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Make your events the most successful with these best motivational speakers

Recognize that guests are seeking more than just an event when planning an event, they’re searching for an experience that can be fulfilled with top motivational speakers in India who are making enough room and leaving no stone unturned to fill every corner of the room with the echoes of their voices. Not exclusively should a persuasive orator have a solid talking voice, however, they should talk with lucidity, brevity, and must possess an ability to articulate with the audiences vocally. If you are hosting an event and looking for the best motivational speakers in India, here is a list below.


Pooja Bhatt is an actress, voice actor, model, filmmaker, and one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in India. The Bhatt family has made headlines not only with their eccentric acting skills but also for their personal lives.  Author Shaheen and actress Alia Bhatt are her half-sisters. Mahesh Bhatt’s Daddy gave a filmy life to Pooja Bhatt at the age of 17. She has successfully hosted many events and broke the patriarchal norms by speaking about women empowerment and also owning up her addiction to alcohol and how she fought against it inspiring others also to defeat the demon of addiction.


Simerjeet Singh is an unorthodox speaker who has touched many lives around the world forcing people to grow,  inspiring them to take action on the things that truly matter in their lives, with over 1.3 million YouTube subscribers and engagement of 50 million+. Simerjeet Singh specializes in personalized, engaging, and inspirational keynotes and virtual programs for individuals aiming to get motivation,  ranging from student groups to big multi-national businesses. He has over 13 years of international experience in the motivational speakers’ sector.


Gaur Gopal Das is one of the most renowned top motivational speakers in India who is well-known throughout the world; his videos have had over 500 million views. He is regarded as the inner city, digital monk, with over 2 million subscribers on Youtube. Gaur Gopal Das’ lectures, which are based on perennial knowledge passed down through the generations, encourage the audience to think more critically and discover easy solutions to complex issues.


Ujjwal Patni is a top business coach and only motivational speaker in India, having set three Guinness World Records and being named to MTC Global’s “Top 10 Indian Thinkers – 2014” list. His seven novels have been translated into 14 languages and sold in 28 countries. He has received 15 major honours, including the Government’s Pandit Sundarlal Sharma Rajya Alankaran, the Top 10 Indian Thinkers 2014, the Best Corporate Trainer of India, and the Kamal Patra award, demonstrating his status as a real achiever.


Mr. Rajnish Kumar formerly served as the director of the State Bank of India. In October 2020, his three-year stint as director came to an end. He is credited for successfully steering the bank through difficult times. Mr. Kumar is a seasoned traveler who has visited a number of nations. He enjoys playing games, and his favorite is badminton. Social Business Financing For Small Scale Businesses


Dr Sujata Shetty is a qualified motivational speaker via International Coach Federation (ICF). She uses her training coaching and wellness skills to help people recover their health and wellness on a one-on-one basis.  She also offers corporate wellness lectures and workshops. Her wellness seminars and workshops, like her books, are unusual in that they place a strong focus on scientific studies that demonstrate unambiguously how and why particular lifestyle practices improve wellbeing and prevent both mental and physical sickness.


Parmesh is an energetic promoter for LGBTQ in corporate India and has directed a large number of the nation’s driving organizations on their consideration ventures. Parmesh moved on from MIT with a graduate degree in near-media sectors expanding his career goals further. He is a TED Senior Fellow, a Yale World Fellow, and a Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum.


Abilash Tomy is the most popular motivational speaker and currently wants to provide best-vested ideas to as many people as possible, especially the gen-Z, once they reach adulthood and be conscious. Since his return, Cdr Tomy has spoken to over 50,000 people at over 100 schools, universities, and corporations, and has been covered in a wide range of media.  Abhilash Tomy was also featured at Tedx Gateway and delivered a smash hit realistic book on his Voyage 151. The Governor of Maharashtra gave a Malayalam release of this book, which sold like paparazzi’s images.

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