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How to Wrap your hands in 10 Easy Steps?

Boxers usually face more hand injuries, so before putting on boxing gloves, wrap your hands to protect the fragile bones of your hands. Hand wraps also give additional support to the movements of the wrist. A good hand wrap will protect your hands and provide a sense of security to punch with full force without hurting fists. Wrapping your hands is a fundamental component of boxing, a contact sport, and hand wraps are essential for boxing equipment. To cover your hands, read on for instructions for training sessions, and we will share some tips to do it.

 Force and Pressure during Boxing Training 

We will guide you accordingly that why we should wrap it up to give endurance to your hands and wrists. You are getting an additional aspect of an angel and both environmental and conditional affects you are experiencing; deal with it with the help of wrapping. sakarya escort

  • Punch Type: A well placed left hook can be fatal for both your unprepared opponent and unprepared hands.
  • Punch Placement: If you throw an off-target punch, it can roll off your wrist.
  • Mitt Position: If the opponent is taller or closer than usual, it can affect the way of punch landing.
  • Bag Stiffness: A resilient bag already in use has a different impact than a new heavy bag.
  • Glove Weight: Our experts recommend that even the slightest variation in weight can change the punch impact.

If you love boxing and Combat sports, be proactive, wrap your hands, and use high-quality Boxing equipment by Starpro Combat.

How to Wrap your hands?

Here are a few different ways to wrap your hands.

Pick the right pair of hand wraps and techniques.

There are various types of wraps, and choose one according to the size of your hands. Consider the following options to pick out a wrap:

  • Cotton wraps are a good choice for frequent training; they come in various sizes and are secured with Velcro at the end.
  • Mexican wraps are identical but woven with elastic fibers, so they are moulded to hands easily. However, the cotton wraps are more durable, and flexible gets worn out over time.
  • Gel wraps are also there, but we will not recommend them as they are expensive enough with not much wrist support. bahis siteleri
  • Competition wraps are composed of gauze and tape to ensure each boxer has the same padding. These wraps are not recommended either as they are not reusable and should do wrapping with a partner or coach.

Unravel Hand Wraps

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Ensure that one end of the hand wrap has a loop and the other consists of a Velcro strap; always carefully unravel the hand wraps. Do not twist, tangle or tie them into knots.

Do not be afraid to seek help.

Seek the help of your teammates or coaches if you are unsure where to begin. Make sure to feel comfortable and natural.

Anchor the thumb

Place hand palm down while slotting the loop onto your thumb and keep your wrap in place throughout the process. Ensure that rest of the wrap is outside of your hand.

Secure your wrists

Drag the wrap toward your wrist while palm down, go around your wrist three to four times and end the last wrap on the side of your thumb. Your wrist should not be bent when you wrap them; your risk of injury will be high with bent wrists, so try to keep them straight during the process.

Move on to Knuckles

From where you start wrapping, slowly move towards your knuckles. Primarily spread your fingers out because your knuckles will feel tight while making a fist if they are too close. Spreading fingers will create natural spacing and ensure you feel comfortable throughout the training.

Wrap your thumb

Try to wrap the base over and under your thumb. Try to wrap the thumb without cutting off blood circulation. Go around the thumb twice for maximum protection and from the thumb to wrist one time to prevent your thumb from overextending. adapazarı escort

Go back to knuckles.

Keep on wrapping until left with approximately 20 inches around the knuckles diagonally. Provide an extra cushion between the index finger to the little finger to secure the wrap at the wrist.

Wrinkle Free Wrapping

To make it comfortable and focus on boxing, try to wrap wrinkle-free, adequately protecting the fragile bones and stabilising your wrists.

Secure the Velcro of wrap and then go to the other hand for wrapping.

Practice Wrapping

Hand wraps provide stability to hands and wrists but wrapping too tight can cut off circulation. So, practice a few times to get it at the right place. To get the best Combat Equipment for secure boxing training, click here.


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