Liberty Palace is One of the best function venues in Sydney For Your Events

We all need to find the best function venues in Sydney when it comes to any event that we are arranging. You all are conscious. We need everything to be perfect and right. The venue should be the one whom people will watch it and their comments must be like woe. This is so nice and great. we want to the food on our functions that is the best.

We need a place in which we can put our trust. We need the drinks to be perfect. The DJ should be ready to play what the audience wants. We are too conscious of all these things. So you need a place that is perfect for your event. So there is a need for discussion that what that place should be?

Best Function Venues In Sydney

The best function venue that is beautifully unique and known for its events is The Liberty Palace In Sydney. It is a company that will provide you the best venues for all your functions and parties. They will become your partner in the happiest movements of your life.

So now there needs to be a discussion on what they are providing for your events?

5 Star Company

The liberty palace is a 5-star company which means that it is providing excellence in its restaurants and venues. So isn’t it the best place that you can choose for your events?

Venue Information That You Might Need

They are located in the middle of Bankstown. The following is all the venue information that you might need.

Distance From Sydney

They are located at the travel of just 30 minutes from Sydney. You can travel easily through M5 and you will reach there in 30 minutes.

Décor Of Liberty Palace

The liberty palace is one of the best function venues in Sydney. They have the modern and best décor in the whole town. Their first look will attract you a lot that you stop looking for anything further.

Parking Facility

You must have seen the restaurants and party venues where you don’t even find the parking. When you are a host, you must take care that all your guests feel comfortable while parking their cars. There should not be the stupid issues of parking as it minimizes the show of your event and the thing that highlights in their mind is the issues that they faced while attending your events. So make sure to take a place that will provide a good parking space for your guests.

They will provide you 2 story parking for your guests’ cars.

Lift & Escalator

Everything makes an impact on the minds of the guests. Trust me, everything that they will feel will make an impact on their minds. They will park their cars in the parking lot and they can access the lift or escalator, whatever they want from there.

Large Outdoor Areas

They will provide you with large outdoor areas. The outdoors areas are with large Bi-fold doors that are from floor to ceiling. This will also cause an impact on the minds of your guests that you are holding your event in the best place out there.

Dance Floor

We all are lovers of dancing. And the events are the happy movements, we all love to dance on them. They  provides you with the best dancing floor. They will be large, so can dance properly in a large space.

They will also provide you with a great music system as music is in our soul and we cannot enjoy anything unless the music is there.

Party Extras

There also must be many things that we want at our parties so they can be unique. To make your parties exceptional, they will provide you the following things.

  • LCD
  • Dance Floor Lights
  • Lasers
  • The Smoke machines
  • Projectors
  • Confetti Cannons
  • Bubble Machine

These are all the things that you can add to your party and make it exceptional than any other party that you ever attended.

Red Carpet

The thing that adds the perfect feeling to your event is how you welcome them. We all believe that if there is a red carpet then we are special for the host. So they will provide you the red carpet facility. So you can treat your guests well.

Bars In Liberty Palace

They will provide you the best wine collection. They will arrange a great bar for your guests. They also have professional bartenders. This will also add a luxury feel to your event.

Catering Facility

They have a 5 Star Restaurant. This means they have the best chefs that will provide you best food. You can take advantage of their catering service. They have many dishes that you can choose from their menu.

External Catering

If you like the venue and you want to hire your caterers then still it is fine for them. They will provide you with the best function venues in Sydney and on the other hand, you can hire your favourite caterers.

Functions That They Cover

They cover all the functions. They want to see you happy and thus love to be a part of every happiness that you have in your life.

Here is the list of few functions that they accommodate.

  • School formals
  • Your Birthday Parties
  • The Charity Balls
  • Concerts
  • Celebrations
  • Lunch Parties

These are just insufficient, you can ask them and they will arrange any function that you want.


How can we not talk about Marriage? The happiest movement for any couple is their wedding day. They will provide you with the best wedding venues and all other facilities so you can enjoy your day perfectly.

So you can say that Liberty palace is one of the best function venues in Sydney. So you can choose it if you think it is best. Also, you can see all their things on their website.


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