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WordPress Web Design is a very vast and interesting field, which involves a decent knowledge of many things like Graphic design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. However, in this modern day and age, where people and businesses have very specialised and niche-specific products, it is a wise decision to let the experts in web design handle the look and feel of your professional website.

Web Design and Development.

It will not only enhance your business and let you attract more potential clients, but also let you get a lot better results than you doing it by yourself. While it can be easy for some to do this, and they try to set up everything on their own, most of the entrepreneurs and businesses lack the time and patience required to learn the skill of web design and development.

Today, we shall discuss a few tools and solutions available in the market for designing and developing websites and ecommerce stores. When it comes to the most popular platform and app preferred by many people, we can clearly see the advantage WordPress has over other technologies and web design solutions. So, why should you consider WordPress Web Design?

WordPress has a large community which constantly brings the latest and best technology available in the market, and regularly hosts events and meetups. It has approximately 35 % of the market share, and millions of websites are still being built on WordPress. Its flexible nature, and the ability to add features in a modular fashion, by using plugins and custom code, has made it a very good choice for beginners and the pros alike.

WordPress Web Design

There are many drag-and-drop page builders available for WordPress users, like Elementor, Divi, etc. On the other hand, Plugins like WooCommerce can help you turn your website into an ecommerce store, where you can sell both physical and digital products. WordPress Web Design is easy, fun and open to everyone, from beginners to professionals.

Shopify Web Design

If you want a simple ecommerce solution, without the hassles of keeping tab of regular updates, and bug fixes, you can surely try Shopify Web Design services, as they will handle all the website and hosting related issues. You will be able to concentrate on what matters the most – promoting and selling your products online.

Shopify has a ton of professionally designed templates and settings which you can modify to get everything set up just as you want to. Shopify has supported over 1,700,000 businesses in 175 countries worldwide. They handle all the payment gateway setup, and manage the website. They have a basic plan of $29 per month, which lets you have unlimited products, 2 staff members, and up to 4 inventory locations.

If you face any difficulties in setting up your Shopify store online, there are many Shopify Web Design experts who can help you.

Wordpress Web Design

Wix Website Design

Wix Web Design is very simple, and even a beginner with no idea of website creation can get a decent website created within minutes using their smart AI Website builder, which guides people step by step in developing a beautiful and professional website.

just feels very much like you are designing your website on a piece of paper, literally. If you decide to follow the manual route, that is. You can place your graphics and text just where you want it to be. You can add repeaters, like a group of blog posts, and build a member-only area too. Wix websites can also be used for ecommerce, but it tends to be one of the pricier options in the market.

If you want to build a great online store, Wix website design tools can help you create stunning and modern ecommerce store with the help of pre-made templates and Call to Action (CTA). You can use Cart2Cart to import any products you might already have on another platform, or add products manually via the dashboard.

You can also add product images, videos, and related products in your online Wix store. Wix is cheaper than Shopify, as Wix’s ecommerce plans start from $23 per month, while Shopify starts from $29 per month. Shopify is for established businesses looking to increase sales online, while Wix is primarily aimed at independent self-employed people, or small businesses and start-ups.

We can keep on discussing different pros and cons of various platforms and service providers, but at the end of the day, all that matters is that what are your goals, and what suits you and your company best.

Web Development

We hope that you liked this article, and have understood the pros and cons of different web development platforms. There are other website development options as well, like Squarespace, Weebly, etc. EMPro, Ltd has a team of professional web designers and developers who can help you to create professional and modern websites at affordable and adequate prices.

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