PayKun Merchant Dashboard One stop for all Merchant Business Needs

The PayKun merchant dashboard is an extremely useful tool for your business to get transaction insights, make their analysis, and carry out other important functions related to online payments and transactions. This helps to grow your business with its efficient management.

PayKun facilitates this resourceful tool, which is an all-in-one place for its merchants for various business activities related to the transactions processed through the PayKun payment gateway.

PayKun Merchant Dashboard Functions

The primary purpose of the PayKun merchant dashboard is to show you the transactions made by the customers through the PayKun payment gateway. This helps you to provide timely services to the customers whose transaction is successful. However, there are various other functions in the PayKun dashboard and that is included under the following tabs:

  1. Home
  2. Transactions
  3. Settlements
  4. Payment Links
  5. Customers
  6. Reports
  7. My Account
  8. Settings
  9. Contact Support

Let us understand the functionality and facilities provided by each of these PayKun merchant dashboard tabs:

1. Home

The primary purpose of this tab in the PayKun merchant dashboard is to enable analytics with graphical and statistical representation under various types of sections.

The first part is the filters with the time period. As per the selected filter from ‘today’, ‘week’, ‘month’, ‘year’, and ‘custom’, further details and graphs are displayed.

Next, the data is shown under the below heads:

  • Number of Successful Transactions
  • Amount Received
  • The average of amount and transactions

After this top section, there is a Graph of Successful transactions (as per the main filter mentioned above the filter of the graph can be set), also there is a section showing total transactions, unsettled transactions, the number of desktop transactions, and the number of mobile transactions (these numbers would be as per the main filter)

Following that, there is a graph and statistics for the ‘Transaction Type’. This shows the ratio of transactions as per the payment method used by the customers. The percentage of transactions using a debit card, credit card, net banking, UPI, and wallet. When you click on a specific payment, more details are displayed on the right side space.

Lastly, there is a section with the Recent Payments (the transactions recently made), Recent Refunds (the refunds initiated in recent time), and Recent Settlements (the newly processed settlements).

PayKun Dashboard

2. Transactions

There are the sub-tabs under this section of the PayKun dashboard, these are discussed as below:

  • Payment

All the transactions with their status such as initialized, failed, success, auto-reversed, refunded, etc are shown here.

The other information for the respective transactions would include the Payment ID, amount, order ID, email address of the customer, and the date of the transaction.

This can be filtered as per the required information.

  • Refund

This is the next tab and it shows the refunded transaction with the information for the payment ID, Refund ID, status of a refund, and the date.

Note: To initiate the refund, you need to have enough balance in your merchant account.

  • Order

This shows the transactions in the form of the Orders with the information of the Order ID, name of the product, attempts of the transaction, amount, payment date, and the status. It has the filter option too.

  • Abandoned Payment

When the customer does not complete the payment process, then it would be shown under this section.

  • Dispute

If any transaction is under the ongoing dispute filed by the customer then you can view it here.

  • Chargeback

Similarly, the transaction under the filed chargeback would appear here.

3. Settlements

In this part of the PayKun merchant dashboard, you can view the settlements with the details such as the settlement ID, amount, status, date, name of the bank, and the report download option. The data can be filtered with various options such as Settlement ID, Status, limit, and the Date Range.

4. Payment Links

Here, you can view the Payment Links with the details such as Payment Link ID, Payment Link URL,   Amount, Customer email address, Receipt No., the date on which it was created, Status (active or disabled), and the actions.

Under this section, you can Create the Payment Link and the Master Link.

5. Customers

Here, you can view the data from the Customer’s point of view. It would be your customer database, which is editable.

6. Reports

Under the Reports tab, you can generate and download the reports in different file formats such as PDF, Excel, and CSV. The available reports are Transaction Report,     Refund Report, Settlement Report, GST Report, and the Monthly Summary Report.

7. My Account

This section of the PayKun dashboard includes 2 subtabs namely: Profile and Manage Team

The Profile includes your details as a registered merchant with PayKun. These details are Merchant ID, Name, Email, Mobile No., Activation Status of the merchant account, Registration Date, GST Number, PayKun’s GST, and your Account Manager’s Contact Details with PayKun.

Under Manage Team, you can give access to your team members assigning them their respective roles.

8. Settings

Settings are divided into 4 different tabs including Notification, Security, Customize UI, and Configuration.

Notification – Here you can set account and transaction alerts such as Login, Transaction, Refund, Dispute, Chargeback, Downtime, and Payout.

Security – Here you can generate and regenerate the API Keys and also go to the Settings for the PayKun Dashboard for Two-Step Authentication, Session Timeout & Change Password Options.

Customize UI – Here you can change the color and logo of the PayKun checkout page.

Configuration – Here there is an option to add Customer Care Details for the customers that appear with the PayKun transaction details, to set the Delayed Capture on/off, and also to add the Webhook URL

Apart from this, there are other options in the Paykun merchant dashboard, listed below:

  • Business Name Registered with PayKun
  • PayKun Merchant ID and Option to Copy
  • Registered Email Address
  • Team role (admin, manager, support finance)
  • Test Mode to access the Sandbox mode of PayKun
  • Enable International Payment to send the request
  • Developer Document i.e. technical documentation and registration process
  • Logout option

PayKun Merchant Dashboard


PayKun Payment Gateway helps you to accept easy online payments for your business. The PayKun merchant dashboard is an important tool to make this seamlessly possible. Stay tuned for the Payout option to be added to the PayKun dashboard with its soonest launch and other major updates.

Until then sign up with PayKun Dashboard for payment gateway services.

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