious pudding.


5. get good salary

And lastly, you can even live directly from the blog with matters like advertising, affiliate hyperlinks, or product marketing. This allows me to have a six digit sale from Indie Traveler right now.


Keep in mind that you’ll first need those arriving from New York. Use of banner ads or related links that can blank you out for years, and then very unexpectedly. I guess you don’t even want to bother with this


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