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Men Haircare and Skincare Routine

Men are a bit more conscious about their hair health and skin health. Usually, men prefer natural skin, but it requires effort to maintain that natural, glowing skin. Men’s fashion stands out only on two important aspects – skin health and hair health. It is only women who crave luscious, healthy hair, men too crave this. If you are putting effort into grooming your body, then this will directly affect your personality. You will be more attractive and eye-pleasing. Using different kinds of expensive products is not always necessary to maintain your hair and skin health. Sometimes, the right product in the right quantity and at the right time will do the best for you. 

There are different varieties of skin types and hair types. You must know what your hair type is. You can take the help of any professional or from the internet to categorize yourself.  There is a different solution for different types of skin and hair. If we see the outer portion, there is no major difference between men and female hair or skin. The epidermis is the same for both genders if we ignore the softness level. So, men should also be more conscious about their skin health. This all can be achieved. In this article, we will be bringing you some of the best tips and products that you should definitely include in your haircare and skincare routine.  Let’s first start with the haircare routine, then we will switch to the skincare şişli escort routine. Let’s start. 

Best tips and products that men should include in their hair care routine

As we have discussed above, men’s and women’s hair are almost alike, but the difference lies in the way men and women manage their hair. Women give more attention to their hair health as compared to men. Men generally go blow-drying, a no-fuss route that damages their scalp and routes. When men pop into the salon for the latest style, they color their hair, wear their hair long, use heat styling tools, which isn’t good for hair health.

In this section, we will be focusing on the hair care techniques that will avoid hair loss, dry scalp, and common haircare problems. These tips and products should be included in your hair care routine. Know your hair type and follow these below-mentioned tips. 

  • Keep your scalp clean 

A dirty scalp disrupts the microbiome balance on the upper surface of the head which results in various skincare problems. The accumulation of many bacteria on the surface causes inflammation that severely affects the follicles, giving out many skin care problems. A clean scalp is always a healthy scalp. You can use a mild shampoo or any mild hair cleanser to clean your scalp and stop this microbial process. Make sure you are not washing your hair excessively as it can also damage the protective oil layer of hair. Washing your hair about 2-3 times a week is considered okay and normal. 

  • Always use the right products

If you are not aware of your skin type, then you will be investing in random products that can cause reciprocal effects. Thus, it is majorly important to know your hair type and use hair care products according to that only. All the hair care products from shampoo to styling wax are made to work best for a particular skin type. That is why it is important to know your hair type and purchase the right product for maximum benefits. Also, make sure you are sanitizing your hands with disinfecting fogger solution before applying any product. 

  • Start as soon as possible 

There is never a right time to start your hair care routine. The sooner you start, the better. A hair care routine is something that demands at least five minutes from your daily routine. There will probably be an easy solution for every skin problem if you get to know it early. 

  • Stay consistent

Sometimes messy hair also looks good, but it doesn’t mean it never demands to groom. You should always be ready to groom your hair and with consistency. There is a fine line between looking groomed and messy, and taking proper care of your care will protect you to not cross the line. It is important to clean hair from all the extra parts like ears, sideburns, back of the neck, and more. They do not portray a good impression. Thus, it is recommended to stay consistent. 

  • Tips for black hair

It is the most common type of hair type. To be very honest, taking a haircare routine of this type of hair is also difficult. There are many types of black hair like wavy, kinky, straight, coiled, and others. Whatever the type, all of them need nourishment. The pro tip for this type of hair is to limit the use of shampoo to once a week and use leave-in and rinse-out hair conditioners. This will make your hair soft and superfine. 

It is recommended to go to the salon once every three weeks to look groomed if you like short hair. You can also try any other hairstyle but after proper care. But, if you have long hair, you need to invest in some hair care products like proper shampoo, hair care cream, a conditioner, serums, and many more. They will help your hair roots to get stronger and hold down your long hair. Make sure you are buying products that are specially made for black textured color. 

You should use shea butter and avocado oil to provide extra nourishment to the scalp and roots of your hair. This will also add extra shine to your hair. You can also use amla oil to add a proper black shine and to make them soft. Apart from these products, you should also use hair nourishing cream to provide extra protein to your hair. 

