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Portrait Drawing shouldn’t be too hard read these tips

Portrait Drawing shouldn't be too hard read these tips

Portrait of a young girl

It is generally accepted that realistic Portrait Drawing are challenging to achieve. Always wanted to draw a beautiful picture with colored pencils? This step-by-step plan will teach you some handy tips and tricks to practice drawing portraits! Pick a reference photo you’d like to draw, and let’s get started! To make this plan a little easier to follow, we have divided the artwork into three parts: The face, the hair, and the flower-shaped hair accessory. You can also learn about butterfly drawing for your kids.

What you need :

  • White cotton paper (180 g / m²)
  • Graphite pencil
  • Bruynzeel Design Color colored pencils
  • Bruynzeel Expression colored pencils
  • Sakura Gelly Roll gel pen in white 05
  • Sakura Pigma fine black liner
  • Sharpener
  • X-Acto knife to scrape some details


Work slowly and in layers to achieve the most realistic effect possible. Make sure your pencils are neat, especially for drawing lashes, lip details, and other fine lines Portrait Drawing. I browned with a white pencil for this specific skin tone, as the model is very pale. Use grays combined with browns rather than blacks for face shadows to add a natural-looking depth to the skin. If you need more help mixing on a more textured surface, you can always use odorless solvents to melt the color, especially after the first few coats.


I usually start a portrait by doing a quick sketch in graphite pencil. I measure the proportions from the reference photo on my computer. They don’t want to be very specific, but if you’re going to draw a relative, friend, or celebrity, I suggest using the grid method to ensure the proportions are correct. Then I use colored pencils to start with the eyes. I choose colors that are similar to the reference image and add the details. I used n ° 75, 70, 38, 31, 18, 71, 51, 55, 73, 01 and 10 of Bruynzeel Design colored pencils and n ° 750, 751, 717, 718, 757, 714, 733, 742 and 732 of the Bruynzeel Expression colored pencils for the face. Ezine posting


As I continue to work on the skin around the eyes, I fill in the nose and cheeks. Like my reference photo, I go for lighter colors like peaches, pinks, and whites for lighter skin tones. If the skin is darker, I switch to browns, ochres, and earth reds.


Now let’s add the blush and the outline. Be sure to preserve the reflections on the cheekbones, which makes it easier to accentuate them with a white pencil afterward. Always use light strokes and layer your colors to get an even blend. So I use an X-Acto knife or other sharp object to scrape the pigment from the paper and reveal the white of the surface, giving the impression of tiny hairs

Step 4

Next, I draw details on the lips and eyebrows and then add light freckles and moles using light browns to make the skin look more realistic. I used the n ° 60, 19, 71, 38, 31, 61, 10, and 01 of the Bruynzeel Design colored pencils, and the n ° 771, 756, 723, 755, and 725 of the Bruynzeel Expression colored pencils for the hair.


The hair also needs attention as it is usually the most challenging part to depict realistically. Don’t stress individual hair just yet. Try working on strands and work one section at a time. Although It is essential to add details to make the hair look more realistic, like weak areas where the hair is shiny and dark areas where the hair is darker or in the shade, especially at the roots.


I also like to add some loose or loose hair as it makes it look more realistic. So I use the same trick for the lips and fine lines under the eyes. Be careful though, if there is not enough pigment on the paper, this technique will not work, and you will only damage the surface.


Now let’s move on to the flower-shaped hair accessory. A few colorful and clear elements to contrast with the skin’s softness will make your work even more enjoyable if you don’t have the patience to draw flowers and butterflies Portrait Drawing. However, you can settle for a simple portrait. I used n ° 31, 38, 71, 60, 62, 46, 10, and 63 of the Bruynzeel Design colored pencils, and n ° 709, 725, 714, 756, and 725 of the Bruynzeel Expression colored pencils for the hair accessory. So The Gelly Roll White Gel Pen and the Pigma Black Fine Liner are also beneficial to add light reflections and enhance contrast by creating shadows.


Finally, I color the background. I used the Bruynzeel Expression color pencil n ° 742 and the Bruynzeel Design color pencil n ° 01.

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