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Computers and Technology

How to use Keyboard Computer

How to use Keyboard Computer? Let’s discuss! In the present, who is less proficient in grasp on the computers and is able to use the keyboard as well as the mouse However, do we know what the various buttons on the keyboard do? Certainly, there are keys aren’t known or don’t know what to do to obtain a particular symbol, and so be a part of this tutorial of steps to learn how to use the keyboard of your computer.

No matter if the keyboard we use is meant for a bedside computer or a laptop computer, it has keys that are divided into characters, numbers, and letters and sometimes, when you press two keys at once or type a particular sequence, we can achieve symbols we didn’t even realize existed. Let’s look at how we can use keyboards to make the most value from it.

Instructions on how to utilize the keyboard

  1. Keyboards for Windows is comprised of keys, which are split into five categories keyboards for typing, composed of letters, numbers and symbols, that help you type words using your personal computer. There are additional control keys (for for instance, Windows, Esc, Ctrl, and Alt). These keys typically work in conjunction with other keys, in order to run commands on the computer.
  2. On the top part of the keyboard is functions keys numbering 1 to 12. (F1 to F12) They perform different functions based on the software on which they’re activated.
  3. There are two additional types of keys that might not be directly on the keyboard: keyboards for navigation as well as those on the keyboard with numeric keys . These keys, in actual they are not usually present on laptop keyboards due to reasons of space, however they are still possible to use combination keys (usually Fn + [keykey ).
  4. A numeric keyboard is on the right side of the device. It displays number and the mathematical operator in order to enable quick calculation and the addition of numbers. Additionally, there are keys for navigation that are used to move around an existing document or modify it (eg delete, finish or Start).
  5. On certain keyboards, you might discover buttons that are customizable or have functions that can be used on Windows.

Effective combinations

Alongside typing numbers, letters as well as symbols, you can also type keys that are created to make it easier for users and, therefore, there are certain combinations that can definitely improve your experience on the computer simpler .

  1. If you’re in an existing document (like an Word document) or a webpage you can utilize certain key combinations to perform actions in the document. For instance, if you want to copy an entire sentence it is possible to use the combo Ctrl + C followed by Ctrl + V to copy the text to another location.

Here are some possible combinations you can test today on your PC:

  1. CTRL + S to save the document.
  2. CTRL + C for copying the text you have selected or the file.
  3. Use Ctrl+X to cut a specified text file or text.
  4. Ctrl+V to paste text or already cut (or removed) file.
  5. CTRL + Z to stop the operation that was performed before.
  6. Ctrl+A to select all text of a document or all files within an archive.
  7. Ctrl+F to execute the functions found in many applications.
  8. Alt+F4 to close the active window.
  9. Alt+ Tab to toggle between open windows of software.
  10. CTRL + AL + DEL to display the menu of operations to be executed by the PC (for instance blocking the device or turning off the).
  11. CTRL + Shift + EESC to start the Task Manager.
  12. You might be aware that certain keyboard keys contain multiple symbols. To replicate these symbols on your screen, you simply need press the Shift key or press the Alt Gr button. Then press the key that is related to the symbol you wish to type. After that, you have to use Shift + [symbol keys[symbol key] and Alt G + [symbol keyto type. If you wish to write a capital letter then you should use the combination Shift + the letter key[letter key].

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Change the keyboard layout

If you purchase an instrument in Spain it’s already designed to be used in the Spanish language. But it can also be changed the layout of the keyboard. To allow you to utilize the keyboard in different ways that the standard.

  1. To access this, you need to hit the keys combination Windows + [i[i] to start the Configuration panel on Microsoft’s Microsoft Operating System.
  2. After that, you click on the Date/Time as well as the language option and then select the geographic area and the language section in the left-hand sidebar.
  3. In the end, you look for the Preferred Languages entry and click on Spanish (Spain) (or it’s currently used language).
  4. In this way you will see buttons to control the language you’ve selected .
  5. After that, press then the options button. Then, on your new window that appears you can press then the “Add” keyboard button . Choose the design you wish to add by clicking the button.
  6. To begin using this new design, click on the abbreviation for the language just below on the Windows clock on the lower right on the top of your taskbar. Within the contextual menu, choose the one you have added previously by clicking it. Alternately, you can use the combination key Windows + [Spacebaror [Spacebar].

How do you write symbols and Emojis

  1. If you’d like to use symbols not available on your keyboard, you can look up for the Windows map of fonts .
  2. The information about the symbol can in the form of a panel that is opened using the combination Windows + R, writing the word “Charmap “ inside the Windows window in Windows and then confirms it by pressing “OK .
  3. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to view your character map panel which is comprised of special characters that can be coded for Windows.
  4. The next step is to select the type of text you prefer and click”Select” to place it in the text box that is below.
  5. You will need click Copy to save it to your clipboard. Then, copy into the software (Ctrl and V) later in the program. In the software, you will have to enter the symbol you want to use.
  6. You are able to find the decimal code for the specific character available via ASCII tables, which are available on the numerous websites that provide queries. To find this information, you can use search on Google, and type in the phrase “ascii” table.

ALTs & Code

  1. If you’ve found the code symbol you’re seeking, you can use it in all text fields by hitting the Alt + [code button combination . The code has to be entered through the numeric keys on the keyboard to function.
  2. If you’d prefer to incorporate emojis instead, you can use an Windows 10 virtual dashboard for the insertion. To open it, use the Windows key combination +. [.] (The “period” punctuation mark). This way you’ll be able see an emoji list separated into various categories and is accessible via the icons that correspond to them at the lower. You will then need click on the one you wish to add, and you will see it appear in the text field or in a document.
  3. If there are no emojis visible inside the document which you would like to insert however you’ve gone through the procedure previously and they’re still pending and are waiting for confirmation before inclusion. In the upper-right corner, there is the box with the emojis you’ve already selected. They can be added to the program that you are using when you press the green Arrow icon.

How do I make use of the virtual keyboard

  1. If you wish to make use of your Windows virtual keyboard it is very easy.
  2. Start your Windows Run Windows screen , using the Windows + R key combination .
  3. Then enter the word OSK and then press”OK” . So you can access the virtual keyboard which functions the same way as a physical keyboard.

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