  • Tips for Longhair 

Who doesn’t like flowing, smooth, and wavy long hair? I guess, everyone. But long hair is difficult to manage. They are very prone to break and leave your head bald in some coming years if not taken proper care of. For long hair, you should not get a haircut, but trimming every 4-5 months is necessary to look well-groomed. Long hair is a bit more prone to split ends and thus, trimming is necessary. 

You should also take proper care of your hair while styling. Avoid using products that give a firm hold, instead; allow your hair to stand loose and bouncy. This looks better. For shining, apply hair gel or serum. Also, use avocado oil or almond oil to speed up the growth while not compromising hair health. 

Try avoiding heated styling tools as they will leave your hair damaged. These products include curler, straightener, blow dryer, and many more. Instead of using such products, you can use air-dry as it will not affect the health of your hair. 

  • Tips for Gray Hair

Gray hair is a natural part of aging and you have to accept this fact. The hair becomes off-white and starts losing its shine and texture. The production of melanin slows down in the hair which ultimately results in changing color. Melanin is responsible for giving the right texture and color to the hair and skin. Higher the amount of melanin, the darker the skin or hair type. Melanin is also responsible for giving strength to your hair. But, when the production of melanin slows down, the hair becomes brittle and dry which requires extra care. This extra care will provide nourishment and support to the hair. 

For the Gray hair care routine, you need to use proper leave-in treatments, conditioners, and many more nourishing tools. It is completely your choice whether you want to keep your hair color or not, either one is completely acceptable. You can use hair cream and hair gel to gain back the shine. Proper shampoo can also help in providing extra strength to your hair. While you are coloring your hair, make sure you are not making them completely natural, 50-50% texture is good and will also depict a nice impression as it will look more natural. 

  • Tips for Curly hair 

This is my hair type and yes, I have faced all the problems that guys with this hair type are facing. We crave softness, strength, and volume. We want to get rid of all those frizzy and dry hair. You might also be losing your hair texture as time passes. All these problems are common and don’t worry, there is a solution. Some of these problems arise due to humidity and some due to lack of care. For curly hair types, correct use of oil is very necessary. Avocado oil or almond oil can help in getting rid of that frizzy hair while hair serum will help in providing moisture to the hair roots. Also, make sure you are using conditioner on your curls to keep them hydrated. 

  • Moisturizing tips and remedy for dry scalp

Moisturizing your hair is very important to maintain their health. The amount of hydration needed depends on your type, for example, dry and frizzy hair requires extra hydration as compared to soft and smooth hair.  Using conditioner is the first line of defense and if it fails, the use of moisturizing cream will be the second line of defense. Continuously shampooing your hair will leave your scalp dry and hair breakage. This can only be cured by applying proper moisturizer and hair conditioner. If nothing is working, intaking a high protein diet will surely help you. 

To get rid of dry scalp, drink enough water. This will provide moisture to your hair scalp which will stop the incoming issues. Using the right products will also help you to avoid dry scalp. Tea tree oil and almond oil can revive your scalps in minutes as they are rich in antiseptic, antifungal, and antibiotic properties. You can also go with home remedies like coconut oil and aloe vera, they are also the best options for dry scalp. 

  •  For Oily hair 

To be very honest, no one likes greasy and oily hair. The presence of excessive oil in your head is because of excess production of sebum. Sebum is a sort of oil that activates due to many factors like intense exercise, hygrine habits, and over-washing your hair. The use of mint-menthol shampoo can help you to get rid of that extra oil as it helps in drying out your scalp and hair. 

  •  For Hair loss 

Hair loss in men is common which is affected by many external as well as genetic factors. They can prove to be hard on a man’s confidence level thus, no one wants to be bald at an early age. Strong and healthy hair can save you from facing such a problem. To avoid hair breakage, you can use onion juice over your hair surface. Trust me, it is very effective. There are many products also available in the market for hair growth, but consult a doctor before buying any. 

Men Skincare routine

Men also suffer from many skin problems like acne, dryness, and many more. These problems are common and have solutions too. Healthy, glowing skin is appraised by everyone and everyone craves that skin type. So, to give you a remedy for all your problems, we will be bringing out some of the best skincare tips, products, and routines that will gear up your look. Let’s start with beginner level followed by intermediate and advanced level. 

Beginner Level

You are new to your skincare routine, and till now you have also washed your face with hand soap and water. So, to elevate the glow of your skin, you need to use a facial cleanser, night cream, eye cream, moisturizer, and SPF at the beginner level. 

