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Health and Fitness

Tummy Tuck: Get Ready to Part Your Ways With Your Nemesis In 2022

Tummy Tuck Treatment In Dubai

You feel disfigured whenever you eat while sitting at the dining table at a gathering. Sometimes, you walk on the cold clouds of judgment, often labeled weak-willed. People do not care if you find them pointing fingers and staring at you when you walk awkwardly in the streets. You wore thick overcoats like a life jacket.

However, tummy tuck, also known as Abdominoplasty, is your key to part with your nemesis – excess fat and skin. This invasive cosmetic treatment is still on the rise because do-it-on-your-lunch-break options do not provide similar satisfaction. It is trendy during the age of body contouring procedures such as CoolSculpting.

What is Tummy Tuck?

Tummy Tuck aims to restore the youthful and toned appearance of the client’s abdomen. For this purpose, it targets explicitly two primary issues – excess skin and separation between the abdominal muscles. It also takes care of the excess fat that has taken residence beneath the gentleness of your skin.

Unlike liposuction that focuses on reducing the fat deposits, the differentiating factor that sets tummy tuck targets the excess skin or stretch marks that torments your self-esteem after significant weight loss and pregnancy. Some tummy tuck Dubai experts consider it an effective way to eliminate loose and saggy skin.

Secondly, the next issue is muscle separation. Naturally, we all are born with a bit of separation between both sides of rectal muscles, commonly known as six-packs. There is a separation of at least half an inch or more.

But with age and certain life-changing factors such as pregnancy, the muscles are further separated. It is like loosening a corset. With this in mind, the only solution to tightening the muscles is surgery. Tummy tucking pulls the muscle edges together that acts like an internal corset. Eventually, the muscles pull the tummy in.

How Does Tummy Tuck Compare to Body-Contouring Procedures?

Non-invasive procedures do not yield the results of a tummy tuck. Procedures such as CoolSculpting and SculpSure are surface level, meaning that they work by penetrating heat or cold sensations into the skin to kill fat cells. They are great for stubborn fat deposits, but they do not treat sagging skin and muscle separation unlike tummy tucks.

What To Expect On The Day Of Surgery?

First, your surgeon will make two incisions that will extend across the bikini line – one made from one hip bone on one side of the body to the hipbone on the other side of the body and the second one made around the navel.

Next, the surgeon removes the fat and skin and tightens your abdominal muscles through these incisions. They will lift the skin away from the underlying muscles. Then, they will stitch muscles together, restoring the tightness.

Finally, the surgeon will stretch the segmented skin flap over the abdominal area. Here, they will remove excess skin to achieve a tightened appearance. If your surgeon has included the navel, it will be reconstructed to the position where it looks natural.

Moreover, a surgical drain may be inserted under your skin to collect excess fluid. Your surgeon will remove it after several weeks. Also, they will close the incisions with sutures and cover the area with a sterile dressing.

Do You Know the Difference Between Full and Mini Tummy Tuck?

The entire tummy tuck process depends on the type you have chosen for yourself– mini or full. Mini tummy tuck stretches from inner thigh to inner thigh, whereas a complete tummy tuck procedure spans the stomach from hip to hip. Hence, the differentiating factor is the length of the incision.

A full abdominoplasty involves a large abdominal incision, excessive fat and skin removal, and a sheer possibility of repositioning the belly button. A partial or mini abdominoplasty consists of smaller incisions; it does not involve an incision and less extensive tissue resection around the belly button. It focuses on the lower abdominal part.

The Recovery Process

Tummy tuck in Dubai is a major surgery in which you will be under the effects of anesthesia for two and a half to four hours. However, a tummy tuck is technically an outpatient technique in which you can be discharged after spending many hours resting in a recovery room after the anesthesia wears off. Hence, you will not miss out on the Dubai shenanigans associated with the beginning of the new year.  

After getting home, you have to do a lot of recouping. With that in mind, take off from work and put all your gym activities and recreational trips on hold. Sit on the couch and spend your day in front of the television.

Should You Be Receiving Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for tummy tuck surgery. It is more common among women of age 40 and 50. These women prefer the treatment after they have finished having children.

Keep in mind that this treatment does not emphasize fat reduction. It has built its popularity on its ability to define your abdomen’s appearance. Thus, the best plastic surgeon Dubai will not recommend a tummy tuck for people who have excess fat and not excess skin or muscle separation.

It can be tricky to acknowledge the best treatment for you, whether it is non-invasive CoolSculpting, liposuction, or tummy tuck. A certified and reputable plastic surgeon can guide you better towards the solution.

What is the Outlook for You Who Have Had A Tummy Tuck?

In general, most people are pleased with their new appearance after undergoing this procedure. Nevertheless, you may not feel like yourself for several months following the surgery. But don’t forget that you’ve put in a lot of effort to make this happen. It is a significant emotional, physiological, and budgetary commitment. To keep your new look, you must eat right and exercise regularly.

Wrapping Up

To conclude, tummy tuck surgery is an invasive cosmetic procedure that you may want to consider if you want a flatter, firmer-looking stomach. When deciding whether this was the proper treatment for you, you had to consider several factors, including concerns about the recovery period and scars. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this surgical procedure with your plastic surgery Dubai professionals.

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