Life-Changing Matte Lipstick Hacks and Tips

Matte lipsticks are one of the latest lip products that everyone is in love with.

Matte lipsticks are one of the latest lip products that everyone is in love with. But, everyone who is a beauty enthusiast realizes that matte lipsticks are definitely not a makeup product that is low maintenance. It’s not as simple as putting it in and forget about it. With that horrible dried wax sensation and the way it magnifies every tiny speck that is dead on the lips it’s an uneasy makeup choice to feel comfortable about. However, don’t worry; I’ve provided you with these amazing matte lipstick tips and you’ll be able to enjoy a shiny-free look within a matter of minutes.

1. Make sure your lips are exfoliated prior to applying matte lipstick

One of the most significant disadvantages when wearing matte lip gloss is that it has the possibility of noticing dry patches on your lips, and then glare them in front of everyone else. Matte lipstick isn’t able to stick to dry spots if none are there. So, make sure you cleanse your lips prior to applying. There are many people who advise that you apply a toothbrush to your lips. However, I don’t really recommend this method since our lips are very delicate and delicate and the bristles of a plastic toothbrush are too rough use for anything other than scraping the surface.

I love using a lips scrubs to remove the dead skin or a warm washcloth. If using warm washcloth to exfoliate, rub the fabric onto your lips with circular motion. Repeat this daily to get greater effect!

2. Make sure your lips are hydrated prior to applying matte lipstick by applying balm


Maintaining your lips’ hydration is crucial when you wear matte lipstick. Therefore, instead of applying matte lipstick straight, put the lipstick on with a light layer lipstick balm in order to help keep the lips well-hydrated. If you apply lip balm prior to applying using matte lipstick that you’ll be able to have the perfect matte lip!

3. To ensure that your matte lipstick will last all day long, place the tissue over your lips. Apply a thin layer of powder over the tissue.

To ensure that your lipstick stays matte for as long as it is possible you can place a small tissue piece on your lips. Apply some transparent powder over the tissue. By placing the tissue, you can allow only a small amount of powder to penetrate the tissue, and then deposit on the lipstick. The powder is translucent and has a lot of staying power, exactly as it will do to your makeup. 4. Make sure you apply your matte lipstick directly from the bullet.


Make this a priority in your head Don’t mess with your the lip brush when you’re dealing with matte. Lip brushes can create any glossy lipstick to appear uneven and streaky even if it’s the most incredible formula you’ve ever seen. Apply your lipstick directly from the tube onto your lips to achieve the perfect application.

Extra tip If the matte lipstick is drying out, heat it slightly by blasting the ball with the hairdryer prior to applying. The lipstick will melt only a bit and make it easier to apply evenly across your lips.

5. Line your lips to get a exact application

Matte lipstick is extremely well-pigmented, which makes it simple to add color outside of the lines of your lips. So, matte lipstick requires an ideal outline. The best method of going about applying your shade, and then tidy your outline by applying the same shade of lipstick liner. This means that you don’t need to play about creating a perfect outline and then apply your lipstick, and then repairing tiny mistakes that you made while applying your lipstick using concealer and battalion of small brushes. Just one step and completed! This will stop the lipstick from flaking and will make to blend it more smoothly, too.

6. Apply concealer or skin-coloured powder to create a smooth line around your lips.


After applied your lipliner and matte lipstick apply a concealer or a powder with a similar tones to your skin’s edge to create a sleek line around your lips.

7. Use Vaseline or moisturizers to get rid of matte lipstick


Matte lipsticks are difficult to get off sometimes. Instead of spending money on expensive removers for makeup, apply the heavy, unscented lotion on the (closed) lips, and then wipe it off with tissues. The lipstick color disappear beautifully with no staining and your lips will be gorgeous. In my experience I usually make use of Vaseline It not only is very affordable, but also removes makeup with ease.

It’s not as difficult as it seems it’s not as easy to achieve (and keeping) that perfect lip can be more difficult than you believe. We’re addicted to lipstick We’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks to apply lipstick over time – keep reading to learn additional…

1. A product with multiple uses can be lifesaver those who are strapped for budget and time. And the good news is that lipsticks work perfectly as cream blush. There’s a guarantee of longevity and pigment as well as no risk that your lipstick and blush shades being in conflict!

