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Tips For Building a Great Clan In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Clans are like a community in MMO games. As in a community, you will have guild members who can come and go as they please. However, a clan is different from a regular guild in that a clan has specific rules and structure that separate it from a regular guild. Also, a clan may only contain individuals from the same clan. For example, if you wanted to be part of the Cabernet clan in Destiny 2, then you would need to be part of that clan.

Create a clan in Destiny 2:

When you create a clan in Destiny 2, there are several options available. Can you create your own clan page and give your members their own personal page. Can also select create clan logos for all of your players and give them their own personal page. You can also select to make a clan page for each individual character. These screens allow you to select the color scheme, name of your logo, and a slogan that your players will use to represent the clan on all of their posts.

In addition to the main clan page, each character has their own personal page. This page has their photo, their bios, and a slogan that players can use in their chats to help encourage unity within the group. In addition, some clan sites offer chat channels that feature both text and voice communication, which make it easy for you and your players to communicate during game times.

Two primary clans in Destiny 2:

There are two primary clan in Destiny 2: the Red team and the Blue team. Each of these groups holds several different spots, giving players plenty of opportunities to earn rewards and XP. Since the rewards are split between the teams, some players will prefer one clan over the other for certain objectives while others will play each side in an attempt to earn as much XP as possible.

The primary way to earn clan rewards and XP is to do jobs for your teammates. Each of your teammates has a series of quests available that can be completed to earn a set number of credits per mission. Completing these quests requires that players put in time and effort so it’s important to spend some time researching your teammates and finding out what perk they are offering in order to complete the best job for the job.

Fastest and easiest way to level up in Destiny 2:

Another way that players will be able to earn clan rewards and XP is by taking part in battles. Battles are a form of community activity in Destiny 2 that takes place on special islands known as the Patrol Islands. Participating in a battle doesn’t just get you a nice reward, however; it also gives you a chance to earn a special rank, which allows you to become eligible for getting special items and weapons from loot lists. You must ensure that there is at least 2 members present in a battle in order to get to the proper rank, otherwise you won’t be able to receive these powerful items.

The fastest and easiest way to level up in clan in Destiny 2 is to play against other clans. In addition to earning clan XP through battles. You will also gain a hefty amount of gold once you are a member of a clan. Once a player has reached a certain point in their Destiny 2 career. They may be eligible to receive a chest that contains either a rare item or exotic weapon. It is possible to reach this goal in less than a week. If you play regularly and are patient. But you must be aware that earning both the rare and exotic items requires time. As such, if you aren’t willing to put in the time. It may be better for you to choose other career paths that require considerably less time spent on playtime.


On top of earning clan XP and rewards through battles, it is now possible to invite people to join your clan. Alliances can be formed publish the post with up to five members, each of which possesses a different Power level. When you send an invitation to a player, they are asked to accept your invitation before they can join your clan. This new feature encourages new players to make friends through the game rather than keeping it a secret. After all, building new relationships is what separates a small team of Destiny 2 players from a large group.

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