  • Facial Cleanser 

There might be many impurities stuck inside your face pores that are creating all the skin problems. To get rid of those impurities, you need a facial cleanser to give you a squeaky-clean feeling. Soaps and other body care substances are not adequate for face skin as they can disturb the pH level of the skin which can result in loss of essential natural oils. There are some particular products present in the market that can work as cleansers for your face skin. 2% salicylic acid and other natural products like neem face wash function best as cleansers. They also provide the much-needed moisture to the skin. Make sure you are sanitizing your hands with a sanitising fog machine to avoid any pathogen entering your body. 

  • Eye cream 

Men should also include eye cream in their skincare routine as it fixes lots of problems in one go. Problems like dark circles, puffy bags due to inadequate sleep, and many more can vanish within a week if you apply a good quality eye cream. You must be knowing the fact that eye skin is a bit thinner than normal face skin, thus it requires its special products which contain more concentrated ingredients. Start using eye cream at least two times a day. 

  • Moisturizer 

A moisturized skin is always healthy skin. Dry skin is dull skin and also the most prone skin for many skin problems. Buy moisturizer from the market according to your skin type. See, if your skin is very oily, you do not need any moisturizer, but if your skin is normal or dry, then it becomes compulsory to use moisturizer over your skin. It makes skin more glowy and cheerful. You can use any gel also. 

  • SPF

Sun’s UV rays damage our skin. They penetrate into our skin and leave it burned. We almost encounter the sun’s UV rays every day and we cannot ignore this. So, how to protect our face skin from these harmful rays? SPF sunscreen cream is the solution. It contains skin hydrating substances that nullify the effects of UV rays. An SPF cream is a must-to-have skincare product that every man should have in their skincare routine. 


Now, you know how to keep your face clean and moisturized. At the intermediate level, we will learn more advanced skincare products that must be present in men’s skincare routine. 

  • Chemical Exfoliator 

This product helps in getting rid of dead skin cells that stick on our epidermis. These dead skin cells invite bacteria, causing acne and many more problems. They can also clog the pores that don’t allow any products to penetrate the skin and work at their best. Thus, removing these dead skin cells becomes very important. Exfoliator contains alpha hydroxy acid, which is soft for the skin and clears down dead skin cells gently unlike scrub. 

  • Serum 

A serum is yet another skincare product that every man must use. There are many types of serums and toners present in the market according to every skin type. Buy serum according to your skin type, apply it two times a day, and see its magic. The tough part about the serum is that it is not easy to find a serum that will work best on you. A serum will keep your skin hydrated and healthy. 

  • Face mask 

Now, masks provide all the extra nutrients needed for skin to glow. There are varieties of face masks present in the market out of which you have to decide which will work best. If you are a beginner, the start will be a clay mask. This will deep clean your skin after removing all the oil and debris. 

Advanced level

Your skin pores are clear enough, all you need is nourishment now. In an advanced-level skincare routine, you will focus on serums and other products enriched with multiple nourishing elements. So welcome to the big league now. 

  • Retinol 

An exfoliator is different from retinol as retinol is a form of vitamin A. Our skin needs vitamin A to glow and attacks signs of aging. There might be some side effects of prolonged use of retinol as it can be harsh on the skin too, but for a shorter duration of time or a party-like feel, you can freely apply this on your skin. Retinol is also present in sunscreen in small amounts and that is why it is recommended to use sunscreen daily. Make sure you are buying a gentle version of retinol and be patient with it. 

  • Toner 

Toner is yet another masterclass product that can make your skin radiant. It is a permanent remedy for acne-prone skin and is known for keeping dirt and oil-free. Just two damp cotton buds of toner on your face are enough for proper shiny and clear skin. You can also toner in a gel form that is the same effect as liquid toner is. 

  • Night cream 

A night cream is the best way to provide moisture to your skin without any effort. Night creams are meant to hydrate the skin cells of face skin and make them more radiant. Due to the presence of some specific ingredients, night cream can cure every skin problem. If you are not able to purchase night gel, you can also go with aloe vera gel as an alternate. 

So, here were some of the best tips and products that must be included in men’s haircare and skincare routine. Thanks for reading, stay healthy, stay safe. 

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