2. Are you in love with your lipstick color however, do you need something that lasts longer? Make your lipstick matte by placing the tissue paper on your lips and gently patting it using a brush that has been dusted with transparent setting powder.

3. To lighten or change a natural-toned lipstick more of a naked shade, mix it with a bit of concealer to achieve your desired shade.

4. Drinking out on a Saturday night can be full of fun and games until you begin to worry about whether you’ll end up with your lipstick getting smudged all over the place and needing to look at your lips every 5 minutes with your small mirror, don’t you think? To avoid reapplying it constantly you can drink your drinks using a straw. Yep it’s as easy as that!

5. To ensure that your lipstick stays throughout the night, you can layer your lipstick, then blot each layer using a sheet made of tissue.

6. As gorgeous and polished as a striking lip might appear even if it’s applied badly you’ll likely make the Krusty the Clown statement rather than a girl-power one. To keep your lips looking clean and tidy, apply the (very) tiny amount of concealer using an exact concealer brush along the outside around your lips.

7. If your lips naturally dark in colour you should look for lipsticks that have a peach undertone as peach is always colour right, and therefore neutralize and soften the dark shade.


The shade you choose for your lipstick will affect how you appear and feel. You’ll naturally feel better all day long if you are confident that you look gorgeous in your preferred lipstick shade. It will assist you in putting some effort into selecting the perfect style and outfit. Your hairstyle and outfit will add glamour to your appearance. Even if you only apply lipstick without putting anything else going on and you still look stunning. If you’re looking for a more natural-looking look by highlighting your lipstick, you must consider going for a matte. The matte lipstick shades of Lakme have the perfect shade for you.



Matte lipsticks tend to stay on your lips longer than glossy counterparts. All you need to apply them once to last all day. It’s not necessary to go to the bathroom after each meeting or mealtime.

It looks very natural.

If you typically wear lightweight cosmetics, matte lip colors will not be a problem blending with your overall look. So, you shouldn’t go too bold when selecting bright colors for your lips from Lakme like Mulled Wine.


One of the most appealing aspects about choosing a long-lasting, matte waterproof lipsticks from Lakme is that they’re not smudge-proof. This means you don’t need to worry about getting them smudge-free by every things you put in your mouth, even while eating. It’s not necessary to worry about using a mirror or even looking at your phone. To see whether the lipstick is expanded beyond the boundaries or not.

It is possible to use it with or without MAKEUP

You can be bold by choosing a matte lipsticks from Lakme. It makes you appear well-dressed, beautiful and sophisticated.


The matte lipsticks of lakme are non-sticky. Therefore, even if lipstick marks are visible on your clothes. You will not have to be concerned about taking them off. The clothing since the shades of matte lipsticks that include the most dark red or pink are not sticky unlike glossy shades. It is not possible to find matte liquid lipsticks, or a windy night-shade on the glass of your fork or cup while you take a bite. It’ll just remain there on the lips.

You can use them even in the summer months.

The glossy shades tend to melt in the summer heat, particularly when you’re sweating. However If you opt for matte shades of sheer sass lipstick from lakme, there’s no have to worry about melting. The best part is that they won’t cause your lips to feel heavy, uncomfortable or hot.

It gives you a unique LOOKING

You will look strikingly distinctive when you choose colors of liquid lipstick that are waterproof and. Matte like the glamorous look from lakme . They can be paired with any outfit you want and add some amazing look and feel.


You can enhance the definition of your lips as well as your face. By using your preferred Lakme matte lipstick shades such as Sunday Brunch. It’s best if you choose matte shades so that you make your face stand out.

Explore the various hues of matte lipstick online from Lakme and select the one that matches your preferences and budget. The main elements that make up the shades of matte lipstick are pigment and wax oil. In general, if you apply the matte lipstick correctly. It can give you an unpretentious look that’s less sweet and glossy as other lipsticks.


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