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Is white discharge a sign of pregnancy?

For most cases, white discharge is said to be the sign of pregnancy. The extraction of discharge from the body increases during the pregnancy. This discharge is said to protect the vagina from infections. During the first two months of pregnancy, you may notice, white, cheesy, thick discharge. It is called leukorrhea or white flow. It is completely normal to have this kind of discharge. White discharge during pregnancy becomes whitish, and odorless or often comes with a slight smell.

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How Vaginal discharge predicts the presence of pregnancy?

Vaginal discharge changes throughout the time of pregnancy or menstrual flow. This discharge is often white during periods. Sometimes an increase in the discharge can lead to itchy and inflamed tissues and their presence. If there is a sudden increase in the amount of vaginal discharge, you may look for the doctor. The more common white discharge is sometimes yellow or red.

  • Healthy discharge can have slight changes in texture and color. White discharge is medically known as leukorrhea. It is completely normal to have this white discharge in the second half of the menstrual cycle.
  • If the white discharge is something foul in smell, itchy, or burning, this can also be a sign of an STD.
  • Although it is not very pleasant, white discharge during pregnancy is a sign of a healthy life. Many women experience milky, white, and thick vaginal discharge. This is completely normal.
  • Vaginal discharge is the fluid that the vagina produces to carry away the bacteria and dead cells. This prevents vaginal infections and keeps the vagina healthy.
  • The color and odor of the vaginal discharge may change during different courses of time.
  • You may also experience discharge during sexual activities or ovulation. The odor will change if you have a menstrual flow or going through pregnancy.

What to conclude: White discharge during pregnancy or white discharge during a period?

Vaginal discharge contains dead cells and bacteria. It keeps the vagina healthy, clean, and protective from harmful bacteria. The amount or appearance of this milky white and cheesy discharge changes during pregnancy or menstrual flow.

Moreover, the lining of the uterus thickens in response to the hormones and their flow in the blood. The body starts preparing itself for a potential pregnancy. Halfway through the cycle, one ovary releases one egg. And when the fertilization does not take place, the lining of the uterus sheds away along with the egg. This makes the person have periods and a menstrual cycle.

During the time of menstrual flow, the discharge may become like:

  • White: this kind of discharge occurs during the beginning of periods.
  • Clear and watery: This type of discharge happens during the whole cycle. It may be heaviest when you perform certain exercises.
  • Clear and stretchy: This indicates the healthy body and the fertility of a woman.
  • Brownish: This kind of discharge occurs after the menstrual flow. This is because the body clears itself away from the presence of any kind of bacteria and remaining blood.
  • Greenish or yellowish: Yellow or Greenish discharge particularly with odor shows the presence of infection.

At what time, the presence of white vaginal discharge becomes a problem?

Age and health conditions can further cause the change in the secretion of vaginal discharge. For example, the decrease in the flow of estrogen can cause it to have less discharge. The factors that can reduce the amount of estrogen in the body include:

  • perimenopause and menopause
  • chemotherapy
  • Stress or any kind of brain-related disease or disorder like depression or anxiety
  • excessive exercise 
  • the removal of the ovaries
  • some hormone therapies
  • radiation treatment

How can you differentiate vaginal discharge during pregnancy and other types of white discharge?

White discharge can also be a sign of infection. It may be responsible for a certain type of infections, like:

Yeast infection

This can cause:

  • Itchy and irritating vagina
  • Thick discharge that is similar in texture to that of cheese
  • pain when urinating
  • pain during sex

Bacterial vaginosis

This type of medical condition can lead to the type of discharge that is similar to:

  • grayish-white discharge
  • Thin and watery or foul smell
  • Presence of a fishy odor


This is one of the common types of infections that takes place because of having sex:

  • The discharge may look frothy, or yellow
  • an unpleasant odor or fishy smell
  • Itchy and irritating vagina
  • pain when urinating

Yeast and other types of discharge can also cause infections. Infection generally brings a change in the color of the discharge. This differs from discharge during pregnancy. During vaginal discharge, it may appear yellow or green. This can also be a sign of bad health. Seek immediate consultation with a doctor.

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