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Overstock Policies On The Use Of Your Personal Information

We gather the Overstock Credit Card information that may be used to identify, characterize, and reference. To connect a specific customer or device (collectively, “personal information”). This information is collected both directly and indirectly. The following types of personal information have been acquired in the previous twelve (12) months from our Overstock Customer Service:

Overstock Gather Data During The Process.

The following are the kind of sources from which we collect. The various types of personal information indicated above:
Saying it yourself (as an illustration):

  • To make a purchase, request a product or service order. To Return a product or seek an exchange, you must use our websites or mobile apps.
  • You register for an account using Overstock Coupon.
  • You may get in touch with us about customer care. Via our Overstock Customer Service center or on social media.
  • As a user you may access and interact with the websites. And mobile apps you visit.
  • Please visit our Facebook or YouTube channels. To keep up to date with the latest news from our company.
  • You opt-in to receive Overstock Credit Card e-mails, texts. On our social media updates from us.
  • To win, you engage in a contest or sweepstakes. React to a survey, or participate in an interview.
  • You contribute your thoughts, ideas, and recommendations.
  • Any of the Sites may be accessed through your computer, tablet. Or mobile device at any given time.

As a result of your actions (for example)
Third-party tracking of your online activities on our websites (where applicable)

What Information Do We Collect, and Why Do We Collect It?

Inventions And Methods

Other technologies, such as tracking pixels/web beacons and cookies. May also have used to collect and retain data. This includes Internet Protocol (IP) addresses browser information. Internet Service Provider (ISP) Overstock Customer Service. Operating system date/time stamp, and clickstream data.

We may use this data to tailor your website experience. And improve the relevance of our marketing communications. So we can provide things like the ability. To save products in your basket between sessions. Other websites. And mobile apps may use our material without permission.

Additionally, we utilize your Overstock Credit Card information. For reporting and research reasons. Such as how you shop on our website. The effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. And your reaction to those marketing campaigns.

Cookies From Unknown Sources

You may see advertisements for our goods and Overstock Customer Service. As well as those of other businesses. When you visit the Sites or other websites. Because we enable third-party firms to gather non-personally identifiable information about your visit.

Non-personally identifiable information (e.g., navigational, click stream information, browser type. Time and date, subject of advertisements clicked or scrolled over, etc.). Collected during your visits to the Sites and other websites. May be used by these companies to deliver advertisements for our products. And Overstock Customer Service that are more likely to interest you.

A cookie or a third-party web beacon, for example. May have used to gather this data. Read more about your cookie choices in the “What Choices Do You Have?” section of this Privacy Policy.

User-Interaction Data

Our Overstock Customer Service representatives use tools to monitor certain user experience information. including, but not limited to, login information, IP address, data on pages visited. And specific actions taken on pages visited (e.g., information entered during checkout). To improve customer online shopping experiences and assist in fraud identification.

Sources Of Additional Information

We may get information about our Overstock Credit Card customers from other firms that can improve the accuracy. And add to the information we have about our customers (e.g., adding address information). Improve our capacity to get in touch with you. And increase the relevance of our marketing efforts by presenting you. With more relevant product suggestions or special offers.

Your activity in a public forum (such as in a blog or chat room) may have seen. And collected by us and other users. Who may then use that information to tailor your experience. As a user, it is your responsibility for the information that you choose to post.

Overstock Privacy On The Go

We have mobile apps (sometimes known as “apps”) that enable you to purchase online. Check product availability, hear about special events, or get other information from us. This Privacy Policy governs the collection and use of personal information by our mobile application.

Using our mobile app. You may give us permission to access your current location. You do not have to provide us with your precise location to use our mobile apps. But for them to work, we need your zip code. Contact your Overstock Customer Service provider or the manufacturer of the device. If you have issues with your location and notification privacy settings.

How Overstock Makes Use Of The Data That We Gather

  • Fulfillment of products and services
  • Fulfill and handle purchases, orders, payments, returns/exchanges, requests for information. Or to assist you in any other way.
  • Do what is asked of you.
  • Run sweepstakes and competitions.
  • Intentions of Promotion
  • Send discounts, mobile coupons, newsletters, receipt messages, e-mails. And mobile messaging to customers.
  • Market goods, Overstock Customer Service. And special offers through sending promotional materials. And other types of marketing communications.
  • Handle the administration of incentives.
  • Enhance the efficacy of the websites, the mobile experience. And marketing activities in the internal business operations.
  • Use focus groups and surveys to get Overstock Credit Card information.
  • Perform additional business actions as required or detailed elsewhere in this policy.
  • Anti-theft measures and other safeguards are in place. To keep our consumers and company safe from fraud.

Customers encouraged to take the following steps to help keep their online accounts secure:

Most importantly, Prevent malware and viruses by keeping your computer up to date. With security updates and anti-virus software.

  • Your Overstock Credit Card email account passwords should to changed regularly.
  • Use long, complicated passwords or passphrases to protect your accounts.
  • The same password should not use on several websites.
  • Do not share your password with anybody.
  • Even while using a public computer. You should always log out of any open online sessions. To ensure that no one else has access to your personal information.

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